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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 13 2013 12:45 p.m. MST

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Church member
North Salt Lake, UT

Wow...are you maybe a little hypersensitive? Maybe they (the announcers) were speaking a little bit of truth and you and your wife couldn't handle it.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Naw. He was right on. The announcers were displaying a bias. I thought I was the only one who picked up on that.

But, if ya gotta bad mouth a team to make your perceived audience happy, then it might mean you're not giving enough credit where credit was due.

By the way, my son attended the game and sat behind the BYU bench on row one. He played 4 years of college ball himself. His perception: the Cougars didn't appear emotionally high for the game. Maybe workmanlike, but against the Big Ten, ya gotta bring your A game evry time.

Lincoln, NE

Loved the article. I often feel that way watching the Cougars in FB or BB, as well as the Utah Jazz at times. Thanks for articulating your points in such an entertaining way.

Sandy, UT

I don't know what you're pouting about. I watched the game too and the announcers were right for the most part. BYU got outplayed and outclassed in that game. One reason being--Wisconsin is in a power conference BYU is not. Thus Wisconsin has a deep recruiting base and BYU is not so deep. And it's true, BYU might be about where they have been in recruiting if they stayed in the MWC but if they were able to move on to a big old power conference things might be quite different for BYU.

The worst part of it was, BYU did not play well. There were glimpses of the games against UVA and Utah. I think if they played well the game would have been much closer. But they choked.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I only saw bits, but the discussion about Taysom Hill and Stanford and how he ended up at BYU told me all I needed to know: the announcers were given talking points, and someone didn't get them right.

Yeah, that and hyper-sensitivity for my men in blue. That's why I like Bryant Gumbo almost as much as Barry Switzer and Bo Schembechler.

With no apologies for mis-spelling.

Sacramento, CA

This article conflicts with everything I know about BYU. I thought ESPN loved BYU, that everyone bowed down to BYU and wished that BYU would grace them with their presence. And that BYU was a "national," check that "international" brand. That's what ducky, kenny g, my 2 dads, messin' with Tex, Potatos, etc. say. Yet one of your own seems to think that the big bad commentators were picking on him (and BYU).

Then I remembered when ESPN called BYU's head coach Roscoe. And I laughed!

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

I would rather listen to the broadcast in Swahili, or Aramaic than have to suffer through the painful homerism of Greg Wrubell.

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

I totally agree.

Since I'm too far away to get KSL during the day, I've tried to sync the Internet feed with Dish Network. Unfortunately, there is only about 10-12 seconds of lag time so Dish Network keeps going back "live TV."

My problem isn't the bias against BYU, it's just that they are clueless. Names pronounced wrong, bad information on the LDS church, etc.

But hey, we get every game on TV. Gotta love it!!

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

ESPN broadcasts have more reality and accuracy in calling 3 plays than you'll get from Greg "Homer" Wrubell in a season.

Lindon, UT

Daved66--- You make some valid points but throw credibility out when you jump on the "power conference" bandwagon. Yes, being in a big boy conference improves those things to some degree but it is hardly the sole determining factor in having a winning record or doing well on the national stage. Every conference has it's doormats and all the patches to prove it won't help them win games. BYU has beat some pretty decent teams from "power conferences" this year. They just got beat by a great team who controlled the line of scrimmage. No reason to be passive aggressive about it. I also have noticed that while the game announcers praised the BBall team for beating Stanford, the game got zip coverage on ESPN.com. That seemed a bit strange too.

The Solution
Dayton, OH

I felt the same way and I love the way Greg Wrubell and Mark Lyon call games. ESPN needs to at least know who the Head Coach is and is not when they attempt to show him on screen. Was not fun to listen to them at all.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

That's why Wrubell does local broadcasts and the real professionals work for large networks.

Nashville, TN

What irritates me is that the commentators always get to the point in games where they'd rather talk about the SEC or the race for the national title. Even when games are close and exciting the games seem to get in the way of what they are truly interested in. In all fairness they do this to almost every team, but it is very frustrating. Apparently they don't want to do as much homework about the teams on the field. They need to realize I turn in to see BYU, not speculation about who will win the next big SEC match-up.

Anchorage, AK

Amen!!! The announcers were horribly biased. I spent most of the game on twitter to ESPN College Game Day and other ESPN outlets with examples of how bad they were. On national televised games, the announcers should be partial but these guys definitely weren't.

Early in the game, when the score was close, they spent three minutes talking about how Wisconsin with their two losses could be BCS bowl eligible if they won out. Never once did they bother to mention that BYU, with the same amount of loses, and a tougher schedule (rated by experts, not me), could do the same. They interviewed the Wisconsin coach at halftime but didn't get Bronco's view on the game (which was fine by me...not a big fan of his).

I can't wait to hear how bad they'll be when we play Notre Dame...NBC was always called the NDBC because of thier bias...

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

To each his own.

I could tolerate Greg Wrubell if he truly got excited when it was appropriate and not on every play.

This plus the classic - I was headed to a Utah game and listed the a BYU game in process. In the third quarter BYU scored and Wrubell said "It's now a three possession game". This is something said near the end of every basketball game but the third quarter of a football game? It's not like the other team isn't going to get the ball three more time from the middle of the third quarter! Classic!

Danbury, CT

Maybe the announcers were tough on BYU but if the Cougs would just SHOW UP for a big game once in a while they would EARN some respect. You don't hear ESPN announcers putting down Boise St (at least not until this season). When we start winning games we will get the respect we crave. It works that way in business and it works that way in sports. BYU has got to step it up. I really don't understand why we didn't bring our A game to Wisconsin last week. I was a lot more down on the team than the announcers were. We stink and I'm sick of it!!

Chad S
Lorton, VA

Ever since the invention of the DVR I haven't listened to a TV broadcast of a BYU game (bball or football). Step 1: press mute, Step 2: Press pause, Step 3: Turn on KSL (KSL.com, or a plethora of iPad/tablet apps), Step 4: Wait for kickoff/tipoff and press play when the audio catches up. Step 5: Enjoy partial, biased, and totally homer commentary by Greg, Marc, and Nate. Step 7 is to never listen to TV commentary ever again.

Cedar Hills, UT

I agree with this article! ESPN doesn't do its homework, nor does it pay much respect to, well, anyone they don't like. I would rather listen to KSL any day.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I don't know what this guys is talking about. I thought the espn commentators were on with most of the things they talked about. I would be down a BYU to after watching that performance. we looked like wyoming out there. Espn didn't hurt our reputation our play did. Yes they missed a few points but believe me ANYTHING is better than listening to wrubell.

"I agree with this article! ESPN doesn't do its homework, nor does it pay much respect to, well, anyone they don't like. I would rather listen to KSL any day."

I don't know that I would classify ESPN as not liking BYU. They pay us millions of dollars every year to play our games on national TV. We looked bad that's all there is to say about that. I hope the author is not asked to write another article for the des news. its makes them look amateurish.

Mtn Tracker
Ephraim, UT

Right on Davidson, They started out that way during the texas game as well. The first thing you hear them say at any ESPN game is, "most of these boys aren't boys at all. They're full grown men and who are married and have kids. They served a 2 year church mission." I can't help but laugh. Sure a lot of them have. I looked up a couple teams in the sec. All can say woop-t-doo. Most key position players are red shirts. One year of hard thumping practice goes a lot farther than 2 years of no practice. However; I would still rather hear them rip BYU on ESPN than have to switch satellites and pay extra to see it on the mtn2.

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