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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 13 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Tooele, UT

Re: "These are all good changes. They force insurance companies to cover essential health benefits . . . ."

Sorry, Prof, that's just standard socialist perfidy.

Fact is, insurance companies will pay for absolutely NOTHING. Every nickel of corrupt, vote-buying Obamacare largesse will be paid out of my pocket. And yours. And that of every other working American.

I know, that's a hard concept for mindless liberals to wrap there arms around, but, it's a fact, Prof -- there is no health-care fairy.

It's just a disingenuous liberal myth, being disingenuously sold to low-information voters, in the hope of corruptly obtaining unfair political advantage over those committed to telling the truth, in order to exercise illegal and unconstitutional control over Americans they don't really like.

That's all.

Easy, TX

Everyone already knows about Obamacare and most people call it "bait and switch". So let's remove those people loosing health coverage, other people are still loosing coverage on top of that. Wegmans Grocery in upstate New York cut employee health benefits due to the Affordable Care Act. There are numerous other companies cutting insurance, Trader Joe's comes to mind, because they are forcing the employees into the exchanges. Then your premium in the exchange doubles, not to mention the deductible surging. Before Obamacare I could get insurance for $46.00 per month, after Obamacare the premium goes to $160.00 and the deductible surges $1,000 over the last one. How is this not as bad as it seems? I can point to many problems with this health care legislation, shouldn't you have mentioned some of the other issues going on as well. For the entire U.S. workforce, employers have added far more part-time employees in 2013—averaging 93,000 a month, seasonally adjusted—than full-time workers. People can't survive on part time work and this law is forcing them into it.

clearfield, UT

Tyler D

So Obama did not lie. Thanks for clearing that up. I always thought Bush had lied about WMD in Iraq. And Clinton lied about Monica Lewinski. Guess I was wrong. Obviously Presidents get a whole different set of standards of truth that don't apply to the average person. Thanks again for clearing all that up for the rest of us Tyler.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is not perfect and is a work in progress, but it has very good bones. Also, as a prior There are accusations that people were lied to about being to keep their own plan. Yes, in theory a person can. But if the insurance company decides to cancel a person, that says more about the insurance company doing it than it says about the ACA. The ACA is designed to make things fair for the insured person and if an insurance can't keep the requirements, then the insured probably should change to a plan that qualifies (no pre-existing condition, no caps and so forth).

I have seen progress on the healthcare.gov website, but be aware there are also third parties like Arches that help an individual with their questions.

Best wishes to all in this undertaking!

Centerville, UT

One of the stated goals of Obamacare was to decrease the cost of health care in America. In that regard, though it may be too early to grade, Obamacare is failing miserably. Premiums are increasing. Health costs are not coming down at all. Overall health spending has decreased the past few years, but that had nothing to do with Obamacare as it is only now being implemented, other than some insurance mandates on pre-existing coverage and covering family to age 25.

Additionally, premiums that are lower are primarily due to subsidization. The family may realize an overall decrease to their premiums, but overall the premium has increased in cost. It is just being subsidized by someone else.

Obamacare is a mess from a financial/cost perspective, an organizational perspective, a PR, a legal, social...basically in every way it is an utter failure.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Before Obamacare I could get insurance for $46.00 per month, after Obamacare the premium goes to $160.00 and the deductible surges $1,000 over the last one.

Wow you must of had total garbage coverage as I can't get dental coverage here in Utah for that cheap.
Your rates and deductible went up to where mine have been for nearly 4 years, welcome to responsible coverage.
You must have never used your great insurance or they would have told you that it only covered part of your left.

As far as part time vs full time, well that's just the sainted "Job Creators" creating more wealth for themselves, and a separate issue. If we use the conservative approach maybe if we give them more tax breaks. Or No corporate tax since they pass it on to the consumer anyway we should just take all taxes from the workers.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

procuradorfiscal: "Fact is, insurance companies will pay for absolutely NOTHING. Every nickel of corrupt, vote-buying Obamacare largesse will be paid out of my pocket. And yours. And that of every other working American."

This is a great argument for a one payer system, and you are correct that is the way it's suppose to work, every able bodied American paying their share. Not some of us paying more and more to counter the Republican's plan ERHCP (Emergency Room Health Care Plan) that Reagan signed into law. Come to think of it, that's the last time a republican did anything about the healthcare problem in America, I mean beside complain and hinder.

Socialized medicine wouldn't have private insurance companies as a money changer between you and your doctor.

Cedar Hills, UT

Richard - these are all tired old talking points from the White House that have been proven false. The entire Obamacare scam is just that - a scam - that is now being exposed and these talking points don't mean anything when people - in the millions - are getting cancellation notices and then being faced with new premiums 2-3 times higher and with doctors they have never met. Even more scary is the employer mandate is going to kick in in less than a year which will means even more cancellations. This is a disaster Richard and it is time to drop the talking points and realize the Obamacare scam is out in the open now and even Bill Clinton has acknowledged that.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

@SCfan, actually Tyler said the lies being blown out of proportion are silly.

Much like comparing Clintons lies about an affair to Bushes lies about WMD that started a war and cost thousands their lives, yep lying about infidelity is the same as lying to start a war.

