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Published: Monday, Nov. 11 2013 11:20 p.m. MST

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Palo Alto, CA

Ernest T. Bass

It was a great game and BYU fans have expressed as much.

What's really funny is BYU-haters whining about the crow they're being served this morning...

and, of course, the expected disappearing act of the most BYU-obsessed hater of them all.

Las Vegas, NV

BYU looks good. The execution looks a lot better than last year. I know it's early but BYU is generating some swag. I like it and hope it continues.

Clinton, UT

Most teams do schedule a couple of gimme games, although Mt. St. Mary's may not be that much a gimme. At least BYU has some very good teams on their schedule. The Utes have scheduled no one. With the non conference schedule the Utes have, their only chance to make the NCAA tournament is to win the conference tourney. No matter what they do, they cannot get in with this schedule (barring going undefeated).

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Time to remove the chips and just enjoy it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ernest T.
If BYU has a chip on their shoulder, the arrogant, PAC12 touting Utah fans have put it there. The chip should remain there for the rest of the season if it helps BYU stay motivated.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We are in the conference of champions and byu is not and that makes us more prestegous even though we lose lots of games.

Go Utes!

Coog Fan in Spokane
Spokane, WA


"I hate the new rules for fouls. I bet the average NCAA score will increase by 10+ this year and games will be 30 minutes longer because of the rules."

Actually, I think the new rules are going to be a tremendous advantage for the Cougs in WCC play, where in prior years the refs have allowed all sorts of thuggery to go uncalled. Teams with inferior talent and size have had to rely on physicality to neutralize uptempo offenses, and assuming the new rules are enforced, this should work to BYU's advantage. Gonzaga got away with brutalizing Haws all game last year here in Spokane.

One thing that impressed me last night was seeing the Cougars maintain their lead in the first half after several starters had to sit with 2 fouls. Good job by the reserves.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Re: "What's really funny is BYU-haters whining about the crow they're being served this morning... and, of course, the expected disappearing act of the most BYU-obsessed hater of them all."

Interesting comment. I just read through every comment and didn't see any whining from Ute fans about any "crow" they're having to eat. And you're quick to mention the "BYU-obsessed hater" yet the most noticeable theme in this comment thread is that there are a whole lot of Chris B obsessed BYU fans.

As for my own thoughts on the game ... nice win by BYU. I have to admit they look a lot better than I anticipated. I also think Stanford has taken a serious step backward this year. That or they overlooked BYU or simply need a lot of coaching/development. Regardless, I'm still impressed by the cougs.

Las Vegas, NV

One thing I can tell from the BYU-Stanford game is that officials are not messing around with the new rules set in place of having a defender's hands all over the offensive player. The only reason Utah made it tough for BYU last year was because they were extremely physical with Tyler Haws and kept him out most of the game. That's not going to fly this year because Utah will be called a foul every time, so Utah is going to have to try something else which is not good for them because they don't have the offensive firepower BYU has nor the bench.

Provo, UT

@ Celtus
Except the Utes have not won a championship in football or any other sport. Maybe Gymnastics

Blind Zebra
Ogden, UT

I love the new rules and the officiating. Ever watched a Big 10 game,example Wisconsin vs. Michigan state where the score is 55 to 56, snooze, what a bore. This is basketball not football. Who wants to watch defense rule? well, besides Coach Whit. I love watching offense. college needs more 100 point games.

I love my Gold's Gym membership! I still weigh 300 pounds and never go, but i still love being a member.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

flatlander, I'll answer your question as to who would schedule teams like Mt. St. Mary's and Colorado Mesa: Chris Hill.

Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

I love it. BYU has an RPI of 33 and the u has an RPI of 142. That will get them a spot in the NCAA's. Coach K needs to go and u needs to get a coach that has the brains and courage to schedule better teams and on the road. He is doing the team a huge disservice with this cupcake schedule at home. They will not travel well.
I see along season for the u with only a few conference wins but tons of wins against their high schools teams, at home. How PAC-thethic,.

Hyrum, UT

@ ekute and Ernest T. Bass:

Thanks for mostly keeping it civil. I don't enjoy comments by either BYU or Utah fans when their respective team is doing well and then they try to rub it in against their rival opponent. Gloating is immature.

I hope the mentality can be developed where BYU and Utah fans can sincerely congratulate each other whenever good wins happen. Obviously, some fans on both sides haven't reached that maturity level yet. But it's a good thing to hope for.

Again, thanks for your sincere positive recognition of an impressive BYU win. I also wish Utah well with their upcoming games. Whenever any team from our state does well against teams from outside areas, that's always a good thing.

Lindon, UT

With the new emphasis on enforcing fouling rules, I suppose Brandon Kaufusi won't be joining the team when football is over. With great depth, the basketball team may not need him this year, but maybe every team needs an enforcer in the arsenal.

Provo, UT

Fun! Just plain fun! Keep it up Cougars!

cal cougar
camarillo, CA

Never demean your competition. It makes your victories lose their luster.

I would like to think that we won a mighty victory against a substantial foe from a great conference. You always want your competition to do well, look well, except when they play your team or your conference.

Have respect and honor for your foe, and then go out and defeat them.

Mcallen, TX

In sports, the biggest cure is winning.

Utah is actually smart with its scheduling.

A good win-loss record helps with recruiting. The easy schedule won't matter, because they can tout their conference.

This strategy worked wonders for K-State football, who was the conference doormat at one time.

Lindon, UT

I'm an advocate for keeping the discussion about the teams & game in the article no matter what trolls tries to say. Sidetracking the conversation is their goal and sadly, many people fall for it and play right into their hands. Ignoring will frustrate them far more than any comeback regardless of how valid. While some make it very difficult by how relentless they can be, if we could all stick with ignoring, the fun would soon wear off.
With that in mind, I was impressed with this win. Carlino played with more control than we've seen in the past and made far better decisions. Austin also showed marked improvements. Both really good things and were my biggest concerns for the season. Collinsworth is coming in strong for his first year back. It should be easier to keep the quick tempo with new hand-checking rules. Last year, Hawes would get down right mugged away from the ball with no fouls. Hopefully that will change. I'm getting more excited about this year with each game. Go Coug's!

South Jordan, Utah

This one really hurt the Utes. It goes to the core of who they really are - members of the PAC 12. They can't fly their Utah flags and now they can't fly their PAC 12 flags. It must be pretty tough . . .

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