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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 13 2013 12:45 p.m. MST

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West Point , UT

This whole thing is stupid. I watched the game and listened to the announcers for ESPN and certainly felt like they leaned more for Wisconsin, but I have to assume that's because Wisconsin was WINNING the game and was ranked, and could very easily be undefeated, and had/has a slim shot at a BCS bowl berth, while BYU doesn't. I'm an avid BYU fan but Greg Wrubell drives me crazy with his Pollyanna BYU homerism.

BYU fans...we lost, and didn't play well, stop with the persecution complex, it's embarrassing and frankly as a cougar fan I get sick of it.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Cougsndawgs

Hit the nail right on the head.

west jordan , UT

i am trilled when there is a BYU game on ESPN, but with the remarks made, well give it time. BYU is going to be the next ND ind football program. I think things are going well for BYU and that with time the recuiting will improve. I am totally trilled at the teams we are currently playing and will be playing and only see it getting better as BYU plays better teams and gets even better players. BYU is making a good name for itself, just give it more time.

An BYU being in a BCS conf. I dont see it happening withe the LDS church views on gay marriage.

Clinton, UT

Personally, I thought they were giving byu a compliment in saying teams did not want to come to provo. It was nothing against byu or provo, but that for a team to play there, they might really lose and many top teams don't want that. You see the non-conference schedules of many so-called top teams and they schedule games they feel sure they can win. Any team coming to Provo is not sure to win. So I felt the announcers were saying that those teams don't want to travel to Provo and lose, but will play BYU at their own home because of a much more likely chance to win.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Yes, hypersensitive would be correct. I'm a former BYU athlete, love BYU athletics, season ticket holder for football, basketball, spent 12 hours trying to get access to BYU games one time when I was in Iraq (I'd ride a camel through Baghdad, literally, to watch a game).

That said, I didn't feel like there was significant bias from the ESPN commentators. In the past, Rod Gilmore has had a lot of good things to say about BYU. Unfortunately, BYU was dominated at the line of scrimmage by a superior O- and D- line. Our offensive in particular was again exposed for their lack of... ability to protect the quarterback. Fact is, BYU played well, Wisconsin played well, and Wisconsin is the better team this year, at this time. Complaining about the commentators pointing this out is just sour grapes... and I'm not alone. Did you see the tweets from former Coug football players B. Ogletree and J. Harline (see KSL article on tweets from game). They were underimpressed with BYU too.

Cedar Hills, UT

Either way, I am looking forward to what commentators say about both ND and BYU at Notre Dame

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