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Published: Sunday, Nov. 10 2013 3:30 p.m. MST

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Surf is Up
Miami, FL

Elmer,all I said is that BYU matters more than most games. We are flattered.

Why not go back to 1970, which is the commonly accepted starting point of what is known as the Common Era of College Football (when helmets were not made of leather and the forward pass was not frowned upon as a gimmick). And the years before that, when U really dominated, BYU was pretty much a DivII school. Yes you you must be proud of that.

So you can claim what you want to help you sleep at night. But you'd better make alternate plans as to what you will be watching during bowl season.

In summary: BYU is still more relevant that utah on the national stage and it drives U mad.

Crow tastes just like chicken.It also tastes like wabbit. But I'm sure you already know that Elmer.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ Surf is Up

The modern era began in 1970? According to who?...Cougar board? Since BYU has such a terrible history before LaVell Edwards became your coach. I don't blame you for trying to erase that part of history and pretending it never happened.

The modern era of college football began in 1998 when the BCS was formed not 1970. College Football has changed since the 70's. By the way, the leather helmets started fading away in the 1940's when plastic helmets started taking over. If your basing the modern era of college football based on the helmets players wear. Then you have to trace back the modern era back to the 1940's. Utah would still dominate BYU.

Now your claiming BYU was terrible before 1970 because BYU was pretty much a Division II school. BYU has been in the same conference as Utah since 1922. It's just Utah and Colorado dominated their conference. But if it helps you sleep at night, go ahead and believe that.

BYU is just as relevant as Utah because neither team is making any noise nationally.

Only you would know what crow tastes like eh, Surfer boy? I only hunt ducks. bwhahaha.

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