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Published: Monday, Nov. 11 2013 9:05 p.m. MST

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Surfers Paradise, AU

If the U is getting millions more $ because of their affiliation with the Pac12, it stands to reason that a portion of the winnings must to to Ute nation. Isn't this a potential outcome of being part of a prestigious conference? U are using their name and likeness. Since you're now part of the 2% you can give your fair share to the rest right?

Salt Lake City, UT

In my not so humble opinion, the U is being shaken down. Dump the Ute moniker and go with red tailed hawk, so you can keep the red or crimson if you prefer. Keep the "Utah Man" fight song, it's cool. You be the hawks and I'll stay a cougar and we can play each other 'till the cows come home in any kind of contest we can think of.

What happened in the past is done, let it be sorted out on the other side. I understand that the Ute tribe won a significant monetary settlement in the 1940's or 1950's with Ernest L. Wilkenson (Pres. of BYU later) as an attorney from the Federal Government. I also support stopping the State from managing the oil royalties for the Utes, let them manage their own business affairs.

The tribe has the money to build their own schools and hire their own faculty, they should do so and as a private entity they can decide who enrolls and what support they want to give the students. Or, they can sponsor students to any school they can gain admittance.

This need not be a major problem.

Taylorsville, Utah


"If the U is geting millions more $ because of their affiliation with the Pac 12, it stands to eason that a portion of the winning must go to the Ute nation". The Ute Nation's going to wait for a while for a payout from the U winning.

LaVerkin, Utah

How about changing the name to the Utah Dogs? And then they could emphasize that they are indeed in the PAC.

Manti, UT

"Ute" derived from the Western Apache word "yudah", meaning "high up". Looks like they should be negotiating with the Apache instead. If Indians keep demanding that their names be removed from iconic places and organizations it won't be long until they are a totally forgotten culture and the problem will be solved as they fade into oblivion.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

"You should try to sell copies of Micky Mouse ears and see what happens."

So if I sell feathers and arrows the Ute Tribe must also be entitled to some of my proceeds.

Ernest T, you obviously missed my point. Mickey Mouse ears are obviously a protected trademark. The name "Ute" is not a copyrighted term or an official trademark of the Ute Tribe any more than the term "Mexican" or "African." According to your reasoning, the Southern Ute Tribe, the Ute Mountain Tribe, the Capote Band of Utes, and the Muache Band of Utes are also entitled to compensation. To take your mislead legal reasoning a step further, ALL "Indians" are entitled to compensation from the Cleveland Indians and the Washington Redskins.

By the way, the RUNNIN’ UTES; UTES; Lady Utes; Swoop; Circle and feather are registered and protected trademarks of the University of Utah, not the Ute Tribe. In addition, the Circle and Feather mark has been registered at the federal level.

The University has agreed to meet with the Ute Tribe out of respect, not by virtue of any legal obligation.

Now do you know what I mean...Vern?

Phoenix, AZ

I don't think cougars are going to come wanting to meet with BYU nor do I think Satan is seeking compensation from Arizona State. I don't think any other animals in the PAC 12 kingdom (Beavers, Ducks, Bears (golden and bruin), Huskies, Cougars, Wildcats, Buffalos, and Cardinals) are going to come ask for anything. Lastly, I doubt there are anyone living in Rome who are going to request a payment for use of the word "Coliseum". Utah is all by themselves on this one. They really need to ditch the moniker and conform to the rest of the PAC. Pick an animal (I liked the chicken hawk idea someone said earlier) and be just like all the rest of the PAC. Love your PAC 12 membership, right?

West Jordan, UT

I like some other nifty names: The Running Seagulls; The Running Crickets; The Running Trout; The Running Jordan River Rats; The Utah Running Deers; all fine examples of local fauna that won't extort money from this fine state university;

Salt Lake City, UT

Native Americans occupied their lands by right of conquest. They do not have a deed of purchase. Many nations still honor right of conquest although the US has fortunately gradually stopped the practice.

The time for using caricatures as a symbol of a state university is long past. Paying off the Ute tribe is tacit admission that money is the only thing satisfying the Ute Tribe, not pride of association. The U has been trying to distance themselves from cartoon characterizations by adopting Swoop and years ago the U was known as the Runnin' Redskins. Stanford, Dartmouth and other schools have done the right thing. Now t's time for the UofU to enter at least the 20th century, if not the 21st, and give up the Ute name.

Medical Lake, Washington

At least I see a discussion going on here; rather than the usual 'its bad to use our tribe as a mascot for your team.'

