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Published: Sunday, Nov. 10 2013 1:20 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

I don't think you guys get it. Golden State and the Clippers CHANGED their cultures after years of working hard to do it. Blake Griffin didn't change the culture of the Clippers. He was only one small piece of the puzzle and his culture changing role was no more significant than getting free agent Chris Paul or, for that matter, Caron Butler. Butler may not be around to enjoy the fruits of his effort but he helped change them from losing laughingstocks to feared competitors.

The other irony in your comments is that I hear this chorus of "we don't want to just make the playoffs, we want to compete for championships." Well maybe you should bring up the Warriors and Clippers when they are competing for championships instead of getting knocked out the playoffs in the early rounds. Maybe you should bring them up when there is something more on their resume than preseason picks to compete. Maybe you should use them as examples when they get to where you say you want the Jazz to be: in the NBA finals or at least the conference finals. Until then, your examples reek of Kool-Aid.

Tokyo, Japan


aren't the golden state warriors competing for a championship right now? with that loaded roster?...did you think the clippers worked hard to do it?...and you are correct that they Changed....but...what were the latest changes? a new coach for the warriors....and CP3 to the clippers...they have a budding legit star in Curry for warriors...and they signed one in CP3....we dont have that right now....the ownership might night say it out loud but the writing is on the wall...they were willing to lose the season to get a player who has superstar potential in Wiggins and Parker...i am sure that we aren't going to land a superstar anytime soon...and i am not sure we will be able to keep our players...that is why we have cap flexibility...in case we dont get a sure fire star...and if their assessment of the core group wasnt up to expectations...they could remedy it by signing players....so i really dont get the fuss about the team losing...because i really dont expect much from the group as i know this will be a growing year...

Tokyo, Japan


in the past 5-10 years i think we reached the conference finals....Deron Boozer Memo AK47...we had a losing season when we traded for Deron during draft day....we signed Boozer i guess a season or 2 before that....any of that ring a bell?...and then Deron didnt actual commit to Utah...and the brass felt he was leaving...so they started a rebuild...we are playoff bound that year till the trade...we got a 3rd pick Favors in return...and another 3rd pick in Kanter...got burks...got burke...and at 0-8 have position in a draft class as good and deep as the draft class of lebron...so....i dont know...where are you getting at...i did agree with you that having a losing franchise could demoralize a team...don't you think the cavs would reach the finals if they didnt try to get lebron with the 1st pick?...what about the heat with wade? and getting Shaq?....and what were we doing back then? patching up the roster since we lost boozer and picked up Al...that was a patch job not an improvement

South Jordan, UT

Kakashi: I'm confused by your circular logic. GS and LAC changed their cultures but you want to remove the 16 steps they took from the analysis and focus only on their last hire. Doc can't win with losing teams any more than any other coach. His hire augmented the culture change, it wasn't the complete substance of it.

GS and LAC did not make their cultural change solely through the draft. Blake Griffin would still be playing on Clipper teams that are missing the playoffs if it wasn't for Chris Paul.

A culture change happens over time. It is an elemental change in philosophy, attitude, and expectations.

A positive culture change means the team steps on the court expecting to win no matter who they are playing. It is when other teams fear playing you instead of looking forward to it. It is confidence in yourself but, more importantly, confidence in your teammates, your coach, and your front office.

A negative culture change is the opposite.

Do you really think LAC had a bad culture the day before Vinny was fired and a good culture the day Doc was hired? It doesn't work like that.

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