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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 12 2013 9:50 a.m. MST

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Christopher B
Ogden, UT

I admit I did not see this win coming. Byu's 3 point shooting was very good. Some days the shots just go down, some they don't.

I still can't say it was a huge win or anything like that, considering Stanford was picked 6th in the Pac 12, so they are just an average Pac 12 team. So byu beat an average Pac 12 team. Now, its a decent win, and on the road definitely makes it a little better. But for some reason byu fans are acting like this is a huge win, and when Utah beats an average Pac 12 team it wont be seen as a huge win for some reason. Hypocrites much?

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Great job Cougars, it's time for a WCC Conference Championship!

Saratoga Springs, UT


ESPN has the Utes in the top ten...for worst non-conference schedules!! LOL!

Salt Lake City, UT

"I admit I did not see this win coming."

Just curious when is the last time you ever saw a BYU coming in any sport?

Germany, 00

Very impressed by the commentary and information in this report. Read 5 or 6 articles on the game from ESPN and other sites, and this article was the best one. Was maybe a little harsh on Carlino at the end of the game, but I do agree BYU looks like a top-25 team this year.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Christopher B
BYU's thrashing Stanford in Palo Alto is much less impressive than Utah's signature win over Evergreen St.

Salt Lake, UT


So interesting you don't bring up conference schedule!!


I'll help

Per USA today(find another source if you'd like LOL)

Big 10
Pac 12(where big brother Utah plays)
Big 12
Big East
Mountain West
Missouri Valley

byu fans brag about playing Stanford and Oregon? LOL

WE play them twice, each.


Sandy, UT

@relintk - So you're the guy who mocks the SEC in football for scheduling bad out of conference opponents? And yet isn't it interesting that SEC teams regularly have the hardest schedules. LOL indeed.

Germany, 00


It's an awesome thing for the Utes to be in the Pac-12, it really is! But in order to be impressive, the Utes need to compete and accomplish something in the conference. There is a big difference between being fortunate by association and being individually impressive. The Utes have not been in BYU's class on the basketball court for a few years now. If you just want BYU fans to admit they wish the Cougs were in the Pac-12, I think there is no arguing that. But BYU is still the better basketball program for the time being.

Cheyenne, WY

This conference talk is kind of funny.
Can you brag about conference affiliation when you do not compete at that Conference's level?
No offense to Ute fans but do the Utes really have a Pac-12 basketball program quality wise?
I doubt Washington State basketball fans brag about their conference affiliation (they got an invite to a post season tournament CBI).
It is hilarious to brag about a conference membership when you do not compete for the conference title.
Do you hear the Jazz brag about being in the Western Conference even though they haven't won a game?
I don't think that bragging about being in a conference is a good point. It is about what your team does.
Truth is BYU just destroyed (the score is a lot closer than what the game was like) a upper level Pac-12 program at their place. Stanford regularly recruits 4-star players.
Good win Cougars.
And Conference affiliation does not make your team good. Your team does.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


Byu has been better lately. I've never denied that.

Its just simply to brag about one third of one's schedule and only compare it against one third of your rivals schedule, and pretend the other two-thirds doesn't exist.

And yes, I love that you admit byu fans are jealous of our Pac 12 membership! Most byu fans wont admit that. Thanks for being honest!

Carthage, MO

Excellent win for the Cougs last night. If, & that's a big if, we can continue to play at the level we did against Stanford, the season looks very promising. We have a strong pre-season schedule with the likes of Iowa State, Texas, Oregon, Utah, Utah State & possibly Wichita State. All good tests for us to see if we belong in the top 25. Let's go Cougars!

Sandy, UT

Such a great game last night! No matter what anyone says I'm thrilled they won and it was exciting to watch! I cheer for BYU first and always, but as long as BYU ISN'T playing the U -- guess what -- I cheer for the U too and get excited when they win!!!

Gilbert, AZ


LOL at the jealous, BYU-hating spin:

Barely a week into the season, and over a month before the Utes will play their first legitimate game, BYU already has TWO wins versus RPI Top 51 teams. Not only that, but the game was televised nationally as part of ESPN's heavily promoted Tip-Off Marathon.

#33 BYU
#38 Weber State
#51 Stanford
#54 Utah Valley
#123 Utah State
#142 Southern Utah
#142 Utah

Unlike football, teams can rise to prominence in college basketball without being a member of a so-called "power" conference. Gonzaga, BYU and Saint Mary's all have national cachet, and other WCC programs have had impressive runs of their own, Loyola Marymount and San Francisco in particular. Gonzaga was a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament last year and San Francisco won back-to-back national championships, proving that it's possible rise to the very top as a member of the WCC.

So continue belittling the WCC if it helps you sleep at night, but remember, it'll just make you look all the more foolish the next time BYU has another great season (which could be as soon as this season).

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


Playing PAC 12 teams doesn't mean anything if you can't beat them.

The Utes are 8-28 (3-15, 5-13) in the PAC 12 in their first two seasons in the conference.

Only someone living under that crimson bubble on the hill would even think of beating their chest about that "accomplishment", or lack thereof.

Anaheim, CA


You do realize, don't you, that if not for Utah's pathetic pre-season schedule, the PAC 12 might be ranked higher on that USA Today list?

Individually, Utah has one of the worst OOC schedules in the country

Sandy, UT


byu has had some good teams lately. So has Gonzaga and ST. Mary's. I don't think anyones arguing that. It was byu fans who brought up scheduling, so why the double standard of byu fans being able to bring up a relatively weak Utah out of conference schedule but Utah fans not being able to bring up the weak conference schedule for byu? And yes, its a weak conference schedule overall. And seriously dude, you bring up national titles from 60 years ago for San Francisco as "evidence' your conference is good. Weak man, real weak. Do better than that. San Francisco and Loyola "impressive runs of their own"? When?

San Francisco's last NCAA tournament win? 1979

Loyola's last NCAA win? 1990

Stick with Gonazaga, St. Mary's and byu. You're only making yourself look bad.

Anaheim, CA

Current RPI

#33 BYU
#142 Utah

7 in a row, 11 of the last 12

BYU owns U chrissy

Las Vegas, NV

@ Chris B

I find it laughable reading your follow-up comments. You're trying so hard to justify your position and it only makes you look worse. Let me give you some advice, Basketball is not your thing so give it up. You try to compare Basketball with Football when they are completely different sports and managed completely differently. Conference affiliation doesn't mean much in basketball like it does football and yet you try to argue that it does. If it did then why is it that BYU is killing it in recruiting in the state of Utah? How does Gonzaga get a number 1 seed or how is it that teams like Butler, VCU, or Wichita State make Final Four runs? That is what recruits see when they pick teams NCAA tournament success not conference affiliation. Dave Rose has that success the other Utah coaches don't. Good luck with your basketball game against us. Utah won't be able to rough Tyler Haws up like last time and get away with it w/o a foul. That was the only reason Utah gave us a game. That won't fly judging the new rules the NCAA has set.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Yes, those were two good wins. You byu fans need to take off your blue colored glasses and read what I actually say.

Tell me, every time Utah beats a Pac 12 opponent this year, do we have the right to brag about it being a huge win, like byu fans are doing for this Stanford win?

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