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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 13 2013 6:50 p.m. MST

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Mount Pleasant, UT

Mia is wishy washy..it depends on what looks good to her. I don't feel any trust in her judgement. Now when it comes to Allen West - he is solid in what he believes and he would get my vote with question.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Slavery was the law of the land, too, wasn't it?" Excuse me? Was Ms. Love suggesting that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — which, in fact, is the law of the land and will enable millions to access our health care system, save lives, and rein in insurance company abuses — is as morally abhorrent as slavery? Was she implying that it is such an abomination that she'd advocate even a bloody civil war and a constitutional amendment to get rid of it? Or was this just an example of "dog whistle" rhetoric, a signal to her radical supporters that she hasn't lost her taste for the inflammatory?

Albuquerque, NM

Number of people who have had their health insurance policies canceled because of the TEA party = Zero.

Bluffdale, UT

here is a truth tea party does not stand for the constitution. american health act was passed and all 3 branchs of government made it leagal. the tea party would not fund the goverment to get rid of a leagal act. they went aganist the constitution instead of getting it repeeled, by vote and election. they have gone aganist the oath they took.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

"Reagan tripled the national debt."
"W. Bush doubled the debt."

Pagan--you left out Clinton and Obama.

Obama, has racked-up two times more total debt than all US Presidents combined.
By the end of Obama's term, he will have increased the debt by 57 percent.
Under Bush, total federal debt rose 38 percent.
Under Clinton, total federal debt rose 32 percent.

Many economists believe we have now passed a threshold of no return and that the debt can never be repaid. And don't forget that Obamacare is projected to add another $2.3 TRILLION onto the nation's obligations.


Number of viable alternative solutions to improve the healthcare system in this country put forward by the Tea Party = Zero

Springville, UT

Since when was being associated with the Tea Party a bad thing? Give it a rest, DesNews. If anyone is involved in an organization that's a bad thing, it's you. Why not take a look at the poll numbers regarding your industry. They're in the toilet.

This is an effort by the media to shape public opinion. And the Deseret News and KSL are amazingly obsessed about the Tea Party.

Let me remind the reader that the Tea Party stands for freedom and liberty derived by a smaller and less intrusive government. That isn't radical. It's America's history. And it's a very good thing.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Don't tell me, let me guess...

Mia Love was FOR the Tea-Party,
before she was AGAINST the Tea-Party.

Honing and Practicing those spineless Politicians skills...

Bruce A. Frank
San Jose, CA

"Love joins a growing list of Republicans critical of the TEA party's tactics, including former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney."

So, the shining hope of electing a conservative women in Utah, to join the leadership to reestablish the government under the law of the Constitution, is dashed. Love has just firmly established herself in the middle of the RINO camp. People, Romney lost on a national stage BECAUSE he decided to lean over the line to mistakenly embrace the left. That gained him NO votes from the Left. But, it lost him the core conservative constituency on the right...the deciding factor.

By revealing a misunderstanding of, and accepting the misrepresentation of the TEA party, as defined by the Left, she has rejected the only movement for reigning-in an out of control totalitarian Federal government leviathan. She has just played to the Left, with an attempt to tiptoe down the centerline, thus losing my support; the support of the conservative core and, from historical records, a large chunk of the undecided. We don't need another John McCain-ish government official.

Salt Lake City, UT


Number of people who would continue to be denied full access to our health care system had tea party lawmaker succeeded in repealing The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA): tens of millions.

ACA grand-fathered all the individual policies that were in place at the time the law was enacted in 2010. This means that the plans in effect at the time that President Obama was pushing the bill could still be offered even if they did not meet all the standards laid out in the ACA.

The plans being canceled because they don't meet the minimal standards were all plans that insurers introduced AFTER the passage of the ACA. Insurers introduced these plans knowing that they would not meet the standards that would come into effect in 2014. Insurers may not have informed their clients at the time they sold these plans that they would not be available after 2014 because they had designed a plan that did not comply with the ACA.

The onus is on insurance companies.

LaVerkin, Utah

Mia may want to reconsider her untimely withdrawal from any association with the tea party movement. With Imam Hussein Obama's action this very day, it is abundantly clear the shut down of the government was not caused by Republicans. Imam Hussein Obama was the cause! If Obama had conceded just what he has today, there would have been no shut down. Please Mia, you have been mislead and have swallowed the media bias. That is not what I expected of you. I contributed to your campaign two years ago, but I will not this time. That might change if you retract your mislead opinion and point out that Imam Hussein Obama really shut this government down by his obstinate, bull-headed refusal then to do just exactly what he proposes doing now. The government was not shut down by the tea party, but instead by Imam Hussein Obama.

Cambridge, MA

To "biil" give us a news article or something that proves that people are or have ever been "denied full access to our health care system." I have never heard of a person who has been denied access to our health care system.

