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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 12 2013 1:50 p.m. MST

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Greeley, CO

Yes! Love you Tinsley, but we need the youngsters to get more playing time. Full rebuild mode!

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

Can he teach them how to shoot?

Ogden, UT

I'm glad Tinsley stayed in shape so that when the Jazz came calling he was ready to go. However, he would have been smarter to practice his 3 point shooting instead. I like Jamaal, but since he wasn't a threat, it was like playing 4 on 5, no wonder why the Jazz haven't won a game.

A good shooting point guard would make a HUGE difference. I

sandy, ut

Well, the final piece of the championship puzzle is in place now. Great job jazz management.

Saratoga Springs, UT

At this point, only Jimmer could get people to go to games. D-League, really?

Queensland Jazz fan
Townsville Australia, 00

Good start.... just need to cut Corbin now

Tokyo, Japan

i read news that wiggins...isnt a surefire number 1 pick...it might be Julius Randle or Jabari Parker...scouts think Wiggins isnt giving everything he had on each game....scouts compare him at the least Vince Carter or Tracy Mcgrady


They went D-League.
More Proof Miller is trying to eliminate any public interest in the team so there is no outrage when it is sold. That #1 pick will help entice would-be buyers, fans going to games to watch Jimmer will NOT.
Jazz are pathetic beyond all reason at present. No one could run the franchise worse than it is being run.

Bountiful, ut

Mo Williams would have been happy to stay. Probably the stupidest move the Jazz have made in their planning to rebuild was to leave the team without a veteran point guard to help the young new ones develop.

Ivins, UT

The Millers don't need anyone's approval to sell the Jazz if that's what they wanted to do. Do you seriously think would purposely weaken the team so they could sell it and not make anyone mad? I'm sure the team would be worth a whole lot more money if they were to sell when the Jazz are strong. If they're going to sell they will want to make the team as attractive as possible to potential buyers to maximize profit potential. That's what business people do.

On another topic I'm watching Duke and Kansas play right now and Parker or Wiggins will look great in a Jazz uni. For those that say it wouldn't do us any good because Hayward plays the same position, that's ridiculous. Hayward can play multiple positions as can all of the core 4. Hayward and Parker or Wiggins would do great playing on the floor together.

Red and Blue

Wow! A great move that will surely propell us to become a championship team. Way to go Miller and Corbin for such a difficult decision that will have lasting effects on the franchise.

Bountiful, utah

The Jazz made a colossal mistake to let Foye and Carrol leave.

Springville, UT

It doesn't matter who fills the roster at this point. This season is going to be the ugliest ever. Makes you yearn for the success of the Jazz in the era of their move from New Orleans.


Americanvet.. Thanks for saying that..Well put

Saint Louis, MO

Garrett has nice size at 6 ft 4. I tried watching the video. It didn't work. I just saw his picture. If he played in Croatia and France, he had good competition. Hopefully, he will do some good. It will be a long season. Burke will soon be back. Right now, the Jazz are just a good college team. Kanter and Favors seem to be playing well. Hayward is too. Without Burke, there is no leadership. He will soon be back. We shall see what that does. Rebuilding is tough but it had to be done.

Alpine, UT

Maybe we will have to go to Seattle to see this team play in a couple of years.


Jabari Parker sure looked NBA ready last night (vs. Kansas). Don't worry Utah; keep playing the way you're playing & he'll be there as the centerpiece of the rebuild in a year.

Provo, UT

Interesting how many nay-sayers post here. They believe the Millers are either dishonest or inept (as though the family makes the day-to-day decisions for the team), that Dennis Lindsay is stupid, that the Jazz are falling apart, that people will stop coming to the arena.

They show their ignorance.

The Jazz team is not being remodeled. The entire, decrepit structure has been razed and a new, more serviceable structure is being constructed. Some are put off by the "Pardon the Dust" signs and are declaring they will no longer do business with that company, and figure everybody feels the way they do.

Every person that I have talked to or heard from that ACTUALLY KNOWS NBA basketball is united in the opinion that this reconstruction was clearly and manifestly necessary in order to get out of the eternal cycle of teams barely good enough to make the playoffs. They recognized a core group of raw and inexperienced talent that needed to develop in games. Being raw and inexperienced this group would struggle, but would learn. (to continue)

Provo, UT

Furthermore, those who know recognize that next year's draft will be the deepest, with the highest quality, in more than a decade. The Jazz has positioned itself nicely with big expiring contracts, to have plenty of cash for signing whomever they draft plus Hayward and anybody else.

Short-sighted business practices nearly killed the American automobile industry in the 1980's, and now people are clamoring for the Jazz to operate the same way. They can't understand why the Jazz don't just sign Tony Parker to replace Burke, or Jimmer(???). They obviously don't understand contract law (Parker, Westbrook, even Jeremy Lin are tied up - not accessible) or team dynamics (what would Jimmer do to improve on this team's greatest need, a dynamic leader at the point?).

Nobody expects this year's team to win a lot. But next year's version will have a lot more experience, a lottery pick and another high first-round prospect. At that time we can expect a little more from them. At that time the nay-sayers will come flocking back like the fair-weather fans they are.

Bastrop, TX

Tinsley was relegated to the D League three years ago...That's where the Jazz got him. The only positive thing about him was that he thinks like a point guard....Problem is that he's too old and slow to make the moves he made 8-9 years ago....His shot has left him....And he can't play defense.
Amazing thing about all this is that the Jazz made a move....and Corbin is still there. Nothing is going to change until they get rid of him and get someone running these youngsters who can teach and motivate them.
Even then, they may not win many games. Right now that's only important to a few lukewater fans who don't understand what's going on....What is important right now is that they compete at as high a level as they're capable of.....and that's going to require a different coach.
This season will mature most of these kids....A properly handled draft and free agency season......Along with a coach....should make the team competitive next year.

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