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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 13 2013 12:45 p.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

nhatch82: "We looked bad that's all there is to say about that. I hope the author is not asked to write another article for the des news. its makes them look amateurish."

This makes you look "amateurish". Cheney makes me laugh by saying in print what many people are saying to themselves.

West Valley, UT

I think the announcers were correct about the problems with BYU being indepndent. Has recruiting ever changed nope. I would also say that BYU has just as much attention as they had in the MWC. I understand that the MWC had a terrible TV deal, but now it has ESPN, CBS Sports and at times Root which is not great.

Eagle Mountain, UT

The thing that bothered me the most is on of the two brought up how "old" BYU players were 3 or 4 times. His partner did not buy into it but talk about pathetic.

Spanish Fork, UT

@Chad S

I was going to make a procedural step by step, but Chad S, kind of nailed it.

The fact the guys on Saturday was identifying one of BYU's assistants as Bronco got me. They Bronco and the Assistant were both wearing a hat, So who could mistake that. Unlike Gary Anderson and his visor, who else wears a visor these day but the ladies on the LPGA.

Tooele, UT


Idaho Falls, ID

@Mike in Sandy
Man, knock off that huge chip on your shoulders. Your back would feel much better. It sounds like you tune in to BYU games to root for the opposing team, and thus don't like the "homer" announcing of Wrubrell.
Well, he is paid to be a "homer" announcer. And the person who someday replaces him will be a "homer" announcer. You're just going to have to deal with it if you are going to follow BYU sports.

I too, weary of the "older player" comments, like it is an advantage. If here was indeed an advantage all the big name schools would be having their players take 2 yrs off to "mature " without any conditioning. It is a total farce of an argument.

Omaha, NE

Remember the Vegas Bowl, I think it was BYU vs. Oregon, and they started talking about UNLV basketball?? I was so mad I wrote to ESPN and I don't remember any other diversions like that since. When BYU is crushing a media darling, I feel they are pretty good to give BYU the credit. When they are getting killed, they put down BYU. ESPN is irritatingly annoying at times, we have to remember they helping BYU get the exposure they need. Remember when they killed Texas? How many Texas fans are there? They were praising BYU much of that game and no doubt making Texas fans cringe. I was fortunate to attend the Wisconsin game so I didn't hear the announcers. When I watch a game on ESPN, I usually mute on put on KBYU, even if it is behind. I get so tired of hearing about how great Alabama and Oregon are and things unrelated to the game, and Greg's comments and reactions are priceless at times.

Washington, UT

This whole thing is like the hometown beauty queen, who goes to Hollywood thinking she's something special and that producers are going to be lining up around the block to feature her in their films. To paraphrase Dylan, "Ain't it hard when you discover that (your football team) really isn't where it's at after (it) took from you everything (it) could steal?" Always hard to find out not everybody is as invested as you or thinks you're special and that somebody else, maybe a bunch of somebodies, is prettier and more talented. Look at Johnny Football. Heisman Trophy winner last year and putting up better numbers against the best competition in the country this year, but all ESPN talks about now is Jameis Winston. Just sayin'.

Iowa City, IA

The Y persecution complex is alive and well, apparently.

I like listening to national broadcasts in games where I as a fan am biased towards one team. It gives me the chance to see how the team I cheer for is viewed by the broadcasters. Generally, it's a good perspective to have, even if what they say is negative.

My father-in-law, not so much. He always turns down the TV to listen to his homer Y/Jazz commentators. That way, he'll never hear anything bad discussed about his teams. That's his choice as a fan, and it works for him. But in the end, it doesn't surprise me at all that the Y fans I know are generally the ones that feel this way, more so than any other fan base I am acquainted with.

If you don't hear the "bad side" of your team, it doesn't exist, right?

Common Sense Czar
Sandy, UT

Time to get over the Nauvoo Complex. Not everyone is out to get you. Outsiders will never understand the Church or their mission....that's why they're outsiders. Enjoy the game....enjoy the exposure that ESPN gives...that's why you went independent remember?

Phoenix, AZ

I feel burdened by my vast intelligence.

