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Published: Monday, Nov. 11 2013 9:05 p.m. MST

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Clearfield, UT

This issue shouldn't only be decided by the University of Utah but all Utah tax payers. Whether I'm a Utah fan or the fan of a private instutition or an out of state school as a Utah resident it will still be my pockets (and all other Utah residents) that pay for this 'free' tuition the Ute tribe is demanding. We should at least have a say if we want out taxes to be given away in this manner.

Once you agree to hand over money to the tribe I doubt it will be the last demand they have for something for free. End it now by changing the name to something that the U can't be held hostage over.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

As the University can only use the Ute name w/ tribal permission, per NCAA rules, that name has value. I'm okay, as a Ute fan, alumni and taxpayer, with that value being paid in the form of tuition waivers for tribal members. In fact, I strongly encourage the university administration to do that.

To me, when I say it, shout it at the end of "Utah Man" or write it as below, the exhortation is for the team and the tribe.

Go Utes!!

gramma b
Orem, UT

This is nothing but a shakedown.

Roosevelt, UT

how many generations are responsible to pay for the sins/mistakes of the past? Change the darn name and move on. The Ute Tribe is beyond wealthy! and for the few who achieve higher education it can certainly be paid for by their tribe. I appreciate something much more when I have to pay for it myself.

Salt Lake City, UT

Free UTE Tuition and who is going to pay for that the COWBOYS?

Taylorsville, Utah

There's another Native American Tribe, The Goshute. Maybe they can negotiate with the University for the use of their name and call it the "Running Go-Shute"

Casey See

Just remember when some one says that the University or the State should pay $xxx,xxx.xx, what that person is really saying, that the tax payers of the state of Utah, and the current and future students of the institution should pay.

So if you are an alumnus, citizen of Utah, or current, or future student at the U of U, how much of your own money are you willing to pay?

San Diego, CA

I'm a Cougar fan but don't like seeing my U friends being extorted for a name that is being used with respect and dignity. If I were from Ute heritage, I would LOVE that you're keeping my heritage alive, relevant, and promoting it. The only thing worse is to be one of the dozens of native tribes that no one has ever heard of. The U is doing a favor for the Utes. I personally think they would be stunned if you called their bluff and walked away. I really believe you would be wise to just bite the bullet and change it now as opposed to having to come back the topic every few years and grovel to them to continue to use it. If you want to keep the american indian theme, just change the name to "Anasazis". I doubt you'll have many of them asking for free stuff. The Utes don't own a TM on the block "U" (Utah)or a circle or feathers. So, wal-la, your look and feel remains the same. No harm, no foul, and get back to playing us Cougs!

Syracuse, UT

I really think they need to change the name to match the mascot, which is a Red Tailed Hawk otherwise known as a "Chicken Hawk".

I can see it now......The Utah Chicken's. Seems like a good fit to me!

Wally West

Get ahead of the curve & change the name.

There is 1 nickname not used enough in sports IMO. Vikings; It would reflect the heritage of many Utahns.

p.s. Change the Colors to Burgundy & Old Gold (i.e. Notre Dame and Navy)


So, Chris B expresses an opinion on what the Ute Tribes should reasonably expect to receive from the state for the UoU's use of the Ute name and logo and he's dismissed as being ignorant on the US/native American relations? Not only does that not speak well of the one doing the dismissing it does nothing to further honest dialog in the debate.

How did the discussion go from discussing a business relationship to compensating native Americans for US atrocities against the American Indian in the 1800's?

Los Gatos, CA

Just change the name. There are enough creative people in the state to come up with a name that is acceptable, appropiate to Utah, and doesn't needlessly offend.

Sunnyvale, CA

I think there can be a win-win (as much as I dislike that saying) here. I think that it is in the best interest of the tribe to agree to getting whatever they can from the arrangement. They have to know that their affiliation with the U is beneficial to them from a PR standpoint. Over the years that I've lived outside of Utah (NJ, PA, SC, OR, CA) my vanity plate UTE-OWL has enlightened many to the existence of a tribe that they never knew existed. "I know what an Owl is, what the heck is a Ute?"

I can't begrudge the tribe for trying to get a little more from the use of their tribe's name.

Sure, the U could walk away from using the nickname Ute, but should they, or will they even really have to consider it? I doubt it. I don't think the tribe is dumb enough to walk away and I don't think the U is willing to play hard ball.

Bottom line for me - I can't think of myself as anything but a U of U UTE! Go Swoops? Gimme a break!

Johnny Moser
Thayne, WY

How is the Ute name at the UofU any different than naming rights of the Maverik Center or Delta Center or what ever it is called now? If the UofU wants to keep using the Ute name and "symbology" then get a contract in place just like any other business that wants to use a "copyright". If they don't want to pay the price to use the name then do something different, seems pretty straight forward.

Ute Tribe shouldn't be too surprised when the UofU walks away from the bargaining table and changes the name and logos. Me think the Ute Tribe has over estimated their negotiation position. In most naming rights negotiations the group whose name is used pays the institution not the other way around. Utes what some free publicity don't expect to get paid for it too.

Centerville, UT

I understand the history and mistreatment of the American Indian. I get it. The United States government treated them horribly. However, no concession will actually ever be enough. It will only be a matter of time before more is demanded.

I don't cheer for the U of U, I didn't go there, and I really don't care. But I think they should change their name and let the Ute Tribe know that there will no longer be ANY concessions above those already given. Just make a clean break. Utah can get a new name and mascot. And the Ute Indian tribe can hang out in Fort Duchesne and never be offended again.

Honolulu, HI

Wow, if there's no support for the use of the Ute name or logo, then change it. Maybe just the U would be good. Don't be mad b/c the tribe wants their due. Ed Grady's comment above is on the money.


FIRST time EVER agreeing with Chris B. Oh, my heck!!! There is some reasonableness in his rhetoric!

Go UTES! Go COUGARS! I hope both are undefeated in basketball when they play each other. The state of basketball is looking really good in the state of Utah.

Chandler, AZ

would you rather pay for the name and symbol, like corporate sponsors, and have a corporate logo and name for your U of U sports teams -- or make a rather inexpensive arrangement with an Indian Tribe -- and most of your comments show that you know pitifully little about the history of the Native American, not only in the USA, but specifically in Utah, from territory to state. They are 'owed' a heckuvalot more than a few tuition waivers. Imagine what your tiny little lot in a subdivision cost, and multiply that by several million -- you have not the slightest concept of history. You live in your selfish present. And I am not a Native American. Read up a bit.

let's roll

I'm a Cougar and a UTE fan, having attended both schools and am a bit surprised at how many fellow UTE fans are ready to dump their moniker, although I admit to having no real emotional attachment to it.

Always trying to get ahead of the curve, if there is to be a change, let me offer up some entries into the contest for a new nickname:

Big Brothers (would give an instant leg up in all U v. Y discussions)
Orange Traffic Cones (the real heritage of Utah)
Hilltoppers (can use this one only after AD is changed, lest he thinks it's an homage to him)
Athletes formerly known as the UTES (Prince would approve and could help design the logo, his was cool)

Best of all, I hereby grant the U permission to use any of the above without paying me a royalty, giving my linage free tuition, or appointing me Special Consultant to the President on the Use of the New Nickname/Logo

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Cletus: sure the tribe owns the name and is a legal entity. If some slack-jawed yokel began making money off of the Cletus clan from Coleville, you would be entitled to a chunk of the profits.
How the various tribal groups decide on the legalities is up to them to work out. The fact is, a legal entity is protected and entitled to some compensation.
You should try to sell copies of Micky Mouse ears and see what happens.

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