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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 12 2013 9:25 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Ags owned those little T-birds with gusto. Barely even a game.

I especially loved the "Cheddar" chant.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Not much of a test tonight for the Aggies. A good practice run-through I guess.

North Logan, UT

Great game for the Aggies. SUU has some talented players, but the were definitely overmatched in this game. Good luck to them in the Big Sky this year.

Logan, UT

Next up, the Gauchos. They just took UNLV to the woodshed at the T&M.

So far so good in OOC play.

Aggie 4 Life
North Ogden, UT

Great Game for the Aggies considering they were playing a very young team in SUU. I was impressed with the young players from SUU especially John Marshall the back up point guard. Give SUU some time and they will develop into a good team. Go Aggies! Playing UCSB will be a challenge in the Thunderdome!

Southern, UT

Well I'm not suprised about this lose. However, I am suprised at the respect some aggies are showing this team. The rest of you continue to dissappoint me. Can your schedule be any easier? Really doesn't prepare you for the losing in the big dance.

Logan, UT

A bit surprised at the lopsided score...SUU usually gives us a tough game. But, maybe it's showing that the Aggies are starting to get to another level. So far, the season is showing a lot of promise. Not expecting a 30 win season with a very tough schedule ahead in conference, but this is a good start!

Nobody has given SUU anything but respect from what I see here. And your lack of basketball IQ is showing when you accuse USU of having a weak schedule. That may have been true in the WAC, but the MWC is one of the toughest basketball conferences in the nation according to most pundits. You think UNM, UNLV, SDSU, and CSU are "easy" opponents? And I find it funny that in your attempts to disparage the Aggies over schedule strength, you've delivered a backhanded blow to your own team. It just goes to show that insulting Utah State fans is more important to you than your own team.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's not that SUU is bad... they were just severely over-matched against a veteran Aggie team. That's the silver lining to all of the injuries we sustained last year: depth.

We shouldn't have too hard of a time competing in the MWC. There are some very tough opponents in the league, but I think the Ags are up for it. Stew is nearing 370 wins at USU. He knows what he is doing.

scottsdale, AZ

Stang0 just can't participate without damning USU (or Logan High School for that matter). That's his contribution to sports discussion. Mountain West rated third most difficult basketball conference in the country and Aggies are picked to finish fifth. I have always felt that USU gets more from less because of the coaching system in place. Stang0 is fixed on USU losing in the first round of the NCAA for some reason, whereas I just want to see us get there. Someday, who knows maybe this year, we will advance a round or two. Won't happen if we're not invited.

Horrible Stumper
Hyrum, UT

Ags played great. Went to the USC game and the looked really good. But who knows how USC will really be. I think we all worry about Stang08 way too much. His comments are always beating up the Ags no matter what. He is so irrevelant that I don't even read his stuff anymore. No one else should either.

Salt Lake City, UT

This season has a ton of promise. If we can stay healthy, I think we can make the tournament (and win a couple). Medlin and Shaw are just terrific players all around.

@Horrible Stumper

Right on, man. I haven't read his posts in over a month and a half and life is sweet.

Southern, UT

You guys make me laugh. I'm irrelevent yet all of you read my comments and most of you fight with me. I'm suprised the mighty Aggies are picked fifth in the WAC 2.0. You think a team "as good as them" would be picked first. Some of you can go ahead and make people think I'm irrelevent and you don't read my comments. We all know the truth. If you don't read what I say then you wouldn't mention my name. Yet you all do. Yes even you Sambone. The WAC 2.0 is nothing just like the mighty Aggies.

Logan, UT

SDSU lost a close one at home last night to #6 Arizona.

We are going to have to do our part with OOC wins.

Centerville, UT

" I'm irrelevent yet all of you read my comments and most of you fight with me."

It's just so...weird that you have this thing against the Aggies. Everybody generally likes Utah State. Most Ute and Cougars fans I know and those I see on these comment boards like the Aggies (except when the Aggies are playing against their teams) and want them to do well. It's just kind of odd that you seem to be the only person in the state with an ax to grind against the Aggies.

Southern, UT


I don't know why it's weird to you. I've explained myself time and time again. You know why I don't like the aggies. Do you like Utah or BYU? I'm just curious since you seem to think everyone loves the Aggies so much.

Logan, UT

The Aggies are a loveable team. :)

Get it done, Aggies!

Southern, UT

Loveable isn't the word most people outside of USU would choose Mars.

Ogden, UT

You're right again..AWESOME would be a much better word.

Southern, UT


You're wrong again. Still not the word people who aren't aggies would choose.

Logan, UT

I love how awesomely loveable the Aggies are! Some folks disagree - and that's cool, you're allowed to think that.

As for me and my house?




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