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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 12 2013 9:50 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"Playing PAC 12 teams doesn't mean anything if you can't beat them"

I couldn't agree more.

Tell me this Riddles,

If Utah was so bad last year and had such a bad schedule, how did we have more top 100 RPI wins than byU?

so tell me, who had the harder time beating quality opponents?

Can you byU fans be honest for a change?

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

"I also favor BYU in your big senior game against Division II Idaho State."

Idaho State is an FCS program, which you should know, since Wilson padded his QB stats earlier in the season playing another Big Sky team, Weber State.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Yes, byu has owned Utah lately.

Again, can't you byu fans take off the blue colored glasses and actually read for a change?

byu has been better

I keep acknowledging that.

It's just hypocritical of byu fans to want the basketball world to believe only that out of conference schedule matters, especially when Utah's conference schedule plays many of the same teams byu's out of conference schedule is.

And again, if Utah's schedule was so bad last year too, and Utah was so bad,

How did Utah have MORE top 100 RPI wins than byU?

I guess either

1) Utah's overall schedule was pretty good


2) byu is just totally inept at beating any good team.

Which is it?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"Utah won't be able to rough Tyler Haws up like last time and get away with it w/o a foul."

BYU fans blaming the refs after a win? Really?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You couldn't be more wrong buddy.

In recent years some conferences such as the big east and ACC have gotten 5,6,7 teams in the big dance.


Conference affiliation.

They play such a tough schedule that a 22-12 team or something like that from a tough conference is likely a very good team.

How does anything you've said about Gonzaga or VCU or Wichita discredit anything I've said?


You byu fans throw out these random comments that don't counter anything I've said.

Playing a hard schedule matters. Maybe you didn't know that. And if a team is in a better conference it means they're playing better competition.

I'm surprised you didn't understand such a simple concept.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

I'm a BYU fan who is partially siding with Chris B on this one, although I can't believe I'm saying that. Chris is admitting BYU has owned Utah lately. Although, he's right that last year I don't believe we really have anything to brag about. Utah did have more top 100 wins than BYU did. We feasted on mostly bad WCC teams and really failed to beat any quality teams. Utah also had many bad losses, which brought down their RPI a lot. But really BYU fans have nothing to brag about last year. We didn't make the dance and we really didn't beat many good teams, with Utah beating more than we did. Almost every time we played a good team, we failed.

When Chris is right, we need to be able to admit it. And when he's wrong let's gladly point it out.

River Falls, WI

Chris B.

"Tell me, every time Utah beats a Pac 12 opponent this year, do we have the right to brag about it being a huge win, like byu fans are doing for this Stanford win?"

"It's just hypocritical of byu fans to want the basketball world to believe only that out of conference schedule matters, especially when Utah's conference schedule plays many of the same teams byu's out of conference schedule is."

Sorry, but BYU fans aren't banging their chests over this win, and we're not claiming our overall schedule is better than the Utes. Those are two ideas that you made up. We have expressed that BYU has gotten two quality wins--one over a PAC12 foe who was supposed to be pretty good and that our OOC schedule is difficult while the Utes is not. BYU looks pretty decent this season and while it's still too early to tell I definitely think NCAA tourney potential is there. I can't say the same for little brother up on the hill. Go Cougs!

Las Vegas, NV

@ Two for Flinching

Who said that I'm blaming refs for a win? The reason we won that game was because Matt Carlino went off in the end. Utah roughing Tyler Haws by handchecking him and having their hands all over him to prevent him from getting the ball occasionally putting him on the ground is what kept Utah IN the game because they negated a premier scorer of ours. Watching the BYU-Stanford game gave an insightful clue on the the new official rule changes made by the NCAA. You can't handcheck an offensively player anymore without being called a foul with or without the ball. Why do you think both teams went on the free throw line so much in last night's game? The officials are not messing around with this rule, so Utah is going to have to try something else because if they do that to Tyler Haws or anyone else on BYU it will be a foul. Now it goes both ways, but that means whoever has the greater offensive power and better bench will win. We both know who's better when it comes to both. Get ready for 8 straight losses.

Blind Zebra
Ogden, UT

@Chris B

With the new rules and more fouls being called, it will only help an up tempo team this year like BYU. I doubt Utah will ever score over 100 points against PAC 10.2 teams

I never go to the gym and I"m still overweight, but I love my gold's gym elite membership

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

@Ted H -

Thanks man. I think I could learn to support byu if your fans were like you. Byu has been better than Utah in basketball lately, and I've never denied that. I just don't think Byu fans really have much to be bragging about. Yes, Utah has been in some very down years in basketball. But for a program that has a single sweet 16 in the last 20 years, 0 elite eights, 0 final fours, 0 championship game appearances, really how arrogant should you be?

If all you care about is being better than Utah, congratulations, you've been that.

