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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 13 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Would the removal of contraceptives from the ACA mandate be an example of freedom of religion, or the tyranny of religion? It may be the latter. Moreover since so many women rely on inexpensive contraceptives, your suggestion may also be viewed as anti-woman.

Salt Lake City, UT

Moreover, your favoring employers who want to deny contraceptives to female employees through their health plans, over the needs of their female employees to have easy access to them, is another demonstration of your bias for employers over their employees. This is no surprise.

Ogden, UT

Contraception is basic preventative heath care. If, as the DesNews suggests, the contraception mandate should be re-visited then it should be strengthened to remove the loopholes now in place that let employers deny their employees insurance for this very needed medicine. If the owners don't want to think they are paying for contraception then they should realize that employees pick up a percentage of their heath are and just think that the employees are paying for the portion of insurance that provides contraception. Issue resolved.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

A good and smart move by Clinton. His political savvy has always been his strong suit. He can read the polls and his gentle rebuke of the broken promises made by Obama will endear him and Hillary of course in the hearts of those 70+ percent of voters who want Obamacare repealed. It also gives cover to democrats in both houses of Congress to change or repeal the law, which they and their party forced through without a single republican vote.

Springville, UT

You clearly put the interests of institutions ahead of the rights of the individual under the Bill of Rights.

This newspaper is definitely a partisan one.

Sioux City, IA

I will agree that many things need to be changed with the PPACA.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

When you have an unworkable mess, what do you do? We've known the solution since Alexander the Great sliced through the Gordian Knot. Just slice through ObamaCare. Get rid of it. Let the Federal Government be content to do those things that it is authorized to do instead of meddling with issues that are to be left to the States or to the People.

Obama has proven that just because he wants to control a huge part of the private sector's money, that he has no experience to "entitle" him to handle that responsibility. ObamaCare is NOT about health care; it is simply the transfer of a great deal of our money to the Federal Government for use in the general fund, just like Social Security funds are transfered to the general fund.

Slice through ObamaCare. Destroy it before it destroys America.

Ogden, UT

@ Marxist

How about employers not furnish insurance period. Would that be better. But that would fit into your leftist thinking where the taxpayers furnish it.Typical leftist thinking You must give me something and it must be what I want.

Murray, UT

There is zero chance that the ACA will change. The House of Representatives has voted over 40+ times to defund ACA, why would anyone think they would be open to make adjustments to ACA? Also waiting on the Republican alternative to ACA, any eta on that Boehner?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

1. Contraceptives are used for a number of women's health issues - not just birth control.
2. While the ACA is good, We need changes to make it Better, but a SinglePayer PublicOption is BEST.
3. Why didn't the Deseret News ever call for fixing GW Bush's flaws -- ALL of them?

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The Deseret News editorial board is correct. Interestng that they have a reputation in some circles of being conservative and now they have written a piece promoting religious freedom (the human rights issue of our time) and at the same time they have reasserted that corporations have the responsibility and even the right to be governed by morality as opposed to "Cut-throat Capitalism".

I think that universities should divest themselves from stocks in Israel because Israel is oppressing the Palestinians. It is socially responsible. But there seem to be a lot of people who would argue that corporations should be governed by laws and the profit motive but nothing else.

So I guess that the Deseret News editorial board are just a bunch of commie pinko bleeding heart liberals with their views about human rights and social responsibility.

J Thompson

Why should I have to pay for YOUR birth control? Where is YOUR personal responsibility to handle YOUR personal welfare? If YOU don't want a baby, then YOU are responsible to either not have sex or to provide your own means of preventing conception.

It is utter nonsense for you to demand that other people pay for their contraceptives. It is utter nonsense for you to think that someone in Utah or Nevada or Mississippi should be billed for your personal welfare in any way, including birth control.

If you're old enough to have sex, you're old enough to face the consequences of having sex. Your birth control is not my responsibility. It's time to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions.

Eugene, OR

J Thompson:

If YOU get cancer, why should I have to pay for YOUR treatment? If YOU'RE in an accident, why should I have to pay for YOU to get medical attention? Those things weren't my fault. Why aren't YOU the one taking personal responsibility for YOURSELF?

Houston, TX

@Furry1993 - You suggest a good compromise of conscience. However, many companies pay all of the employee's medical insurance, while the employee pays for the premiums that are for the rest of the family. In such a case, if the employee is a female then there would be no subdivision of premiums for the employee.

@LDSLiberal - You are quite correct that birth control pills are prescribed for numerous female health reasons, not just pregnancy. However, I've not heard of any other reason for using "morning after" pills. I can see where this might plague the conscience of some religious employers.

American Fork, UT

Religion doesn't need health care. People do. Let them have access.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

If a bill to amend the ACA were ever submitted to congress, it would never emerge. Republicans will vote over and over again to eliminate it, they will never vote to improve it. President Obama knows that letting congress amend his program would mean letting congress kill his program.

Springville, UT

I have a better idea. Get rid of it.

It was a bad law, poorly conceived. And for all the talk (by the media, including DesNews), this president has truly shown repeatedly his incompetence.

Next time, leave the job of president to someone with skills above usage of a teleprompter.

Daniel L.
Murray, UT

The affordable care act will eventually become workable, one way or another. And just like social security, medicare and medicaid have done since they were enacted, continue to increase the financial burden of the federal government. At some point discretionary spending will become a thing of the past as every tax dollar will, by necessity of legislation, be consumed on these social obligations enacted by congress. Now this may be all well and good, spending our tax dollars on our selves, however I think we may be overlooking most of the consequences of this. As we have seen from the result of the end of the cold war and the decrease in military spending, piracy increased creating more hazards for international trade. When the British navy collapsed from WWI financial debt, by necessity the US had to step in to ensure uninterrupted international trade. I just don't think putting all our tax dollars in one basket is a good idea. There is more to a country and it's economy than retirement and health care.

sandy, ut

J Thompson

The same reason I have to pay for you having kids. You get a tax break on every child you have. Those lost taxes have to be made up elsewhere - usually by people who have no kids themselves. The same reason I have to pay taxes so poor people can eat. They don't pay taxes, they get assistance. Why do I have to buy other people food? Why do I have to pay my medical bills when others get it for free on somebody else?


Many, many women use birth control pills for issues other than birth control. They stabalize hormones and help with irregular, painful, and heavy periods. They are regularly perscribed by dermatologists as a treatement for severe acne.

If, however, you insist that birth control not be covered, they must also defund all coverage of those little blue pills for men. Those of you who advocate personal responsibility for women must also demand that men pay to play.

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