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Published: Saturday, Nov. 9 2013 8:30 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

I really like the running play calls....NOT

Everett, WA

Taysom for Heisman!

West Point , UT

Anae calls a great misdirection run play and then a QB draw on 3rd & 13...makes no sense what he does some times. It's frustrating. Offensively BYU is moving the ball but then does nothing when they're deep in Wisconsin territory. Still a lot of work to do offensively.

west jordan , UT

down by 17 start of the 4th this game is over. BYU will be 8-4 for the season and will hopefully win their bowl game.

Washington, UT


Problem isn't play calling. UW owns the line of scrimmage. End of story...unless Hill gets some protection in the pocket, can set his feet and can throw to his big receivers.

South Jordan, Utah

Still a lot of work to offensively AND defensively AND with special teams. This team really isn't that good and doesn't compete very well when matched against a good team.

South Jordan, Utah

You want to know why Utah is hands down the best team in Utah: 1) 70 yard punt 2) consistently punts downed within the 10 yard line 3) 51 yard field goal, 4) great defense and 5) regardless of the opponent, they don't lose at home. BYU's defense is good, but not great. Special teams are anything but.

From a lifelong BYU fan, it isn't hard to recognize why Utah is the best team in the state of Utah.

BYU losing to Virginia, Utah, and now Wisconsin shows that we are middle of the pack (maybe a little better), at best, but definitely not elite (and haven't been for decades).

Frustrating day.


So... BYU starts off the season losing, the fans whine (fire bronco, bench taysom etc.) BYU then plays a bunch of cream puffs, BYU is now so improved, Bronco is an amazing coach, Taysom for heisman!! Sound familiar to anyone? Finally they are playing a formidable opponent at the end of the season to send them back to reality unlike 2011,2012.

Centerville, UT

It's Wisconsin at Camp Randall. BYU played about as well as most teams that will go there this year. This is about what I expected. A win would have been nice, but not a bad showing at all.

Overton, NV

Wisconsin had only given up 16 points in 4 games at home this year, according to the stat ESPN just showed. I suppose we should consider it a moral victory that BYU has scored more than that in this one game.

Wisconsin is a good team and is very tough at home. Might this game have been different in Provo, or on a neutral field? Who knows, but the Badgers dominated today.

Defensively, BYU showed the same flaws we've seen all season: they go too conservative on third and long, they don't cover the underneath stuff, and they commit too early with their line backers so they aren't in position to fill the holes on the run game.

Of course, it doesn't help that the refs just picked up the third flag that should have been a penalty in BYU's favor. Two PIs and a helmet-to-helmet hit waved off.

Washington, UT

Well, I think we can now assess BYU and Taysom Hill. Hill has some game, but not enough to carry BYU and offset a weak and ineffective O line. As a whole, this team just isn't that good and clearly the loss to Utah was no fluke. This O line just can't handle a physical front and isn't ready for prime time. Should take lessons from Andersen's O line.

South Jordan, Utah

The inability of BYU's defense to prevent the touchdown right before the end of the first half is why we lost this game. As much hype as this defense gets, I really don't think they are that good.

Provo, UT

Sometimes the better team wins.

West Point , UT

What is wrong with our coaching staff? You're in FG range with 31 seconds. You kick the FG and try an onside kick. But no, what do they do? Run the ball, essentially giving up. Ridiculous.

Lehi, UT

Everyone was singing Taysom Hill's praises too soon; I held out because I know he hasn't been tested enough - or yet. He needs to stay in the pocket then step up and pass instead of the irresistible itch to run! Add to that the poor play calling by hmmm... Anae, BYU may end up with one more win at home.

Overton, NV

BYU has a 20-something ranked SOS. Remember that the next time you claim that they have played a bunch of "cream puffs." I'm sure Texas, Houston, Georgia Tech, and Boise State would take exception to being referred to in that light.

BYU went on the road and got smacked down by a better team. I'm not ashamed of that. It isn't often that you play a team that you don't have any chance at, but today was one of those days. Wisconsin was just too good.

Roy, UT

Cougars won 5 in a row, played a great Wisconsin team, no shame in losing by 10. The O-Line is always the key to Taysom Hill, Williams running well, etc....it all starts with them, they have to pass protect, have to run block, or nothing gets done.

West Point , UT

Well said. Wisconsin is better than half the teams in the top 10 right now. Tip the hat to them...only loss was a close heartbreaker to ohio state...I'm not including the ASU loss because no one else counts that against them either.

Idaho Falls, ID

BYU will be fine when its o-line controls the line of scrimmage. Until then BYU will compete but lose against teams like Wisconsin.

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

Sometimes the better team wins.

And the Cougs didn't blow a 19-7 second-half lead!

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