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Jury convicts Martin MacNeill of drowning his wife in bathtub

Published: Saturday, Nov. 9 2013 1:20 a.m. MST

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Juries almost always do the right thing.

San Diego
Orem, UT

He probably committed the murder but from the information in the media I did not think the prosecution proved this beyond a reasonable doubt. The inmates' testimonies must have been more convincing in person to the jury than the reports in the media.

San Antonia, TX

That is just one more good reason to NOT have plastic surgery!

Girls, you are beautiful without surgery.

Thank you Jury for making the right decision.

Kaysville, UT

As a fairly new resident of Utah, I have been surprised at the number of men that kill their wives instead of divorcing them when they have affairs. Adultery and murder seem to be linked somehow, it reminds me of King David. This gross destruction is a very disturbing trend that law enforcement needs to pay attention to and women need to protect themselves from. And men, seriously, you know better. You don't need to destroy your family, your wife or your own life. If you must get out, be man enough to take the legal route and the consequences. Best wishes to the McNeil children as they heal and rebuild.

Somewhere in Time, UT

This guy deserves everything he gets. He has been living a life of lies for many years. I'm so happy for her children.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Juries also make mistakes. That's why we've had hundreds of convictions reversed when analysis of DNA later showed that the person they convicted was factually innocent. That doesn't mean the jury was wrong here, but we need to remember that juries are not infallible which is why we have an appeal system.

Cache, UT

Narcissism at it's lowest.

Provo, UT

That whole prosecution team deserves all the credit. Their closing arguments wrapped everything up perfectly! Great job! However, I do have to wonder how much Randy Spencer played in getting that guilty verdict... I watched a lot of the trial, and it was irritating, and embarrassing at times, to watch Mr. Spencer cross examine the witnesses. I imagine the jury was paying more attention to his facial expressions, his juvenile behavior, and his demeaning attitude, More then they were listening to the witnesses statements. The smirking and condescending attitude his how high school student make fun of each other... There's little place for that in a court room, and certainly not smart when talking directly to the jury..

City, Ut

PLM--I too have wondered about this.

And not just adultery.

Am reminded of the Lori Hacking case.

If you do not want to be with someone anymore---there's the door.
No need to attempt to poison them, or shoot them, or drown them...just leave already.

DN Subscriber 2

Thank you jurors for your hard work listening to the evidence and the law and rendering a verdict based on the facts.

south jordan, UT

Randy Spencer brought the guilty plea down on Martin McNeal. NO ONE PERSON deserves to go to court and be treated In that manner. He should be disbarred!

Midway, UT

I didn't really expect this verdict. I have no idea if Mr. MacNeill is guilty or not. However, the charges and news articles paint him as guilty by association. I'll trust that the jury was thoughtful and did the best they could.

It seemed to me from the outside that the evidence to convict was not strong enough to convict. It is confusing that so much stake was put in the testimony of convicts. If a witness in any case, other than a neutral hired professional witness, is paid to give evidence we would strike the testimony out. Yet, the inmates are paid with reduced charges, early releases, and immunity, etc. 'Informer' testimony has long been suspect in law enforcement and it seems odd to build a case on these testimonies.

Florissant, MO

My heart goes out to the children of this couple, they not only lost their mother, they also lost their father. The one they had to look in the eyes and know that this man who they were suppose to love and trust was not there for them and the day their mother died, they became orphans.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sociopaths have no conscience. What they do and can get away with fits well into their life
and actions. Even before his marriage he showed that he lived by what he could get away with.
So much of his life, social and career was riddled with lies and fakery.
What really convicted him was he actions after his wife's death, and yes, some of the pleasure
from being what he is and has done comes from the sharing of it in hints, tips, and "...it cannont be proved."
I am happy for the family who can now feel that truth has won out. May they find the peace
they have been seeking.

Ogden, UT

Justice is served. To the jury -- well done.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

Sad that the guy got away with every thing that he did for so long and in public trust. creepy guy in the first place.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Our legal system allows for the personality of defense and prosecution attorneys, but the jury usually makes their decision on evidence, not personalities. If an attorney is too histrionic or too passive it is counterproductive and the judge can reprimand them. Mr. MacNeill is his own worst character witness and his criminal past is difficult to ignore.

Provo, UT

A little surprised at this verdict after watching all of the trial live. He may have done it, but I thought there was plenty of reasonable doubt. Based on the jury's request for information on the home which was part of one of the inmate's testimony, it looks like they took the inmate testimony credibility over the original state medical examiners determination that it was natural death.

james d. morrison
Boise, CA

I doubt it happens anymore in Utah than it does in other states.


I saw this case on one of those programs "20/20" or "Nightline" or something some time ago. The presentation sure made him look guilty.

It is clear the oldest daughter, who was in medical school at the time, thought her father guilty from the get-go.

Cases like this never cease to amaze.

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