That is a complete and unsubstantiated lie.

It is good to see that you agree that the ACA in its poor implementation has caused many insurers to change their plans and drop customers. The question is why the onus is on the insurance companies, when the problem lies in the fact that the insurance companies could not meet the requirements of the ACA without dropping clients?

Bruce A. Frank
San Jose, CA

To biil

You misrepresent the FACTS. Obamacare, fraudulently named the Affordable Care Act, specifically voids ALL preexisting health insurance policies by requiring all policies to now contain "features and benefits" for which the majority of policy holders do not want or need.

They were not "inferior" policies. They weree men's polices that do not contain prenatal care or periodic mammograms. They were women's policies that do not contain prostate cancer screenings. By requiring all policies to contain such coverage the cost is pushed through the roof. The ACA outlawed the "policy you like." The un-denied intent of Obamacare is to destroy the health insurance industry so there is no choice but the government single payer plan.

The point, all of the "problems to be fixed," prices and lack of coverage, are being exacerbated by the ACA. There were EASY free market fixes for the high policy rates in some states; allow policy sales across state lines. Pre-existing conditions could have been covered by a pool funded by insurance companies OR by a federal fund costing pocket change (the number unable to get pre-existing condition insurance is a very small part of of the population)

Riverton, UT

I hope more politicians will stand up to big government. It sounds like Mia may be willing to compromise her principles in order to win elections.


Mia Love has repudiated the summary of this story - the theme of which is that she is not someone who agrees with the TEA party. She posted the repudiation on Facebook.

Isn't this evidence of the media's agenda to defame the TEA party? The bias of this newspaper is becoming more and more obvious. Even a paper that holds itself out as being "conservative" is attempting to defame and misrepresent people who have a conservative agenda as "extreme" and "out of touch."

This article smells. The headline is, at best, dishonest. It just shows you that D News is mainstream media. Question what you read here. Not all things are as they once were.

the truth
Holladay, UT


Your cherry picked stats are meaningless.

Debt added by President, with who controlled the purse strings and raised the debt:

Reagan, 8 years, democrat controlled congress
$1.86 trillion

Bush, 4 years, democrat controlled congress
$1.554 trillion

Clinton, 8 years, Progressive republican (RINO) controlled congress 6 years, democrat controlled congress 2 years
$1.396 trillion

Bush, 8 years, terrorist attack, Progressive republican (RINO) controlled congress 6 years, Progressive Democrat controlled congress 2 years
$5.849 trillion

Obama, 5 years still 3 more to go. 2 years Progressive Democrat controlled, 3 years split Progressive Republican (RINO) and Progressive Democrat control of congress,
(with obamacare and other legislative policy yet to be added, which will add
$5.081 trillion trillions more)

NO conservative control ever.

Obama will far surpass any president ever when he is done, probably equaling all past president combined.

Certainly more than Bush when he is done,
and many rimes more than Reagan.

That is the real truth about Obama's debt.

Springville, UT

The onus is on too much government control. Period!

Salt Lake City, UT

Reagan tripled the debt.

W. Bush doubled the debt.

If Obama added ONE DOLLAR to the debt it would technically be 'more' debt than 'any other' President.

Who is cherry picking now?

So, claim obama doubled the debt.

I dare you.

Because, it is a lie.

Durham, NC

I love Truth's version of the world. When Republicans control congress - they are RINOs. They are only conservatives when they aren't in control. Perhaps the solution to keep conservatives from morphing into RINOs is to keep them from having control.

Then we have...

"Our Government it too big.
Our Government is too controlling.
Our Government spends more money than it takes in.
Our Government has chosen to do things that are not constitutionally mandated.

These are facts and we need to either change it or dump the tea in the harbor."

No... these are opinions.... except for the government spending more than it takes in. But the rest are opinions, and only opinions. Some I share, some I don't. Some are necessary evils because people left to their own devices are selfish and would hurt others to enrich themselves.

"Too much control".... how? How did the government prevent you from doing what you wanted or needed to do. In most cases, you will find it is state laws impact your daily lives far more then any federal laws.

Durham, NC

@Bruce in San Jose - you claim

"You misrepresent the FACTS. Obamacare, fraudulently named the Affordable Care Act, specifically voids ALL preexisting health insurance policies by requiring all policies to now contain "features and benefits" for which the majority of policy holders do not want or need. "

This is completely false statement. I just renewed my insurance policy..... and had to make no changes because it already covered everything mandated. The vast majority of plans out there already cover the minimums. i can point to at least 13,000 plans in my own company that required no adjustments... so your statement is false.

As to your statement "eatures and benefits for which the majority of policy holders do not want or need."... well duh... most plans do. I don't need any female issues coverage - but I have it. Every policy is that way, before ACA, and after ACA. The insurance system would not work if it only covered issues that you have... you wouldn't be able to afford the insurance if that is how it was written.

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