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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 12 2013 9:50 a.m. MST

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For as good as BYU's offense looked for most of the second half (until they started playing out of control and missing too many free throws), the defense started to look pretty porous at the end. It's great to see Carlino playing as well as he is, and if Mika and Collinsworth pull things together (and if players like Bartley and Halford start making significant contributions off the bench), BYU will be making a run for the WCC championship. That said, I can't say that I think much of the new hand-checking rules; I guess they're supposed to enhance scoring, but all they end up doing is making the last ten minutes of a game seem like an eternity. Any decent ballhandler can get half a step on his defender, and if it's a near-automatic foul if the defender tries to regain position, things are going to get awfully boring, awfully fast.

Cheyenne, WY

10 % sorry

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


Utah fans are using the excuse that the Utes have to schedule weak OOC competition, because the Utes face a tough conference schedule, when the reality is, the real reason for the weak OOC schedule is to give the Utes a half-decent chance of having a winning season. It's obvious that the Utes are forfeiting any chance of getting an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament.

Your "ancient history" argument is hilarious! The Utes are always bragging about their 1944 NCAA tournament championship, but somehow back-to-back NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS that occurred a decade later are too old to consider?

As far as Loyola Marymount is concerned, you've seriously never heard of Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble? Do a little, no, do a lot of research about that amazing team and get back to us when you've learned a little history that isn't filtered by the crimson bubble.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"If Utah was so bad last year and had such a bad schedule, how did we have more top 100 RPI wins than BYU?"

Simple, Utah had more chances, especially at home, to beat RPI Top 100 teams, and failed miserably most of the time, which explains why BYU, with fewer opportunities was ranked 100 places higher than Utah:

2012-13 RPI versus Division 1 teams

#58 BYU
#159 Utah

Of course you conveniently leave out the little fact that Utah LOST to TWO 225+ RPI teams.



LMU's 1990 NCAA tournament win is too old to be considered relevant, but Utah's 1998 finals run is like yesterday to Utah fans? The inconsistency of the double-standard Utah fans apply to every team except Utah is truly laughable.

In football, nothing before 2004 counts; in basketball, nothing after 2005 count...

at least under the crimson bubble.

Las Vegas, NV

You Ute fans who are on this board harassing BYU fans are unbelievable. We are proud of our performance last night and you come in here accusing us of beating our chest and making ourselves more than what we are. It may seem that way with some BYU fan remarks as a defense mechanism to a lame Ute argument. The only team we are making ourselves more credible to is Utah and rightly so comparing our recent history against them. We are not in here saying we a better than Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, or Kentucky but you guys twist our words to make it so and boasting about conference affiliation whaa whaa whaa. I and most BYU fans don't care about that stuff! We care about what happens on the court that's it. We beat you guys 7 in a row, we have had posts success recently in NCAA tournament and NIT, and you have the gall to come on here and act like your something? How pathetic.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Ken

"Your conference is a joke. I guess when you only have two big games all conference season, you have to brag about playing a couple Pac 12 teams in out of conference. Best you got?"

We've seen the best the Utes got and it's not very good, but don't worry we'll save the best we've got when we play you on December 14th.

St Louis, MO

Cris B says: "I love that you admit byu fans are jealous of our Pac 12 membership!"

"Jealous" isn't the word. Any reasonable BYU fan would like to be able to play better opponents in-conference, but at what cost? Your apparent theory that no "legitimate" conferences see BYU as an attractive addition is ignoring some facts. BYU has a very specific set of criteria (no Sunday play being the most problematic) before it would even consider any offer. This is well-known to the leadership of all the conferences. They may see these demands/restrictions as prohibitive, and so be it, but the Y will not bend just to get to sit with the cool kids at the lunch table. I support that 100%.