West Jordan, UT

Why do you Cougars have such a persecution complex? They talked about Wisconsin because Wisconsin is ranked, was dominating the game, and won the game comfortably. I thought that ESPN was you "partner" anyways, so why are you bagging on them?

It isn't a byU game unless there is some extreme whining that follows. The referees sucked. The other team didn't win, we lost. Now we can add that byU was dissed by the broadcasters.

The reason Wisconsin still had a shot at the BCS game is because they are in a BCS conference. The reason byU doesn't is because they are independent and already have 2 losses. Keep dreaming Cougars, but you don't get in with a loss, much less 2 losses.

Please stop whining. It is really unattractive.

Lindon, UT

@ Chad S:

I love it!

Orem, UT

You are one of those people, Davison, who is simply a shill for BYU. What about the obvious bias and embarrassment Greg Wrubell is? What about his loud screaming tirades when BYU scores? You call that impartiality?

Without ESPN, BYU wouldn't be where they are now or stay where are today nationally. Stop biting the hand that feeds the team you root for.

It also doesn't mean all ESPN commentators are like that. I've listened to plenty of them who don't say those things.

If you don't like the particular commentator, just put the game on mute and listen to Greg Wrubell if you must.

Give those of us who like listening to ESPN the ability to do so without lashing out.

Lindon, UT


Yeah, that is what we like so much about you eUt fans - you like to whine about who you perceive to be "bYu" whiners. Saying it like it is, is not whining. I did not mind as much as some of the BYU fans about the ESPN broadcasters, but they really need to get a clue and do some homework about both teams and not report hearsay.

Central, UT

So much for that 'National Brand'. I guess it really is just members of the church who live out of Utah.

Las Vegas, NV

Um...probably a little overreaction. I only didn't listen to Wrubell because of the work required to sync up the TV with the KSL broadcast.

I never got the sense they were overly "dissing" my team. Ignorant at times, perhaps, but what else is new? Why were they saying that teams don't want to go to Provo? Because they don't want to risk getting beat. And they have no reason to risk it, since BYU isn't in their (or any) conference. It's not false. I never heard them suggest it was because Provo was a crappy place.

Finally, to "Who am I sir?" (presumably a Utah Man), the ESPN guys mentioned more than once during the Wisconsin game, "It's now a two-possession game." Or it's "a three-possession game." Wrubell is clearly the only sports announcer who does that. Just keep your radio tuned to KALL 700, then you won't have to be offended by Greg.

Sacramento, CA

This article conflicts with everything I've read about BYU on this blog.

I thought every commentator at ESPN loved BYU, that everyone bowed down to BYU and wished that BYU would grace them with their presence. Furthermore, I thought that BYU was a "national," check that "international" brand. That's what ducky, kenny g, my 2 dads, messin' with Tex, Potatos, etc. say. Yet one of your own seems to think that the big bad commentators were picking on him (and BYU).

Then I remembered when ESPN called BYU's head coach Roscoe. And I laughed!

West Jordan, UT

The teams that have national respect don't have to clamor about getting dissed by their own TV partner about not getting national respect. byU fans have long thought of themselves as a national brand but this just proves the opposite. byU is not a national brand, just a brand that has an audience (church membership) that is spread out nationally. If the network that supposedly loves byU doesn't give you respect, maybe....just maybe....you haven't earned that respect. Somehow byU seems to beat the patsies on their schedule (Idaho State's of the world), lose to the solid teams of the world (Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin), and end up with a winning record and the fans believe that, because of that winning record, they should be respected. Sorry folks, but you don't get respect for a 9-3 seasons with losses to Utah and Virginia and you DEFINITELY don't get BCS consideration......that went out the door after the 1st week.

Cedar Hills, UT

Greg Wrubell doesn’t talk badly about other teams and other programs. He doesn’t laugh when the other teams play breakes up. He cheers for BYU. Anybody know why? Anyone? BECAUSE HE IS THE VOICE OF THE COUGARS! He is hired by KSL to call the games and supply commentary for BYU. ESPN is supposed to be somewhat neutral, and they weren't.

And to Mike: Have you never heard any other announcer paid to call for a specific team cheer loudly for that team? Pleeease.

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