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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 12 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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E Sam
Provo, UT

Hmm. And how do you rate the apologies offered by conservatives who compared the ACA to slavery, or insisted it included 'Death Panels,' or who compared it to the Holocaust? Were you satisfied with the sincerity of those apologies?
No? Oh, I know why! They never happened! Telling monstrous huge whoppers is fine. Slightly overselling a program that's going to help millions of people? Catastrophe!

high school fan
Huntington, UT

Do you the shortened version was put out there due to the election instead of people being dumbed down. This was a purposeful lie and nothing more.
President Kennedy early in his presidency stated "I'm the President, I should know." Obama would have been wise to have adopted that early on instead of his lack of knowledge on so many issues.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

Conservatives find no action by the President is too small to attack. Now the conservative press is criticizing him for an apology!

No wonder Obama was re-elected, the opposition has lost all credibility by crying wolf way to often!

Ogden, UT

No admitance that he lied just that he was sorry the people misunderstood. Obama thinks if he likes his lies he can keep his lies. He has told so many and gotten away with it, lying has become second nature.

Las Vegas, NV

Lying to cover-up previous lies - that's how liberal world work. We just fortunate enough to see it unfold in front of our tv. It's very entertaining

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

@E Sam - Apologies are something conservatives ask of other, not something they partake of.
In a google search I couldn't find any apologies by conservatives only their demanding other to apologize to them or someone else like- "Norquist: Defunders Owe Conservatives an Apology"

Liberal Larry nailed it.
The sorry state of affairs is the republican/tea/neocon/radio party who are so splintered and dysfunctional that the daily conspiracy theories, semantics arguments, and misinformation make the head spin.

So Katy....who's on first?

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

E SAM: Death panels are a reality. How do you think they are going to cut the costs for older people? Political decisions will be made by panels, maybe even Sibelius, just as she made the decision to not allow the 11 year old to be in line for an adult lung. Fortunately, a court overturned her decision. But she came between the Dr and his patient.

BTW, even 0bama told a woman that it might be better for her mother to have a pill instead of having surgery because of her age. So he told us that someone else will be making decisions besides the Dr and their patient.
I don't want the Drs working for the gov. I want them working for me.

Orem, UT

E Sam: There are two recent political battles in which calls of "disaster" and "end of the world" were loudly proclaimed by one side - the sequester fight in which the Democrats assured everyone that the "deep cuts" would doom America, and the funding of the ACA in which the Republicans tried to convince average Americans that Obamacare would be a huge mistake.

So far, the sequester has been in effect for almost a year with very little disruption and Obamacare is a huge mess even though it is barely out of the gate.

Exactly, who owes who an appology?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Fairness requires that charging the President with knowingly misleading the public must be substantiated with verifiable facts. To do anything less leaves the charge wide open to suspicions of being a fabrication. That has unfortunately come to characterize political discourse in this country.

Let’s hold everyone to higher standards, including columnists and pundits who are all too eager to share their unhesitant wisdom via public media.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Who do you believe makes those decisions now?
Let me fill you in, it's someone who receives bonuses based on how many people they can deny coverage to for any reason, and increase the (caring corporations) profits.

Radio misinformation please educate yourself: Her parents sued to change a national transplant policy that put her at the bottom of the adult list for patients 12 and older. After the federal judge intervened, the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network – the private nonprofit group that manages U.S. organ allocation – added Sarah to the adult list. The Policy was enacted in 1984. (Obama must of been planning way ahead on this conspiracy, huh?)

"I don't want the Drs working for the gov. I want them working for me."
So you don't believe that someone else is making decisions besides the Dr and their patient now?
Like say, the insurance company and their bottom line, you know the one who makes bonuses rejecting lifesaving treatments, because ten years ago you didn't cross a t and dot an i?

Cedar Hills, UT

It is so darn hard for the hardened Washington media to say a discouraging word against the man they nearly worship. Mr Parker got some things right but she also let Barack off the hook in an almost laughable way as well. Sort of like finding out something really bad about a sports hero whom you have followed for years...the words just sort of get stuck in the throat. She says "some consent to regret is better than none, I suppose, but the ultimate test of an apology is whether it results in restored trust. It isn't at all clear that Obama accomplished this with his exclusive, one-on-one interview." It isn't all the clear?? Say what? What isn't clear? The ONLY clear thing is that no one trusts this dishonest man with anything!

Barack Obama is a hardened, corrupt, Chicago politician...a man with NO HONOR...a man who lives in a bubble of self conceived grandeur. Lying isn't a big deal for Barack - really. Did his lies hurt millions of Americans? Yes - badly. Does he care ? Nope. Did he care about the dead Navy Seals in Benghazi? Nope.