Maybe it isn't so much the lies as the ability to comprehend the difference between "No honey, you don't look fat in those pants" and "Saddam Hussein has got nukes, and nerve gas, and board with a nail sticking out of it and he's got your home address.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Happy Valley Heretic

Bush didn't lie about WMD's. Our own CIA provided him with the intel and ALL members of congress of both parties saw the intel. Get your facts straight. The WMD intel was the best we had at the time and Bush made a judgement - which I didn't agree with - to not wait for more certain confirmation but instead go forward and invade and get rid of the threat. The difference here is Bush made a judgement call that was proven later to be wrong but his intent was GOOD and HONEST. Baracks intent with Obamacare was DISHONEST from the start. Big difference.

Cedar Hills, UT

So what will the White House reaction be too all this Obamacare implosion?? My guess is we will soon see Barack back out on the campaign trail attempting to white wash his clueless followers with more propaganda and then have his friendly media film the whole thing to suggest all is well with OBamacare. Propaganda is about all that is left to salvage for Barack at this point....the scam is exposed.

Salt Lake City, UT

Anybody can choose their own healthcare, but if you want insurance to pay for it, a person has to live by the insurances rules. Some of the personal plans don't want (or don't think they can) follow the fair rules that are part of the ACA (No pre-existing conditions, no caps and so forth) and so they are cancelling the personal plans. Those people need to choose the good plans available in the ACA. The bigger plans don't generally have that problem because it's part of a big group that have chosen it. Those plans have to abide by the fair rules in the ACA to stay in existence.

Johns Creek, GA

I applaud you, Dr. Davis, for blasting the stereotype of the weak and inconsequential college professor: you have proven that you can carry the President's water with the best of them. The policy I had one year ago has been cancelled,and I can tell you first-hand that my insurance was not substandard or inferior; it was just more affordable than the government can allow and still pay for millions of others who need more care than a young adult like myself needs. What Obama has given me is the opportunity to pay more for a plan I don't want out of the goodness of my heart so that he can use the additional revenue to cover a group of people I have never met. I should at least get a monthly letter and photograph from the families I support by complying with Obamacare.

Los Angeles, CA

This is an EXCELLENT opinion piece. Pleased to see it in Desert News.

Hope that it is widely read because it provides an excellent unbiased analysis.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

Many of the conservative commenters here seem to think that President Obama's intent with the ACA was simply to deceive and enslave us. Nonsense. As imperfect as the ACA is, the intent all along was to provide some decent, affordable health care to the roughly 50 million Americans who could get none.

That it is imperfect is unfortunate, but it would be working a lot better if all the states had done what they insisted on: having the right to set up their own health insurance exchanges. Most of the states that have used this option are exemplary. By the same token, the federal government would have had a better program if it had been allowed to set up one single exchange for the entire country, instead of having to deal piecemeal with the varying requirements for all the states that later chose to go back on their demand of setting up state-by-state exchanges. And which are those states? Red states. Another example of Republican hypocrisy. Demand something and then sabotage it.

pleasanton, TX

Someone needs to get the facts right. My families plan was terminated due to the fact it would not qualify for the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act.(And we liked it for the past 3 years) That is exactly what it said, and we had insurance through my wife's employer. Not purchased on our own but through her company that employees 14 people. Uh, I also drive a Dodge Truck and own an SUV, is our gov. going to tell me now they don't qualify to be on the road so I have to buy a Prius? And a Prius for everyone that can not afford one?? Holy crud this stuff just makes me sick.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

What's the old saying? Liberals are in favor of anything as long as it's mandatory. I couldn't believe Mr Davis' column. How can anyone think that the US Govt is capable of making the healthcare arrangements for 300 million people? Not to mention the fact that we supposedly live as free men in an allegedly free country- except we need permission from unelected bureaucrats before we can buy a health insurance policy or even buy a home with cash.
I'm a man- I don't maternity insurance. I don't need mental health coverage. I can buy my own contraceptives. I'm 44 years old and I'm pretty certain what my sexuality is so I don't need an operation to transgender myself. What I need is an insurance policy that protects me and my family in case of a catastrophic event - I can pay everything else myself and get a better rate paying cash.
I've had it with all these control freak people who can't stand the thought of someone in this country making a decision on their own.

Poplar Grove, UT

@Joe Capitalist
If you decided to pay on your own and you had a child born with a medical emergency would you be ok if they told you to bring a $10,000 certified check or the kid dies?

Tooele, UT

Re: "Many of the conservative commenters here seem to think that President Obama's intent with the ACA was simply to deceive and enslave us."

Yeah! We've been saying it all along.

Obama has demonstrated that his intent is to socialize and control health care, to assure that important decisions about American's lives are in the hands of leftist politicos and bureaucrats, enabling them to use that power -- literally of life or death -- to control us.

I'd call that enslaving us.

He's also on record perpetrating sophistry and knowing, intentional lies, trying desperately to sell what he knows is a really bad idea to the low-information America liberal educational and social-program policies have created.

And yeah -- socialized medicine would, indeed, remove a middleman, making direct government control of our lives much more efficient and crushing. But, only committed socialists would say that like it was a good thing.

Bottom line -- Obamacare is a war against America. Liberal sophistry being used to sell it is a weapon in that war. Opposition to Obamacare is American patriotism.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Sad that an employee of a university not only excuses a lie, but vigorously defends it. I thought universities were supposed to be in the business of pursuing and propogating truth! Silly me!

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