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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 12 2013 9:50 a.m. MST

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Overton, NV

Utah's SOS last season was 77. BYU's SOS was 83. If you really think that 6 spots matter when there are 350 teams, you are delusional. Fact is, BYU and Utah had fairly equal schedules. BYU won head-to-head. BYU had a winning season. BYU went to the final four of the NIT. Utah had a losing season and sat out the post-season. 'Nuff said.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

I think we can all agree that Utah will be better this year without a doubt. That is because there was not much further they could go down when you are already at the bottom.
An observation here: Chris should not spout facts as they always come back to bite him, like the recent sagarin numbers for example.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Gone fishin

Utah is a state (read secular) school. Pretty much every sport besides football and basketball has already been playing on Sunday before Utah even joined the MWC. Utah didn't sell out, it made a wise and obviously beneficial business decision. Just like BYU did by signing with ESPN for 8 mil/year.

Clinton, UT

To Chris B:
Your argument is flawed, seriously. The reason being is that the committee takes into account out of conference schedule as a heavier factor than in conference schedule because they are games the team "chooses" to schedule and it not forced to schedule. Each member of a conference is stuck with their conference schedule, whatever it is, but they can choose to play who they want in out of conference. Thus, it is not surprising that Utah's conference schedule is rated tougher, it should be each year because although the WCC gas has some good teams at the top, they are weak on the bottom. However, Utah's non conference schedule is what kills them and gives them no chance at a NCAA at large bid this year.
Also, having more top 100 rpi wins does not make you better. Use a little logic here. If one team has several wins against teams rated in the 60's to 99 in RPI, but the other teams losses are to teams in the top 20 rpi, is the one really better? Figure this one out, you might have to think about it.

Clinton, UT

Two for Flinching,
I think you are right on. Utah did not sell out, they made a wise move for them, financially speaking. Just as BYU's deal with ESPN was wise for BYU. I am confident, and I played at BYU in the early 90's, if the PAC 10 would have accommodated our no play on Sunday and given us the tv rights we want, BYU would have loved to have been invited. However, they did not do that, so I don't think the school wishes they were there. Do we wish they would have accommodated us, maybe. But I, for one, like our situation now much better.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Chris B

"In terms of strength of schedule, lets just all agree that overall strength of schedule is what matter.

I'm shocked byu fans aren't understanding such a simple concept."

Again Chris I disagree. I'm shocked that you don't understand a simple concept. All that matters is getting into the big dance and success in the big dance helps huge when it comes to recruiting, but getting into the big dance is all that matters. That means all 32 conferences will have 1 team in at least. Translation? the champion of the Missouri Valley conference is in a better situation than bottom half teams in the PAC 12. Of course tougher schedules help with at-large bids but the PAC 12 lately hasn't put a lot of at-large teams in. WCC is a two-bid league at the very least and 3 bids in really good years, that means more likely than not BYU will get in and Utah will be in the bottom half cellar. What situation would you rather be in? It's quite simple.


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"Playing PAC 12 teams doesn't mean anything if you can't beat them"

I couldn't agree more.

Tell me this Riddles,

If Utah was so bad last year and had such a bad schedule, how did we have more top 100 RPI wins than byU?

so tell me, who had the harder time beating quality opponents?

Can you byU fans be honest for a change?When will you stop being a troll [answer ]never

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