Honest question: ignoring other factors and focusing on only athletic competitiveness, fan base, and appeal as a TV draw, does anyone really believe that no "major" conference would see BYU as appealing? Eventually someone will decide they're worth any "special treatment" that they require.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Chris B

"I think I could learn to support byu if your fans were like you." @ Ted H

The same could be said about the Utes except the opposite. I think I could learn to support Utah if your fans are less like you (Chris). There are already Ute fans disowning you but there are some still in your arena supporting you with "likes" and stuff. The ultimate Ute troll league.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Snack Pac,

Do you and Riddles get together and think of comments together a lot? Your two comments are so similar and its crazy you both live in the same area. Does you(Snack Pac) always show up in support of Riddles right after Riddles makes a comment?


So if Utah had more chances last year to beat top 100 RPI teams, then I guess Utah's schedule last year wasn't that bad huh?

Thanks for proving my point.

Either Utah's schedule wasn't bad last year and this year, or byu is totally inept at beating anyone good.

Thanks for proving me right!

Now, go get Riddles. He has your back I know it.

Saratoga Springs, UT

@ Chris:

The WCC is #2 in RPI thus far this season behind only the BIG 10. Mighty BCS Pac-10.2 is #11.


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Let me remind you how USA today rated the conferences

Big 10
Pac 12(where big brother Utah plays)
Big 12
Big East
Mountain West
Missouri Valley

But you're right, the RPI through 1-2 games is probably all the evidence we need huh?


Saratoga Springs, UT


It is early yes, so that means your rankings are just as big of a joke. In this early season, the WCC is 1-0 vs the Pac12 and Oregon State is already flexing Pac-12 muscles with a Loss to the Mighty Coppin State Eagles.
When the U has a winning Pac-12 record, then maybe you'll have something to talk smack about on BYU articles. Until then, enjoy the cellar!

Saratoga Springs, UT

Hey Chris, look at me, I can "like" my own comments too!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You're right, there is no possible way for any basketball expert to judge the different conferences. The WCC has just as good of a chance at finishing at the very top of the nation as the ACC and Big 10 do too huh?



11th "best" conference per the experts.


Cheyenne, WY

So what I am hearing is it is better to be the 10th place team in the 3rd best conference?
Over being the 2nd best in the 11th best conference?
There are 32 conferences.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B
Since you agree with the experts.
USA today Sagarin has BYU @31
Utah @ 122
In fact according to Sagarin Arizona is the only Pac-12 team rated above BYU
So the experts you cite and support, are saying through rankings BYU would be #2 in the Pac-12

Saratoga Springs, UT

Very well played BeSmart! Looks like the U is in for a long season again!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Yes, byu has been better than Utah lately. I've stated that thousands of times. My point is still this: Bragging about a tough out of conference schedule is lame when its only a 1/3 of your schedule. Especially when you know your conference schedule is weak.

In terms of strength of schedule, lets just all agree that overall strength of schedule is what matter.

I'm shocked byu fans aren't understanding such a simple concept.

Cheyenne, WY

I agree completely. But some fans on both side are just not respectful.
I think the Utes will be pretty good this year.
But wins and losses matter most. Doesn't matter who you play.
SOS is a good measuring stick, but winning still matters more.
Some of the teams that have gone deeper in the NCAAs the last few years got there with pretty weak schedules.

Highland, UT


BYU gets more credit for their OOC schedule than utah does for it in conference schedule because BYU CHOOSES to schedule tough OOC whereas utah does not choose to schedule in conference, it is just automatic. Who you CHOOSE to play says something about you. Neither can choose their conference opponents, they simply are what they are, but both CHOSE who they were going to play OOC and BYU CHOSE a tough and rigorous OOC while utah CHOSE perhaps the weakest OOC in all of college basketball.

So spin away but that is the truth of it, you get judged by the chocies you make not by things you cannot control. Then you get judged by whether or not you win or lose, in the case of BYU the wins keep piling up year after year whereas with utah the losses keep piling up year after year.

Now we all think utah might be improved this year but there really won't be any way to know until much later in the season, we already know BYU is going to be good just after 2 games. Once again the choices you make.

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