But a single sweet 16 in 20 years and your fans think you're some incredible program. I just can't think of another program that is so arrogant and yet has accomplished less than BYu in the last 20 years.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

BYU fans ARE NOT jealous of u's pac11+u membership. BYU WUILL NOT sell its soul to big money that requires that they play on Sunday. Utah had no problem doing it. I would rather stick to my core values and principles and stay independent in football and in the WCC in basketball than sell out like Utah did. By the way, utah was not invited to the pac because of its sports teams.
And also just so you know playing Oregon and Stanford twice each just means four loses. Enjoy your membership.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Chris B

"In recent years some conferences such as the big east and ACC have gotten 5,6,7 teams in the big dance.


Conference affiliation."

I disagree. NCAA tournament selection with be more sympathetic to these teams because of a tougher schedule, but recruits pick teams with success in the NCAA tournament. You picked the best conference in college basketball the ACC (how ironic) but how many of those teams make a run consistently with the exception of Duke and North Carolina? Sure they will get 5-6 teams in but most lose by 1st week. BYU is no Duke and North Carolina but I'm not comparing them to BYU. I'm comparing Utah to BYU and as you know their is no comparison. So what if Utah is in the Pac 12 in basketball. Ultimately what's judged is what happens on the court, who cares who you're apart of. That's what makes College Basketball the greatest sport on earth. It's decided on the hardwood, not by computers like College Football. Butler's dreams were decided on the court. Boise State in football? We'll never know.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


Exactly, byu fans are bragging about their out of conference schedule even though its a smaller portion of the overall schedule because they know their Weak Coast Conference is weak. I especially love that byu fans point to Oregon and STanford as evidence of tough games.

Utah plays each of those teams, TWICE.

Utah has an overall harder strength of schedule.

Why? WE play in a big boy conference with big boy teams and you do not.

Now Utah needs to actually win to have that matter, I agree. But again, byu fans laughed at Utah's schedule last year too.

And who had more top 100 RPI wins?


Sandy, UT

Byu fans bragging about out of conference scheduling is like the byu football fan who would mock Alabama for playing a bad out of conference team the first or second game of the season. Shows how little byu fans know about spots. Or, shows how little they want to admit about how bad their conference is. Total conference games against teams currently ranked for byu?

2. Gonzaga twice.

Your conference is a joke. I guess when you only have two big games all conference season, you have to brag about playing a couple Pac 12 teams in out of conference. Best you got?

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B.
I cheer for the Utes and the Cougs
I agree with you. BYU has done nothing nationally in basketball.
But where I disagree with you, and I do respect Utah for their Pac-12 affiliation I think it is awesome. Is saying conference this and conference that, when no offense Utah has not accomplished anything in the conference (congrats to women's soccer for 3rd).
As someone who has played sports for years and been involved in collegiate athletics it is great to beat your rival, but bragging about conference affiliation doesn't matter until you do something with it.
UVU for instance is now in the WAC that has an automatic bid for the NCAA tournament. Does that really matter until they actually earn that bid to the tournament?
I hope that both fan bases can respect eachother and even cheer for one another.
Good day everyone.

Sandy, UT

Gonefishin, BYU fans ARE NOT jealous of u's pac11+u membership. Let me quote DresdenBalla(BYU fan) for you:

"If you just want BYU fans to admit they wish the Cougs were in the Pac-12, I think there is no arguing that."

River Falls, WI

Chris B.

"Utah has an overall harder strength of schedule. Why? WE play in a big boy conference with big boy teams and you do not."

I still fail to see how that matters if you don't win the games.

Since PAC12/Independence…
BYU is 5-0 against PAC12 teams (Stanford, Utah x2, Washington, Oregon) and is 22-10 against WCC teams. During that same span Utah is 8-28 to PAC12 teams (only three more wins than BYU despite 31 more games) and has a losing record to teams from the WCC, MWC, Big Sky, and Big West.

I don't think haters should knock BYU's schedule if their team can't beat any of the teams on that schedule. Go Cougs!

Blind Zebra
Ogden, UT

@ Chris B

Crunch numbers all you want!

Bottom line is BYU has an exciting brand of basketball to watch and Utah does not. I'd rather watch a jr high girls game than a U of U basketball game, and it would probably be easier to find it on TV too.

I'm clearly overweight and I never work out, but i love my gold's gym PREMIER membership!!!

Cheyenne, WY

@ Chris B
last years BYU 83 Utah 58 considering 343 D1 teams less than 1-%
The current strengths of schedule
BYU 17 Utah 56
I am sure this will move around a lot.
Truth is with so many D1 basketball schools neither the Pac-12 nor the WCC is going to provide the strongest schedule.
Utah had more Top 100 RPI wins but Utah was a sub-mediorce teams last year and BYU was mediocre at best.
Pulling out random stats to brag about is crazy.
Just like bragging that Loveridge and Mika were big time recruits. It's wins and losses.
I believe it includes the whole years schedule


I'm tired of hearing, "Well, we play in the Pac 12." Being in the Pac doesn't mean much if you can't compete. The Pac 12 membership only means something if you win. Do you hear any other big conference doormat use that as an excuse? We all know that the Pac 12 is more competitive than the WCC big deal. The fact of the matter is that BYU has outstanding guards who are by far and away the best in the state. No need to throw negative comments out. Congratulate them and move on.

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