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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 13 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Murray, UT


You want to believe more lies?

Try the truth on for size.

There is another sibling that will probably reach his maximum as well, even though he doesn't suffer from a lifelong disability. He has maxed out every year since he was born, 4 years now (has a G-tube). Hopefully next year will be the last time, but who really knows.

Then you forgot to add the premiums. Oh, and the parents and other siblings might need care at some point. So now there are many individuals. Add all that up and you are around $20,000. That will be a little less than half their income this year.


To falsely state what someone else believes, and then mock them for those falsified beliefs is unbelievable low. It is bigotry at its finest! It says a lot about you, like you only listen to what the left tells you about what the right believes, you don't have a clue about conservative economics, and from that sad place, you still choose to be rude and insulting.

Cedar Hills, UT

my foot fungus doesn't smell as bad as critics say....probably ought to ask those directly impacted by the smell!!

Owasso, OK

Are you kidding me?

1. This bill was passed strictly by one political party only - not one single vote from the opposition. Does that not mean anything to you?
2. This bill was passed by coercion, by sweetened deals in Nebraska and Louisiana to 'butter up' senators from those states.
3. The House was going to give their representatives a whole weekend to read the bill, digest it and comment on it, but in the final analysis they rammed it through in hours not allowing people to do so - the famous line from Nancy Pelosi "we must pass this bill so that we can find out what is in it"
4. Then the congressional record contains language that states that 40-66% of people will lose their coverage, something that those who drafted it never told us.
5. So Professor Davis you believe in coerced decision making rather than letting people make their own choices - you study political science. What kind of governments do that? Nazism, Communism, Fascism etc. Is this the kind of government you want?
6. I am a graduate of BYU - I am offended by your article - it violates LDS doctrines...

Orem, UT

Noodlekaboodle: Are you serious? What kind of a question is that???

No hospital is going to let my newborn child die if I didn't have maternity coverage (or a certified check for any amount). Thousands of kids are born every year in this country to people with no insurance coverage whatsoever.

If I'm not mistaken, maternity coverage is to cover the costs of pre-natal care and the actual delivery. If the newborn had health problems, that would be covered by my catastrophic coverage (after the mandatory deductible).

You are going to have to come up with a better straw-man argument than that.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@SCfan – “Thanks again for clearing all that up for the rest of us Tyler.”

Sure thing… glad I could help. I know it’s challenging what with all the spin-based media out there, so feel free to ask me for clarification anytime that cognitive dissonance gets a bit too shaky.

[sarcasm off]

Actually think you make a legitimate point about state vs. federal authority and we might be better off if experiments with different healthcare systems were left to the states (i.e., and reap the benefits of best practices).

But it raises the question – why weren’t states (with the exception of MA) trying new approaches to bring down costs and cover more people? They’ve had decades with little to show.

Second, the Interstate Commerce Clause seems to grant some measure of authority to the Feds unless each state can be allowed to restrict interstate commerce of everything from medical equipment to insurance as they see fit… otherwise they would be powerless against other states undercutting their efforts and we would just see a race to the bottom (e.g., why selling insurance across state lines is problematic).

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

It's nice to see the Deseret News run a more balanced assessment than what I'm used to from some of the syndicated columns that are regular features here. The defunct Rocky Mountain News that I grew up with had as its front page motto "Give light and the people will find their own way".

Traverse City, MI

It definitely is not as bad.....it is so much worse !

Woodland Hills, UT

Mr Davis, most people across the country aren't buying your view point, besides, the Obummer disaster is just beginning. The crushing cost of it all turn will turn it into the biggest financial disaster in world history. Obama has defrauded the American people, and if it were you or I telling those kinds of lies, we would end up in the clink for a long long time. Wait until 2014 when it hits businesses. It's about Freedom to choose what you want in life Mr. Davis,
Freedom! That may be a strange concept for you, but not me.

Springville, UT

Are you kidding me? For you to make such an outrageous comment that Obamacare isn't that bad ought to be a warning to anyone who in the past has trusted your judgement.

People really need to think on their own rather than trust a big-government, end-all do-all progressive.

America succeeded for many years because of a limited government by the people. The recent unraveling of America is a reflection of incompetent governance. I thought Jimmy Carter was bad. Now, in comparison to our current president, he was a genius.


"There is another sibling that will probably reach his maximum as well, even though he doesn't suffer from a lifelong disability. He has maxed out every year since he was born, 4 years now (has a G-tube). Hopefully next year will be the last time, but who really knows."

My understanding is that:
ACA eliminates yearly and lifetime caps. Therefore, once someone has fulfilled their deductible (ACA covers one preventive visit/yr with no co-pay and 2 additional visits with a small co-pay even for the cheapest plan) their insurance plan will continue to cover a certain percentage of costs (amt varies according to bronze/silver/gold/platinum plan) without regard to yearly or lifetime maximums.

How much has your sibling had to pay out-of-pocket when he maxed out every year pre-ACA?


Are you joking me? More than 4 million people lose their plans, the government sets up a huge failure of a website and hires convicts as "navigators" to whom we should pass our financial information and Social Security numbers and we should all be OK with that? We should be OK with raising premiums that we can't afford because Obama's economy stinks and the middle class is shrinking while the lower class grows?


Mr. Davis reminds me a lot of the folks who denied, denied, denied (til the day he left office)that Richard Nixon did anything wrong.

I suppose Mr. Davis deserves a couple of "up" votes for his loyalty to EVERYTHING Obama, but the fact is, Obamacare is unsustainable, and, if allowed to stand, will ruin most Americans financially.

