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Published: Thursday, Nov. 14 2013 2:15 p.m. MST

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Draper, UT

That 68 yard pass looked a lot like a run.

Don Jose
St. George, UT

Looks like PV isn't such a pushover like the JD fans on here thought they would be. Tied 28-28

podunk utah

nice cheapshot on the PAT, PV

Don Jose
St. George, UT

Congrats to JD they are a great team! This was a fun game to watch! I'm hoping for a Dixie/JD final!

Don Jose
St. George, UT

Wow! I jumped the gun. Tied 42-42


Craziest ending ever wow. JD should have gone for 2.

Don Jose
St. George, UT

Congrats PV! Go Region 9!

Ogden, UT

@podunk utah

--Don't be bitter just cause the great soaring eagles lost. Congrats to PV on the win!

Washington, UT

Beyond the incredible finish what impressed me most was the sportsmanship on both sides. This was high school football at its best. What a shame somebody had to lose this game. Congrats to the Panthers for keeping their composure and to the coaches for making some very nice adjustments at the half. PV has finally shaken the curse of imploding in a big game. Next week should be very interesting.

podunk utah

bummer for JD, good job PV. that was crazy

Saratoga Springs, UT


If JD goes for two and misses, they wouldn't have even had a chance to go to OT, they did the right thing in kicking the PAT. Besides, who thinks that a team is going to drive the field on you in two minutes with one timeout. And if JD just wraps up a player (The last TD pass by PV) they win.

So glad Pine View won. Just as Don Jose said above. Pine View was not the pushover that JD fans did think they were. And not one JD fan can say otherwise. Comments all week about how Pine View can't beat JD. Well, they just did! That southern region is by far and away the best 3AA region this year. The north region had JD and that was it. Now they are bounced. Dixie and D.Hills is going to be a lot of fun tomorrow. Good luck to both teams tomorrow. A very good P.View team awaits you next week.

south fan
washington, utah

Pine View spots Juan Diegc 14 points and still wins, yes the better team did win.

St. George, UT

JD should have kneed the ball instead of scoring that last touchdown... That was extremely stupid


That may have been the craziest football finish I've ever seen, hats off to both programs, all those kids played their guts, amazing! GO BENGALS!!!!!!!


Bruin: Obviously this is a decision that comes down to coaching philosophy. In my opinion, if you score to make it a 7 point game pending the extra point, you go for two to make it a 9 point game and make it impossible for the other team to win. It doesn't hurt you because they still have to score and kick the extra point to tie it up. I understand your thinking as well, it comes down to philosophy in my opinion. I'd rather make it impossible (9 points in 34 seconds, 2 possessions, at worst 7 points with them still having to go the length of the field) than possible for them to come back (8 points/1 possession). Hats off to Pine View and that runner on that last catch, that was unbelievable.

sandy, UT

Juan Diego has great coaching....the record speaks for itself. But to score that last touchdown with a one point lead gave Pineview the keys to the kingdom. JD should have taken a knee on that last play and not gone into the end zone. Pineview let JD score knowing that was only way they were going to get the ball back with workable clock-time remaining. Still a great season for JD, but right now heartbreak.

Holladay, UT

I don't wish any ill will to Juan Diego or their team, players and Coaches but I am glad Pine View won this game. Juan Diego should play in the 4A class. It's been a bee in my bonnet for the last few years and we all know it, Juan Diego has an unfair advantage in the 3A or 3AA class. The wired thing is this, Juan Diego would still be a top tier team in the 4A class and for the most part they would probably do well in the 5A class as well. As a student body, school and coaching staff wouldn't you want to play in the upper class?

That's just my opinion. Nice job on the Victory Pine View and best of luck next week!

St George, UT

Wow, JD just take a knee and win. Poor decision and it cost them.

draper, ut

@ Don Jose

congrats to PV on a Great win.but can you please tell me which JD fan said this was going to be a push over? I know that the JD fans were very worried about PV. like I said earlier the team with the least mistakes will win, and that was PV. unlike others we give credit were credit is due. PV came to play the fought a hard fight and came out on top, I am happy for them,and wish them the best in the state finals. Our boys gave them all they could give,but unfortunately it wasn't enough. we are proud of our boys for all that they have accomplish through the years. how many seniors that you know of can say that through 4 years of playing high School football as a group,have only lost 1 game. thats pretty good if you ask me. PV will be a team to consider next year with the return of that stud QB, but JD will also be a great team. So enjoy this victory your boys deserve it.!


Draper, UT


There are many parents who are proud of their boys who have accomplished min losses. You always refer to these boys who I have come to understand is the seniors. You share no credit to the underclass men who is part of that same team you refer to. It may be one loss for them but one that will haunt you forever. Why? Because you let this one get away with questionable decisions. PV I thought exposed your weakness which I posted before and that is your corners. Lineup in empty set and throw slant routes all night long. I can imagine the frustration of having a career like this senior group and leave high school with no State championship. It was JD's to lose but I gotta give a shout out to PV who never gave up. Very edge of your seat game. At least these boys have region championship. Not every team get that award.

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