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Published: Monday, Nov. 11 2013 11:20 p.m. MST

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Omaha, NE

ESPN raving about BYU after this game. They are going on and on and on about BYU. Perfect time to get a sizzling win with ESPN featuring this game for the marathon tip-off. WCC also undefeated in all its games....something the PAC cannot say. BYU likely in the top 25 after two solid wins so far.

Lincoln City, OR

I agree with you chris b... The Indians, I mean the Cardinal, did look quite pac12ish tonight...

Looking at the TV shots of the bleachers I was also reminded of the pac12 (particularly Utah)... A ton of empty seats...

I then got busy working on a couple of things while I was also trying to watch the game... But then I would hear some loud cheering, I'd turn to the TV and see that BYU just scored... I then had to double check where they were playing and sure enough it was in Palo Alto...I always thought that sports was a bigger thing than it apparently is in the big bad Pac12...

Pleasant Grove, UT

Let me be the first to say, "We Got It Done!" Where's my T-shirt?

Washington, UT

How refreshing, the BYU post player did not commit two stupid fouls in the first three minutes of the game and sat the rest of the half. Mika is already better than Davies ever thought of being. I'm optimistic about this team, these guys can win some games.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Once again we see why BYU wasn't offered the position of doormat in the PAC. That role has been filled so nicely by Utah and Colorado. Too bad they weren't looking for a contender that would help fill their WCC-sized arenas.

Omaha, NE

@Striker, I'm sure they will build that resume some more with wins over Colorado Mesa and Mt Saint Mary's, two of the tougher teams. Who would feel good about scheduling those teams?

ET Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Here's a sign of the direction of two programs . BYU chops down the stanford tree on the road while Utah is walloping NAIA divII pine tree state. Both are playing up to the level of their competition.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

Bring on Oregon! (in basketball, not football)

Cinci Man

Wow! I didn't expect this. Congratulations on a complete game Cougars. Many players were involved. I think that the biggest improvement I see this year is the play of Matt Carlino. He is not forcing his shots like he did last year. He seems much more composed and plays within himself. He doesn't seem to be trying to prove himself. He is just playing the game, and playing it well. I hope this continues. Go Cougars!

Northern, UT

I thought that Pac-12 teams were a level above all competition. I thought that when you play Pac-12 teams you have to play your best game and have everything go right...just to stay in the game since it is a Pac-12 game. I mean, after all, there is a certain area of UT that is designated as Pac-12 Country where you have to step up to enter. Hmmm? How confusing that a Pac-12 team could get beat is such a way.

However it is nice to see that BYU has two more games against this incredible high level of competition...well, really, it is one exhibition game and then one more game against Oregon.

Richmond, VA

Didn't see the game but love the result! This is exactly the best antidote to the venom from the haters any time. When we win, the haters can trash us all they want and it won't hurt. Can't wait to see the rebroadcast of the game on BYUtv. Life is good when all BYU sports are either on the ESPN network or on BYUtv.

Go Cougars! Go Utes! Go Aggies!

Surfers Paradise, AU

the prestigious conference of champions falls to the WCC...say it isn't so.

Ute Vet
West Valley, UT

I am still confused how a game where 215 points were scored is not on national news. It is not like Duke blowing out a little bitty school, the score would not be close to 215 points scored anyeway more like 103-30 affair, but two D1 schools playing a terrific game? It was a game televised on ESPN2, but ignored by espn.com? Really!? I know it is not a record, but in modern basketball it was one awesome game.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Nice win!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Funny that most "fans" can't comment on what a great game their team played, instead they must bring in that huge chip on their shoulders.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I love playing Pac-Man. Go Cougars!

Frisco, TX

Loved the Cougs offense, but need some work on defense. I hate the new rules for fouls. I bet the average NCAA score will increase by 10+ this year and games will be 30 minutes longer because of the rules.

I knew Haws, Carlino and Collinsworth would be good and carry the load; but they are playing better than expected - especially Carlino.

Mika is the best freshman I have seen at BYU in a couple of decades. Better than Davies, Haws or Collinsworth who were all very good.

Austin has improved nicely since last year. Winder is looking great behind the arc. Worthington and Bartley are solid freshmen who will provide valuable minutes and improve for next year.

The team is better and deeper than I expected, and there are no seniors. The present and future are bright.

Palo Alto, CA

Congratulations Cougars and a great, NCAA resume-building win. Fun game to watch with a great BYU crowd on hand. BYU is already showing signs of being a much better team this year than last. More scorers, more options, better composure on the road against tough competition.


Chris B

"I'm looking forward to a very average Pac 12 team handling the 2nd best team in the West Coast Conference."

If Stanford, picked to finish 6th in the PAC 12, is a "very average team", where does that leave Utah, picked to finish 9th?

The truth is, the Utes will be lucky to finish with a winning conference record, and the only reason they'll have any chance at all of breaking .500 overall, is because Utah plays a complete cupcake of an OOC schedule - BYU and BSU are the only decent opponents Utah plays until January.


Barely a week into the season and BYU already has two wins versus RPI Top 51 teams.

#33 BYU
#38 Weber State
#51 Stanford
#54 Utah Valley
#123 Utah State
#142 Southern Utah
#142 Utah

Surfers Paradise, AU

ETB, aren't you a little hypocritical in your comments? Your schick has always kick BYU when they were down.

Provo, UT

Great win for the Cougars. But I just have to say, I've never been more frustrated with a player than I am with "Matty Basketball" Carlino. He's a half and half mix of brilliant and disastrous. If he could clean up five or six of the horrible decisions he makes per game, I think he could be an elite player. But as it is, he is just shy of one bad mistake for every good thing he does. I'm getting seasick from the wild swings back and forth!

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