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Published: Sunday, Nov. 10 2013 8:15 a.m. MST

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Riverton, UT

Why are all these people complaining about Judge Recruiting players all over the state. They have been doing it for 40 years. And they haven't won the State Championship in 30 years. They don't have an advantage, if it was giving them an advantage they would have a heck of alot more championships in thier trophy case. Go Diggers

JM Fan
Murray, UT

Judge does not recruit kids to play football. They do not scholarship. There is financial aide available. Write a check for $9,000 a year and you can be "recruited". Judge is a college prep school for Catholics and others. Football is not the priority. Ask the Principal.

Utah is a unique state when it comes to high schools. Most of the mid size schools are small town schools. Which is why JM and JD do not fit. Agree that they should both be 4A for non -football. The issue with football is that they do not have the numbers, at least in the case of JM. Freshman football had less then 20 players.

Do not like 3A and 3AA by the way - dumb.

Mtn Tracker
Ephraim, UT

You continue to amaze me. I'm not informed? Google Utah High School Enrollment. Let's see if you can figure it out. JD total enrollment 662. Judge total enrollment 863. You said yourself in another article there were vast differences between urban an rural schools. I make that point here and you argue with me. Just curious how old you are, 12 maybe 14?

Short Bus
Manti has never been the largest 2A school. When Manti went back to 2A a couple years ago Richfield and Emery went 2A also. Both schools were bigger. Richfield is still more than 100 students bigger. Manti has since grown larger than Emery. I feel the new 3A classification is the tightest in the state. Only a 400 student difference. To bad the UHSAA only looks at enrollment as their criteria. No public boundary type school will ever feel there's a fair playing field when we play a school like JD or Judge. You can disagree all you want, it doesn't matter. No one from Manti has ever complained about #'s. It's not #'s, it's recruiting.

Ephraim, UT

For those who think Manti is complaining about having to play a larger school, please realize that the majority of us Manti fans are not complaining about who we're playing for the championship. We understand that because of our enrollment, we will constantly be moving in the different classifications. With that being said, we look forward to playing in another championship game, regardless of who our opponent is. Good luck to both teams, we're hoping for a great game!

scrappy do

Mr. Tracker

I believe JD is prob at least 800 kids 9-12th.. Me thinks your stats are from 2005. I have inside information so you can bank on it

Salt Lake, UT

@ Mtn Tracker

According to the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake that oversees and runs the catholic school system enrollement numbers for 2012-13 are JD 841 and Judge 757. I believe Manti's enrollement is 608.

From my understanding the 3A classifications is enrollement from 500 to 999 which means (excluding football) Manti plays DOWN to 2A and Judge plays UP to 4A.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is disturbing to see people make up lies, in an attempt to create a no lose situation for Manti. First of all Judge has never recruited for football. My son and many others are great players on the team and we only wish we got scholarships for having great athletes. Instead we pay to send our kids to Judge (current enrollment right around 600 students) for the education and the amazing preparation the students receive for college. 97% of Judge Memorial students go on to college.

As far as football goes, I think the saying goes, "Even the sun shines on a dog's 'behind' once in a while." It just so happens that an amazing group of football players are at Judge right now. I won't be surprised if they take state for the next 3 years. And maybe Judge goes back into hibernation for another 30 years. It's like the 2004 and 2008 University of Utah football teams. I don't think anyone thinks the U of U is a national powerhouse, but they were awesome those 2 seasons.

Salt Lake City, UT

And anyone who thinks a school of around 600 students should compete in football against schools with 2000 students, knows nothing about football.

podunk utah

I would say Onetime is on the money for enrollment at the two schools and remember that is 9-12. I think the UHSAA uses 10-12 enrollment numbers when they are trying to figure this all out

CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT

OneTime.... Actually I don't have any facts at all that they recruit, but really? If you can you will I don't care who it is. All I'm saying is that there's a reason that just about every other state has different classifications for Private and public schools. I'm not saying at all that Judge doesn't play by the rules, but when you look at it, it seems to be an unfair advantage. Now doesn't look like Judge has guys who can recruit very well or they'd win more, but if they had someone who knew what they were doing you can't tell me that wouldn't be an unfair advantage. Just don't play it off as if it doesn't mean anything because you know it does, now your coaches may not do a very good job with that advantage but it's still there. Oh by the way Short Bus Manti's was never the biggest 2A school, and none of what's said has anything to do with numbers. Bottom line this should be a really good game, the team that wins will have to play really well.

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