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Published: Friday, Nov. 8 2013 11:25 p.m. MST

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Layton, UT

I think it is clear that Ty is not doing his job of leadership and helping his young core learn to get better. I like as an Asst.Coach but not a head one.

Washington, UT

Williams will not help the Jazz, he is a wasted contract. Why the Jazz kept him, with all their changes this year, is beyond my comprehension. Williams is a lazy defender, lazy rebounder, and can't shoot.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I knew the Jazz would be bad... But I honestly didn't think they would be this bad!!

Sportstown, UT


They didn't choose to keep Williams..he had a player option and he chose to take it..why wouldn't he? He's making like 8 million this year instead of the 1 or 2 million that he would have gotten trying to sign a free agent contract.

The biggest problem I see is our point guard play..John Lucas does not deserve one minute..he's horrible..and until we get Burke back I think Corbin should be starting Burks and have Tinsley be his backup..at least Tinsley knows how to pass the ball..unlike Lucas.

Modesto, CA

The Jazz need a floor general. Sorry but it is not and never should be Alec Burks. They need to pull Burks when he forces plays out of their offensive scheme. I would like to see more defensive effort from everybody and some kind of offensive chemistry... I wouldn't mind us losing by 20 if it looked like we had an offensive plan and stuck with it. Sometimes it appears that we don't have a plan, a lot of one on one outside jumpers early in the offense.

Queensland Jazz fan
Townsville Australia, 00

This is embarrassing. Having Corbin as coach, I mean. I hope the Jazz fire Corbin early on and not waste a year of directionless offense and defense. Corbin doesn;t have anyone's respect. He doesn't make any sense when he talks. Bland cliches at best that don't give any sense he knows what is going on. He was a three year interim coach. Now it is time to find the way forward. But it is also tough to win when the Jazz give minutes to players whpo otherwise wouldn't be in the league (ie. Jefferson, Tinsley, Lucas, Harris). So until Burke, Evans and Rush get back we're not close to winning. In fact, we play worse with every game.

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