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Published: Monday, Nov. 11 2013 3:20 p.m. MST

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Christopher B
Ogden, UT


"So you and others can degrade it?"

So we can question it and discuss its merits. You'd better believe, as I've stated previously, that if you and your missionaires come to my door year after year trying to convert me, that I'm going to ask all the questions I want and learn all I could before I ever joined a church.

And yes, when a group keeps trying to convert me, but refuses to tell me everything they believe in, that is a big red flag.

Tooele, UT

@Chris B

You asked - "Why would going to a new country or increasing another million necessitate changing the temple actions?"

There wasn't space to explain this more previously. My point was, as the church has grown, our critics have equally found a greater audience. Films and pamphlets have been produced given detail after detail of the temple endowment ceremony (something which I suspect you know already). I don't know if this is the main reason why the brethren have chosen to tweak the temple endowment ceremony every so often, but to be honest, it isn't that important to me.

If someone I knew was investigating the LDS Church and had sincere concerns about the temple, I would not simply say, "It's sacred so we can't talk about it." I would gladly answer there concerns as best as possible. I would explain that, like baptism, the temple endowment is a gate toward our ultimate goal of eternal life. I would explain my own experience going through the temple and that I have experienced many moments of great spiritual strength from going back to it whenever I can.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


I agree that much of the information is on the internet, but that still doesn't answer why the Mormon church would change it? If its true and correct, its true and correct, right? If God wanted it that way, God wants it that way.

Why would someone exposing it on the internet change the "truth" of it? Sure, its no longer a secret, but are you saying the truthfulness is upheld only in its secrecy?

Why would the publicizing of it impact in any way shape or form the truthfulness of it? Besides, the current temple information is again found on the internet. So should it be completely re-done again?

I don't see any connection between it being available to outsiders and the truthfulness/correctness of it?

Frisco, TX


I am going to ask you one question with a follow up. Do you have anything in you life that you feel is so special to you that this one thing is not going to be shared by the world for it to make fun of or possibly tear apart? If you do then maybe you can understand the importance of the Temple and why only through purification can you enter the doors as with King Soloman's Temple in the Old Testament and even then not all could enter with out the purification process. This is why we have recommends and we remain faithful to our covenants from our baptism to the time we enter the Temple. God expects this of us and our garment is our way of remembering those very special covenants that we made on what we believe to be very sacred ground. Trying to prove to you or the world is not our way, you have to prove it to yourself, read the Book of Mormon, pray about it faithfully, if you feel you don't have an answer yet do it over again have faith that you will.

Maryville, MO

The temple and its ordinances are not secret, that is a total myth and one promagated by those who think because they can't enter that something evil is taking place. The temple is a place of higher learning and the garments are sacred in that they remind us of the sacred covenants we take upon ourselves. It takes years to understand the meaning and the ordinances of the temple. President David O. McKay stated late in his life when meeting with the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve, "that I'm finally beginning to understanding the ordinances of the temple." To request the same for someone who doesn't believe would be completely assine. If you want to really gain an understanding it is up to you to gain that knowledge. We've provided the answers to you that you need to know. If you don't like then the one you need to ask isn't a member but the Lord himself. It is Jesus Christ that has decided who will be allowed in his house. It is Jesus Christ who questions the faithful on their worthiness to enter, through is designated representative.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B

Perhaps your history proceeds you and knowing how you mock everything you either don't want to understand or you don't agree with people would be reluctant to share with you. If you don't want to learn sacred truths I would wish you a better day and leave you in your happiness.

Here is an answer to your one point: God does change how he relates to people according to their needs and attitudes. He will speak as a man face to face as he did with Moses who was a man without guile. He won't talk to someone who doesn't want to hear from him unless it suits God.
How God relates to man changes all the time.
If you want to know why the Temple ceremony changed, look at how the people changed that necessitated the change. The part you are referring changed due to the people no longer needing that reminder.
Hope that cleared that up for you.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

If your beliefs and rituals are so fragile as to fall apart when scrutinized, then how sacred and "of god" can they possibly be?

Only if you are NOT afraid of the truth can you find it.

All the secretiveness (passed off as "sacredness") manifests fear. Of what are you afraid? That someone might actually open your eyes to the absurdity and silliness of what you believe in?

west valley, UT

We as lds faith have been counseled not to cast our pearls before the swine, as directed by the savior.

Greeley, CO

@The Scientist
I'm sorry, but that's funny. I'm not worried about anybody knowing anything about what goes on in the temple because nothing about it is embarrassing in the least. It is a beautiful place where I feel the Spirit and complete ordinances for those that have passed on before. The need to keep "secret" has nothing to do with embarrassment or any need to hide anything. It has all been out there for over 100 years but we are still not going to talk about specifics outside of the temple. Nothing shocking goes on, nor did anything shocking happen before changes were made. As to changes - yes, our church believes in continuing revelation. Some may say in response "How convenient." It actually is quite convenient in that God can continue to give revelation line upon line and precept on precept as the needs of His children continue to change.

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