Riverton, UT

How do I know Obamacare is as bad as I think? Because of recent headlines:

"Obamacare is in much more trouble than it was one week ago" Washington Post, Ezra Klein

"Democratic Unity On Obamacare Is Collapsing"-Business Insider

"Editorial: Prognosis for Obamacare isn't improving" Chicago Tribune

"White House fires up its Obamacare spin machine"-Politico

"Reid calls special ObamaCare meeting" -The Hill

"Dem Senator: IPAB Needs to Be Revisited"-CSpan, video at Washington Free Beacon

"Low Obamacare enrollment figures turns up heat on White House" Reuters

"Officials Say They Don’t Know Cost of Health Website Fixes" NY Times

"Doubts about HealthCare.gov repair date" Politico

"Bill Clinton says Obama should honor health care promise"-CBS

"Poll: Obama approval ratings drop, Americans say he's not trustworthy"-CNN

"Dems to White House: Fix Obamacare, and fast"-Washington Post

"Memo warned of "limitless" security risks for HealthCare.gov"-CBS

"Who counts as an Obamacare enrollee? The Obama administration settles on a definition." Washington Post

"WH Count of Obamacare Enrollees Will Include Those Who Haven’t Bought, Paid For Plans"-National Review

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Want to know why Obamacare is a bad idea?

1) It's too expensive. It will excessively burden tax-paying Americans (thanks, you 53% who pay zilcho to keep our country running). It will make the cost over-runs of Medicare and Medicaid (waaaaay into the $$$billions since implemented) look like an 8-yr old's tea party. As a nation we are over $17 trillion in debt. That, my friends, is the equivalent of 17,000 billions. Do the math yourself. 17,000 BILLIONS. That isn't chump change.

2) It's all about force, ie, it limits free agency.

Case closed.


The really bad part has been delayed to next year: the massive increase in cost for employer paid health plans. Healthcare costs already consume $1 out of every $5 the economy produces or twice as much as any other country. This little bit of collusion between the healthcare industry and the government will make that number grow faster than ever. Making our healthcare more unaffordable than ever is not "reform".


When I first heard "affordable" was being addressed --- I thought that they were going to do something about the MD shortage -- like streamline the production line.

A US trained physician is probably about middle aged before he earns that first nickel that he can call his own. And we wonder why doctors are so danged expensive.

Consider that Bachelor degree (higher is better) non-medical degree preferred is needed to get through the screening for medical school. Special entrance exams to pay for; application fees to pay for; minimum of 4 more years for bare-bones GP; more for specialty. Did you know that family practice is a specialty? After graduating, he needs to get matched for a few additional years of hands-on-experience under supervision as intern/ resident. There are some that don't get placed.

Then he gets to take (and pay for) the assorted liscencing exams before he can practice on his own. Add basic equipment, liabilty insurance, technical staff to deal with bureacratic requirements

And those years of student loans have been quietly ticking away, building interest.

The ACA does *nothing* to address affordability. Everything about it drives costs higher.

Chandler, AZ

All I remember is that people have been complainining for decades that Insurance Co. sold/offered contracts that were NOT good policies and that there should be "LAWS to change it" and the gubment should restrict ..blah blah blah.... now the US is trying to fix the situation and everybody is complaining blah blah blah..
We can go into war on a wink and a nod but heaven forbid changes and updates to health care industry

South Jordan, UT

While it may be true that the recent revelations about obamacare mean that it isn't so bad, the fact is that: what is finally coming to light will pale in comparison to the really ugly sides of this "health" plan. This is nothing less than the biggest intrusion by the feds in our lives. It is the Titanic of government promises. It is so far beyond the competency level of any organization, especially the federal government, that one can only wonder how we let it get this far. There is not one significant federal program that is under budget. This complete implimention of this plan would make the other expenses seem trite in comparison.

Salt Lake City, UT

For a family making around 50k the most their premiums are allowed to be, under Obamacare, is around 9% of income. There's no lifetime or annual caps under Obamacare which you say they're running into under their old plan. There's no ability under Obamacare for insurance companies to drop people due to pre-existing conditions but there is in the previous system your relatives would be subject to.

And you know how I know I'm right that your relatives will pay less? For weeks now and even in this thread conservatives have been complaining that the mandate just forces healthy people to have to pay more just to cover the others who are sick. Those sick people are your relatives. It is literally impossible for Obamacare to harm every single person and even conservatives concede that, so they claim that the only people this helps are a small number that are very sick. You claim not even those are helped. So I guess we're in a magical fantasy world where we can spend billions of dollars on subsidized care and somehow things get worse for everyone? That's nonsense.

Viva la Migra
American Fork, UT

I suggest this BYU professor leave the academic bubble and see what is happening in the real world.

For the past 6 years, I've worked at a small company which has offered insurance plans fully compliant with the ACA regulations. Because of slight premium inflation, they were deemed to have lost their grandfather status, so they are being replaced in 2014 with new plans. These plans offer the exact same medical benefits, but the deductibles are all twice what they were.

The premiums are also much higher, anywhere from 200 - 600 percent more, depending on the age and family size of the employee. In other words, instead of paying around $250 per month for a family plan, some have to pay up to $1200 per month.

The ironic part is one of the main arguments made by the Obamacare proponents is that it's unfair to have unhealthy or sick people pay more for coverage than the young and healthy. In order to achieve this they are destroying the previously uniform rates offered by employers to all employees. In all of the years I've worked, I've never seen an employer charge employees differently for the same plan, until now.

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