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Published: Saturday, Nov. 9 2013 11:55 p.m. MST

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Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

Not to worry as the Y will load up on more Wasatch players next year and start all over again with their excuses when playing the "Big Boys."

Mcallen, TX

@Dixie Dan:

So, how many tackles did you make today?

Idaho Falls, ID

When BYU is able to control the line of scrimmage like the Wisconsins of the world - they will win on the big stage. They are close, but not quite there. They have an excellent chance of beating Notre Dame after the ISU scrimmage, so they have one more shot at the big stage.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm confused how playing a Big 10 team ranked 21st in the nation is "The Big Stage". When BYU beats an SEC Team ranked in the top 25....let me know. Until then (which has never happened) BYU is just another mid major.

Roll Tide Roll...

Roy, UT

It seems one missing ingredient for Y is an imaginative, creative game plan. An example might be use of the wildcat to win their game by Utah State. Much of football is deception, mis-direction, keeping the other team guessing. Wisconsin seemed to know what was coming from the Cougars all game long. Coach Mendenhall is great in so many ways, but his teams rarely take risks or attempt new things, and against a team like Wisconsin, such is needed to win the game.

Danbury, CT

A pathetic effort by the BYU coaching staff to prepare the team for this game. BYU was out-coached in almost every facet of the game. It's apparent when playing a program like Wisconsin how much difference it makes when a head coach acts like a real head coach - hires and puts the best people in place of his offense and defense and expects top performance out of them. Bronco's biggest problem is he hasn't made the jump to HC - he still thinks he's coaching defense (not his job) and has asked a few others to take over the offense which he doesn't understand. Anae will never be a good OC.

Look at how Andersen has made the leap - he has an excellent staff, great discipline, their guys were totally pumped up and WANTED this win. I've never seen a BYU squad step on the field in a matchup of this level and EXPECT to win.

wj, UT

The defense did their job, offense was not up for the task

salt lake city, UT

I really think this whole bye week thing actually stopped what BYU was doing, their momentum stopped to prepare two weeks or so for a Anderson Wisconsin, just like 2 weeks to prepare for UTAH. As a UTE fan I was really shocked by the outcome I had BYU losing but not like this, No Offense and the Defense kicked a clawed the whole game. It sucks for the fact that this year of any was the year with this hard schedule for the Y. But being 6-3 isn't bad I think, but is it? winning most of them against weak opponents?

Austin Coug
Pflugerville, TX

Wisconsin was the better team. Their execution was nearly flawless and they looked very comfortable all game long. Wisconsin brought their A game and are better than their record.

Salt Lake City, UT

I wouldn't say Wisconsin stole anything. Their offensive and defensive fronts earned it!

Centerville, UT


Sorry. Not everybody has the kind of money (or ethics) to buy the kind of talent it takes to compete with the SEC.

Sandy, UT

BYU shouldn't be ashamed at all. Except for the one game with ASU that the referees took from them, Wisconsin has been one touchdown away from a perfect season this year. Better refereeing and one less mistake, and they would have beat Ohio State and been ranked much higher. They're for real, but mess up at too many crucial moments. Good job BYU, though.

Cheyenne, WY

Congrats to the Utes and cougs
New Sagarin has Utah as the toughest schedule with BYU's Tenth. That is pretty impressive.
I hope both these teams make bowl games, truth is Wisconsin is good and it was at camp Randall Wisconsin wore BYU's D down, the offense was not on the field long enough. Wisconsin has 2 NFL runningbacks and BYU had a chance to make it a 3 point game in the end.
I think Utah is being really respectable and are the highest rated 5 loss team.
BYU lost to Wisconsin but they have beaten a lot of quality opponents this year. 5 of their top 6 victories are to Sagarin Top 40 teams and 2 of their losses are top 30.
Congrats to both Utah schools

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

The last mid major to shake things up in Wisconsin was coached by Gary A. As a side note, Hill is Keeton.

Idaho Falls, ID

"The defense did their job, offense was not up for the task."

Nope. Not this time. Allowing 425 yards is not doing your job. Both the offense and the defense can take blame for this loss, although I put most of it on coaching. They had us scouted very well and seemed to be in our playbook. And the coach failed to make any adjustments in a timely manner.

When you are outmanned physically, playing conservatively just ain't gonna work. Running on 3rd and long and getting stuffed every time, and punting twice on short fields, one of which was late in the game with a 17 point defecit to make up? seriously?

The offensive line continues to show lack of discipline and killing drives. Again, this is a coaching problem.
Also why did it take the coaches so long to figure out that our best chance of getting back into the game was to get the ball in the hands of our playmaker--Hoffman?

Upsets happen when the winning team takes big chances against a better team (and make no mistake, Wisconsin IS a better team). Bronco doesn't seem to understand that.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

How about let Taysom Hill do all the calling and leave RA at the hotel against ND? What do you think? And this 4th and 9 at midfield 4th qtr, BM made a bad move by kicking. It didn't mattered because I wasn't sure we would pull this ONE at the beginning of the game. How about BM step down and stay at Defense and recuiting HC protocal. and hoping that Kyle Whittingham get fired and Tom Holmoe would hire him as HC!

St. George, UT

Wisc is probably a top 10 team in my eyes. I think they are getting screwed in the polls. BYU competed with them and I would say that BYU could compete with all top 25 teams and beat majority of them. Its a great day to be a cougar fan. I feel confident going into every game.

Go Cougs

HS Sport Dude
Salt Lake City, UT

@A1994....you know the saying about excuses. Lack of talent.....slow skill position players....years and years of playing in the WAC and MW......and lack of access to true top level athletes is what keeps BYU a middle of the road team. I know many love to look back on the big 1984 season but really.....BYU did not a beat a single team that finished in the top 20. Their big bowl win was against the 5th place Big 10 Michigan team that was missing their quarterback and they still had a very tight game.

The BCS was developed to stop a BYU 1984 false NC....and it has worked. BYU has yet to play in a BCS Bowl Game and will have to have two consecutive undefeated seasons to play for a NC. The system works. Best teams that play the best competition and win against the best are rewarded. Perfect.

Roll Tide!!!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

@HS S D, really, if we did win two consecutive undefeated seasons to play for a NC? I doubt that maybe or nill to none if we win three consecutive years. And are you referring to Bama with your Roll Tide?

Just beat ND, Go BYU Cougars!

Anaheim, CA

HS Sport Dude

More delusional spin from a BYU hater.

Utah's 2004 regular season wasn't even as good as BYU's 1984 regular season, yet you never hear crimson-glasses wearing Utah fans apologizing for busting the BCS with a weak schedule.

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