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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 13 2013 9:25 p.m. MST

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Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

Looks like the new kid in town did a good job.. Time to sit Lucas..

West Jordan, UT

Finally! Fun to see these guys finally get a win.

Ivins, UT

For all you Jazz" fans" that kept talking about 0-82, I guess now you can start talking about 1-81. Seriously, what a difference even a D-league point guard can make. It has been very clear that the point guard was killing us. If we start getting consistent good play at the point this team will start to grow. We still won't be very good but that day is coming. I'm pretty tough on Marvin Williams but I'm not so small that I won't give him props when he deserves them. In fact the old guys of Jefferson and Williams were instrumental in the win. Burks needs to settle down and quit making turnovers. The Jazz as a team need to hold on to the ball and hit their free throws. Great game Jazz. Keep it up!

Tyler Ray
Taylorsville, UT

Great finish! It's amazing how a decent pg can change the team! Go Garrett! Great pick up from the Jazz. Corbin deserves credit for trusting him in the fourth quarter. Corbin also did great with lineup management. Got a long way to go but that was a win from coaches, bench and starters!

San Mateo, CA

Congrats team! With that monkey off the back, I hope the team starts playing a little less tense but with a lot more energy and hustle for all 48 mins and extend this into a win streak... unfortunately the next few games look tough...but hey...anything is possible! Good luck!

Burley, ID

Thank goodness, a win is a good thing.

Kudos to Jefferson, Williams, and especially the new kid Diante Garrett. To come into a game with a brand new team and virtually no practice and do as well as he did was a joy to watch.

Tokyo, Japan

I think Hayward stepped up during the second half...and was key contributor during the run....he is getting expensive by the day...27 and 10....if they start producing like this night in and night out...it would be exciting...Favors need to work on his free throws though...make sure he is consistent...he doesnt want to be like dwight howard...

Orem, UT

The Jazz scoring would not have happened if it wasn't for Diante Garrett. He was able to find the open man whereas Lucas could not. We have been struggling at the point guard position and were being skewered last night by Holliday and Gordon, that is until Garrett entered in. If Trey Burke could get back on the court, there would be some stability in that position. Our big men played better, but only because we had a point to feed them the ball when they were open. Let's give credit where credit is due.

Temecula, CA

I read up on Diante Garrett. I'm surprised that I didn't hear much about him before, but Phoenix Suns fans know about him. He played for a state school and they had a very poor record, so that didn't help him getting noticed. He should be a big help going forward, since he apparently has strong point guard skills and can score some. Hey, if the Jazz win just one of their first ten, then 2-3 of their next ten, then 4-5 of their next ten...well, don't give up on this year yet.

W-Ton, Uk

Oh be still my beating heart......

Not solely for the win, without NO being on a back-to-back I'm not sure we would of won.

It's for the sighting of a PG playing for the Jazz. Step forward Diante Garrett & take a bow....

Thank you v v much.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


Just 11 more to meet my season prediction.

Reality will set in...again Friday night.

No problem.

Enjoy last nights win...

Enjoy even more the search for win #2.

Who will be the next team to lose a game to the JAZZ?

Saint George, UT

Hey! Too much of this and we're going to blow our shot at the first draft pick!

Sandy, UT

Wow! I'm exhausted! I did my part last night and cheered until the very end. Then I was so wired that I couldn't get to sleep. This is the fun part of being a Jazz fan. The new kid Garrett was incredible. Yay for him! More good stuff to come! Great to see Marvin have a terrific game after most everyone has been so down on him.

Go Jazzboys on Friday and onward!!!


Please! for the love of Pete! cut Lucas! sign another D-Leaguer!

South Jordan, UT

Good to see the Jazz get a win. Despite my dire predictions (which resulted in abuse from emotional fans who don't appreciate discussion, debate, and contrary opinions), I've been an avid Jazz fan for 30+ years.

I expect the Jazz to only have 4-5 wins going into January. But (IMHO) January is the key month of the season. That's when we really see the potential of these kids.
- Burke will be back with some games under his belt.
- They only play 12 games in 31 days.
- They have 8 home games with a genuine chance of being 5-3 in those games.
- I also expect them to finally break through against Detroit and go 1-3 on the road.
- That makes a 6-6 month.

I think that's a big success if only because the Jazz will have passed Philly's 9-win season so that black cloud will be gone. All the "worst team in NBA history" talk can disappear.

South Jordan, UT

RoHan: The Jazz are not going to cut Lucas. He has a two-year guaranteed contract. Tinsley was an entire different situation. His contract was not guaranteed so the Jazz lose nothing by getting rid of him. If anybody goes, it will be Garrett. However, I'm not convinced the Jazz will try to go with only two PGs so Garrett may stick.

Bastrop, TX

What a difference a point guard makes!

Now the hierarchy needs to continue removing dead weight. Next to go should be Lucas...He was a poor choice as the man to "school" Burke.....He dribbles way too much.....is a poor passer....shoots too much...and is a mediocre to poor shooter.....In addition, he is a poor defender.....Last night he played 15 minutes...In that time, he had zero assists, but managed to launch 7 shots....Those aren't point guard numbers......Clark can back up Garrett until Burke is ready to play....Lucas is just taking up space

The other one who needs to go is Corbin.....I suppose he's an okay person, and he may be a pretty good coach. He's in way over his head as a head coach....Some folks have the instincts to make the right moves at the right time....Corbin doesn't.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Tanking: You're doing it wrong.

South Jordan, UT

gehelmke: Agree on Lucas. Ain't gonna happen. I was incensed when the Jazz signed him and apoplectic when I learned it was for two years. Ironically, he has done better than I expected. That should indicate how upset I was. Unless the Jazz can figure out how to trade him, we fans are stuck with Lucas for the next two years.

Agree completely on Corbin (my son still disagrees). We need him gone by Christmas. January has 19 off days that can be used for practice (counting New Year's Day). That would be huge for a new coach. With Corbin, I worry those 19 days will be completely wasted.

Saint Louis, MO

Garrett brought a lot of energy. I saw highlights. He has to be careful with his turnovers. He had four in a short time. He did set up Jefferson and Williams. This was a positive. Lucas was very good at one time just as Tinsley. Hopefully, Burke will be back soon. Kanter, Favors, and Hayward are playing very well. However as the song goes, "it takes five".

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