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Published: Thursday, Nov. 14 2013 4:20 p.m. MST

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Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

The Utes are 8-18 versus the Ducks and haven't beaten Oregon in Autzen Stadium since 1994, which is also the last time the Utes beat an AP Top 25 team on the road.

The Utes haven't beaten an AP Top 10 team on the road since they beat #7 Colorado in Boulder in 1961.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just the FAX

So you're saying there's a chance.

Fight On!
St George, Utah

If this game was being played in SLC, I would give Utah a chance. But they just cant beat a good team on the road. And Oregon will be eager to make a big statement after their fall from grace.

Oregon 49
Utah 10

Highland, UT


A slim one....

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT


Mark it down!

Costa Rica, 00

Let's hope the Ducks have that same mind set and then there really could be a chance. I'm not holding my breath but stranger things have happened.

Aurora, CO

It will be a moral victory if the Utes can come home having lost by no more than four touchdowns. There will be a stadium full of angry duck fans looking to redeem the humiliating loss they suffered against Stanford and who better to take their ruffled feathers out on than the only team to hand Stanford a loss.

I see this as an Oregon victory but less than the four touchdown win that the odds makers show.

Oregon 49
Utah 24

Be proud Utah, moral victories build character and lead into the final two games where victories guarantee a bowl game.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Considering Bronco has NEVER beaten a team that ends the season in the top 10, but Whittingham has(3 times at the conclusion of this season), I'd say Utah's chances are infinitely higher than byU's would be if they were playing Oregon.

Wins against end of season top 10 teams for Whit

TCU 2008
Alabama 2008
Stanford 2013(assuming Stanford's ranking stays under 10, which seems almost certain)

Bronco's wins against end of season top 10 teams:

Big Sky Fan
Ogden, UT

@ Chris B

So when Whit gets fired in the next 2 years and Bronco remains the head coach for BYU are we still going to get your top 10 win statistics then? Doesn't matter if Whit has more top 10 wins than Bronco if he can't sustain it over the long run and he loses his job.

BYU fans are happy with Bronco, Ute fans not so much with Whit!

Mark it down.

Whit will get fired!

Big Sky Fan
Ogden, UT

@ Chris B

When mentioning the above Stat (Bronco vs Whit top 10 wins. All you are doing is just making a great point how far the U of U program has fallen since 2008.

Thanks for reminding us!!!

I'm sure Whit appreciates your comments letting him know that his program has gone onward and downward.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oregon 55
Utah 13

Greeley, CO

Come on Cougar fans, be nice. I know they aren't nice to us, but they are our brothers. I wish I could offer any hope for Utah in this game, but it will probably be as close as the BYU-ISU game. Utah does a good job of getting up for these big games though. BYU wouldn't have a chance either. Can I still hold out hope for a BYU-Utah rematch in the Kraft Bowl?

West Point , UT

I was running an errand last night and turned on 1280 and listened to the Utah show...not sure who the analysts are or what the show is called I've never listened to it before. One of the commentators on the show hit the nail on the head...Utah has MWC caliber coaches trying to run a PAC12 program. While Whit has certainly had some impressive victories, he's had just as embarrassing losses in magnitude. He hasn't shown any ability to maintain a winning program against BCS competition. All we ever hear from him is "we face good QBs every week in the PAC12", and "this is a tough league", a "grind". Isn't it obvious that Whit has placed the league Utah plays in on a pedestal...he's like a deer in the headlights, and can't handle the bright lights of big time football on a weekly basis. You can't idolize the league you play in and compete in that league at the same time. If Utah is ever competitive in the PAC12 (big if anyway), it will not be with their current coaching staff.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Chris B

"Considering Bronco has NEVER beaten a team that ends the season in the top 10...blah, blah, blah."

Considering BYU isn't playing Oregon tomorrow, it doesn't really matter whether you think Utah's chances of beating Oregon would be better than BYU's, does it? But, just for giggles...

Considering Kyle has NEVER beaten Oregon, 0-1 with a 24-31 loss, while Bronco has stomped Oregon, 1-0 with a 38-8 win, I'd say that BYU's chances would be infinitely higher than Utah's if BYU were playing Oregon.

Kyle has NEVER won a road game against a PAC team that finished with a winning record, let alone versus an AP Top 10 team.

In fact, Kyle is WINLESS in NINE tries on the road versus AP Top 25 teams.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Let see, using ute logic u>Stanford>Oregon therefore to even the most casual observer u>Oregon.
No need to even play the game tomorrow. (And it might be best for the sorry, no good, one loss Ducks to not even show up against the way superior cellar dwellers)

Once again Chrissy, thanks for the off topic comparison to BYU. Impressive how you can continually get off topic spews approved by the DNews comment police.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Utah WILL go bowling, and if we do, would you rather have a fifth shot at Utah in the last 4 years, or would you rather the teams not meet, just to save your fans base the embarrassment of setting a new NCAA record for being the first team EVER to lose five times to their rival in 4 years?


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Big Sky,

No, I'm quite pleased with Whittingham. He's taken us to an undefeated season, top 2 in the country, beat Alabama in a bowl game, helped earn us a prestigious BCS conference invite, has beaten end of season top 10 teams.

Things Bronco has never done, nor will ever do.

Here is another fun fact:

Utah alum playing DEFENSE in the NFL have scored more touchdowns than byu alum playing Offense in the NFL.


Highland, UT

I won't make a prediction on this game. oregon proved to be not all it was hyped to be by losing to a stanford team that in turn lost to an extremly poor utah team. It would appear utah "fans" are correct when they claim the top of the pac12 and the bottom of the pac12 are not so far apart. It is just unfortunate that the top of the pac12 is so far below the top of the sec, acc, big ten....

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B
I hope Utah makes is to 6-6, but they probably will not make a bowl game if they do.
Almost all conferences are going to fill their bids. The couple bowls that are going to have to find replacements are contractually obligated to get a team from a different conference.
So the Utes are probably not going bowling, what Utah needs to hope for is that Fresno and NIU lose boosting Wisconsin into the BCS to open up the Heart of Dallas Bowl may open up.
58 teams are currently bowl eligible for 70 slots 14 teams that are 1 win away with most of those with 3 games to play.
The Utes are 2 games away with 3 to play.
I would say the chances of Utah in a bowl are pretty slim. Even at 6-6 if they make it too that.

Big Sky Fan
Ogden, UT

@ Chris B

"Utah Will go bowling and IF we do"

Isn't that an oxymoron?

Shouldn't it read?, "Utah WILL go bowling and WHEN we do"

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