The Utes here seem to recognize that sports organizations do not choose mascots out of disrespect, but in a way, to honor that heritage by suggesting that the name implies strength and power.

I am glad that there seems to be a positive relationship between the college and the tribe and again, I am glad that there seems to be a discussion going on instead of litigation, name calling and arguments.


In my ancestry I have Vikings, Miners, Patriots, Matadors, Conquistadors, Native Americans, Mormons, pioneers.... I think I need compensated by many organizations from High Schools on up to professional sports teams.... if I can't get that then I am very very very offended that my heritage is being denigrated... If it wasn't for the University of Utah, no one would even know what a Ute was... seems like the tribe owes the University for some free publicity. I am no fan of the UofU but this is extortion. But if you change your mascot here are some ideas: 1. University of Utah Brine shrimps 2. University of Utah Winter Inversions 3. University of Utah Snowflakes (best snow on earth) 4. University of Utah Anti-Brighams 5. University of Utah 12 "PACS" 6. University of Utah Bass (then Ernest would want his money- scratch that one) 7. University of Utah Blue-Haters 8. University of Utah REDS 9. University of Utah Global Warmers 10. University of Utah Utahns (kind of like that one- has a ring to it) 11. University of Utah Riceecclers (get more money)

clearfield, UT

Since we are now in another phase of PC sensitivity about these types of names, I suggest that all the colleges and pro teams in America do like Stanford university did a long time ago. Go from Indians, which is what they were called, to the name Cardinal, which is based not on a bird, but the school colors. So, we can have the Utah Reds, or Cardinal, or Crimson. The BYU Blues. The USC Cardinal, since they called their form of red that long before Stanford adapted it. The Green Bay Greens. The Oakland Blacks.........

Oh Oh. I didn't see that one coming. Never mind.

LaVerkin, Utah

I attempted to post yesterday that they U of U change the name to Utah Dogs, and then emphasize that they are indeed part of the PAC. But for some reason my post has been lost in never never land. No word from DN what they did with that initial post. We will see what happens to this one.

Hyrum, UT

This is all backwards. Can anyone imagine the Jazz paying Energy Solutions company for using their name on the Jazz building? Of course not! Energy Solutions pays the Millers boohoo bucks because they benefit from having their name better known.

If anything, a group should be paying the U of U something for advertising their name and making it much better known. No one would even know the Ute tribe still existed if it wasn't for the University of Utah. The university is doing them a favor by honoring their name in it's use of it. Receiving scholarships for the Ute tribe youths is an unearned bonus that the tribe should greatly appreciate. For them to demand more... especially anything retroactively... is pure nonsense and shouldn't even be considered.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"The University has agreed to meet with the Ute Tribe out of respect, not by virtue of any legal obligation."


While there indeed is respect, the U is meeting with the Ute Tribe because of the NCAA rule that no college may use a nickname that is identifiable to an American Indian tribe without that tribe's blessing. So while the Tribe may not get royalties from purveyors of sport utility (ute) accessories, they know that their approval is worth something to the University of Utah and its use of the Ute name.

I believe that most alumni value the school's good relationship with the Tribe, and vice versa, and they would support a deal that makes a quality education more available to tribal members as small recompense for the use of a unique name. While the respectful use of the name Ute honors the state and some of its original inhabitants, unlike many knee-jerk comments here I do not see the Tribe's also asking for a few tuition waivers as overplaying its hand. To me, it is a perfect solution.

Hyrum, UT

I like the idea of one commenter had for new name... Running Jordan River Rats. Can you imagine what wounded pride it would cause a Cougar to get beat by a Rat?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Just call them the Utah Gems - then they could be the Rolling Stones.

Cowboy Dude

The easy name change when needed will be the Red Hawks. We already have the right colors, Swoop and a tail feather. There is no way one tribe will have rights to the drum.

The state, not the University should worry about tuition compensation.

The Redskins should change to the RedHawks too.

Bluffdale, UT

If the tribe feels oppressed as Native Americans then they should enjoy it when the Utes are kicking you know what. A little revenge rivalry.

For those that compare it to the Utah Pioneers, imagine if Salt Lake had an NFL team as the Utah Pioneers. We could see the Pioneers vs. the Patriots, the Pioneers vs. the Saints, the Pioneers vs. the Redskins. Pioneers tackling everybody. If your winning it could be fun.

OK, maybe that is a bad idea.



I love the name the Utah "RED Hawks".

Instead of giving away free tuition, some money would be set aside to protect Utah's endangered raptors.

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