Salt Lake City, UT

Republicans lie all the time about Obamacare (they say it'd increase the deficit but it's their repeal bill that'd increase the deficit, gov't takeover except it's a private marketplace without even having a public option, they say there are death panels when really it has funding to compensate doctors for discussing end of life options/living wills...), but do they have to apologize? Nope. Hannity's special showed three pairs of people who are "harmed" by Obamacare. One straight up lied (doesn't have enough employees to be affected) and the others thought their rates would skyrocket when it turns out there are plans on the exchange that are just as good as their previous insurance or better at either similar or cheaper cost (one didn't even look at the exchange, just spouted the Republican talking point that rates would go up). Any apologies or corrections from Hannity? Of course not. Lying only matters when Democrats do it.

And yes, it really was just an oversimplification. "You can keep your insurance if the insurance company still offers it and it maintains basic levels of care" isn't an effective slogan.

Phoenix, AZ

@E Sam:
"And how do you rate the apologies offered by conservatives who compared the ACA to slavery, or insisted it included 'Death Panels'..."

Death panels are a part of Obamacare. Barack Hussein Obama already told us so in so many words... 'seniors who have serious health problems should just go home and take a painkiller' or words to that effect.

@high school fan:

Huntington, UT
"This was a purposeful lie and nothing more."

We see in the Koran that lying is OK where it furthers your goals. So people should stop moaning.

@liberal larry:
"Now the conservative press is criticizing him for an apology!"

An apology would be great provided he doesn't lie while making it... which is not the case.

"No wonder Obama was re-elected, the opposition has lost all credibility by crying wolf way to often!"

He got reelected for a number of shady reasons including amnesty for illegals which gave him the Hispanic vote. And in doing so, violated immigration laws... for which he should be impeached. But no. He has too many friends in high places who wink at and condone lying and illegal conduct.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

"Barack Obama is a hardened, corrupt, Chicago politician..."
or is he a "inexperienced community organizer?"

"a man with NO HONOR...a man who lives in a bubble of self conceived grandeur." or a weak apologist?...and typing in all caps is a sure sign of truth?

"Lying isn't a big deal for Barack - really." Self proclaimed mind reader now?

"Did his lies hurt millions of Americans? Yes - badly." or No since you cite no reference or subject on how, when, where?

"Does he care ? Nope." I think he does care, even though it was not his doing because he cares about Americans in general, not just the wealthy and corporations. See I too can impose my answers for Obama, Doesn't mean it's true though.

"Did he care about the dead Navy Seals in Benghazi? Nope."
Now you want to compare deaths as a result lies? Lets open the last administrations big book of lies, and I dare you to come up with a conservative apology for those thousands of lives lost.

Speaking of lives lost in battle, what branch of the service did a self proclaimed patriot like yourself participate?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Death panels are a part of Obamacare. "

You do realize that private insurance companies have panels that determine what care gets covered too right? ALL insurance has this, otherwise literally everything would be covered. What you are calling a "death panel" is a part of every single insurance provider. Now... which type of panel do you trust more, one with the profit motive looking to cut costs, or one without the profit motive? Oh right... I forgot, there's no public option in Obamacare. You see Obamacare doesn't actually have a gov't run "death panel" because there's no gov't option, it just has a panel which tells insurance companies which things they have to cover (you know, like maternity care and contraception). The "death panels" in Obamacare denying coverage are actually the "death panels" the private insurance company has because they're the ones you have insurance through so it's the company that would choose what not to cover, not Obamacare.

The only gov't run "death panels" are those with Medicare and Medicaid and various other gov't plans. The ones in the Obamacare exchange... those are private insurance "death panels".

Salt Lake City, UT

"We see in the Koran"

I'd say that referencing the Koran with respect to Obama is a lie in itself since Obama is not a Muslim, but it's hard to differentiate between someone lying and someone being... unintentionally factually incorrect (that's as nice a way as I can put it).

"He got reelected for a number of shady reasons including amnesty for illegals which gave him the Hispanic vote"

That's not shady. Though your comment is more evidence to my belief that you all would call Reagan a Progressive or at least a RINO if he were alive today.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Obamacare is going to work well. You go to a marketplace with dozens of providers, you comparison-shop, you choose what works best for you. If you really can't afford what you and your kids need, you'll get some help. If you don't like what you've got, go buy something better. I love it.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Irony Guy

You must have fallen down a rabbit hole into the Wonderland to believe the unending stream of lies that is Obamacare. Think for a moment - if the web site is this bad then how bad is the law itself? Both were overseen by the same people. The biggest fear I have for America is not the corrupt leaders but the clueless people who seem to want to allow others to think for them.

Salt Lake City, UT

"if the web site is this bad then how bad is the law itself?"

If that logic applied, then that would require you believe that somehow Obamacare is good in Kentucky, Oregon, or New York (where their Obamacare website they set up themselves works just fine) whereas Obamacare is bad only in the states with the federal website. I'm pretty sure you don't think Obamacare is good in states where the only difference is that the website was designed by the states just because their Obamacare website is working.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Irony Guy,

"Obamacare is going to work well...."

I expect it to eventually work well. What’s being neglected in the discussion is that the ACA is breaking new ground and it should come as no surprise that it’s off to a shaky start. I expected normal glitches for something this ambitious that’s never been done before, something its most determined opponents fought tooth and nail to keep from ever being done.

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