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Published: Thursday, Nov. 14 2013 7:30 p.m. MST

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Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

My little sister is confused.

The reasons many "power conference" teams schedule challenging OOC opponents are to improve their seeding and better prepare themselves for playing tough teams in the NCAA tournament - see Kentucky, Michigan State, Duke and Kansas.

Of course, when you have no other aspirations besides finishing with a winning record and maybe picking up a couple of upset wins in conference, playing a bunch of high school teams at home during the pre-season makes sense.

Frisco, TX

@Chris B - "I'll take playing nobodies in out of conference and a powerhouse schedule in conference to playing good teams out of conference and nobodies in conference any day!"

Me too! BYU plays a solid non-conference and conference schedule.

PAC12 is 20-5 - 80% win percentage. WCC is 22-1 - 96% win percentage. I love my WCC membership.

We'll see if you're still enjoying being the doormat of your "powerhouse" conference when you're sitting at home in December for football and March for basketball.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Chrissy - one other thing I forgot to ask you:

What is your prediction for tomorrow's contest up in Corvallis?? Hey - we could see the biggest upset so far this century.

Ducks -------- (insert score)
utah --------- (insert score)

I need something to mark down.

Here's my two cents:

Oregon 63
utah 3

Gary Kinney
Huntington Beach, CA

Anybody other than me think Crisco B is not Chris B?

Anaheim, CA

RPIforecast is predicting:

- BYU will finish #16 RPI with a #53 SOS
- USU will finish #65 RPI with a #88 SOS
- WSU will finish #88 RPI with a #235 SOS
- Utah will finish #162 RPI with a #106 SOS

Conference RPI predictions:

1. B1G
2. ACC
3. Big 12
4. Big East
5. AAC
6. Pac 12
7. SEC
8. WCC
9. A10
10. MWC

Obviously, not everybody is as impressed with Utah and the Pac 12 as christy.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

We will see how much of a power conference the pac is at the end of the season. Utah will drag the conference SOS down by playing the weakest OOC in the country. I'm sure the conference really appreciates that. If a WCC team can come into pac country and destroy a team with 4 returning starters and on their home court to boot, it does not say much for the pac conference now does it.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

Deep Blue,
OUCH! The truth does hurt. Thanks for pointing that out for us. Facts are great.



You are getting a little ridiculous with your comments. As one who cheers for both schools you are starting to embarrass Utah fans. BYU has much more to offer athletically to a conference than Utah does and also can hold it's own academically. The question isn't if BCS conferences want BYU because they do. The reason they haven't offered BYU a spot in their conference is because they will not play on Sundays. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the Pac 12 wanted Utah over BYU because it would allow the other Pac teams to get an easy win.

Omaha, NE

"Every day, the Big 12 and Pac 12 are essentially telling byu "No thanks" over and over and over. "

That's because they destroy teams like Stanford on the road and they are too frightened to add such a powerhouse to their conference. Most conferences like to add weak, punching bags teams that can't have winning seasons to pad their good teams records and get more money. This is happening to a team up the road.

Lincoln City, OR

oh johnny (triumph in name only),

Don't get your tail in a knot... The game started out on ESPNU and then moved over to ESPN 2... (ESPN and ESPN 2 are considered national...)

Sorry but you lose again...

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