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Published: Friday, Nov. 8 2013 10:10 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Great win, Ags! Solid offense and excellent 3-point shooting over a Pac-12 team. Trojans were ice cold from the 3-point range.

Bring on the Thunderchickens!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Great season opener! The Aggies looked very comfortable tonight with great spacing. It was fantastic to have a full squad again. Could be a very special first season in the MWC.

Mcallen, TX

It's great seeing a team from Utah beating a PAC 12 foe.

Las Vegas Aggie
Logan, Utah

The Mountian West and dish network. are great! I was able to watch my Aggies roll USC from Vegas last night! It's great to be an Aggie fan these days

Go Aggies roll UNLV in football today

Lehi, UT

I really loved what I saw. Rebounding was impressive. Defense was there and Offense was what we have come to expect from the Aggies.

Logan, UT

Although I have no idea how good USC really is, it always looks good to have a win over a big-conference team. Great start to the season, and hopefully an indicator of what's to come. I'm excited to see how we do against Mississippi State, not to mention the rest of the MWC!

SUU is next week. Wonder how some commentators feel about that...ahem.

Madison, AL

Great game, great to see on television. The Aggies dominated, this is what comes the year after so many players went down for the season, this team has a very deep bench!

Southern, UT

SUU is 2-0 so it should be a good game. Much more improved from last year. I just hope the fan's ln Logan try and show my Birds a little respect. I doubt they will but people can suprise you. Just try and show us a little respect.

West Valley, UT

It was a good game to watch. Hopefully injuries will not be a factor this year since the MWC has good basketball teams.

North Logan, UT

SUU will get the same respect as every other USU opponent, no more or no less. They will lose just like SC did.

Southern, UT

So you won't show any respect whatsoever. Instead you will resort to the usual tactics I've seen the aggie fan's go to. Maybe you are right. But we have a better team so far this year.

Bristow, United States


It's a COLLEGE basketball game. Students like to have fun. Most people do not mean to be personally disrespectful. It's all in good fun. When byu did their big brother, little brother chant (poling fun at our winning team losing team chant) or when they put the message on their big board a few years back most aggies I know thought it was funny. Lighten up, it's good for you

Ogden, UT

Stang...respect is earned. If your team plays decent, Aggie fans will respect that.

You of all people should realize that by now.

Southern, UT


There is a difference between fun and disrespectful. Guess which one the aggies are.


Thanks for using my name for once. I'm glad you said that. It's to bad you and the rest of the fan's don't listen to your own words.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

That's just strange.

The Spectrum is one of the best home courts in the country. It always makes ESPN's top list. Most schools would give anything to develop a student section like the Aggies.

Logan, UT

"Strange" doesn't even begin to describe some of the comments you sometimes read here, Go Big Blue.

Strange indeed...

Salt Lake City, UT

The USU student sections rocks! I loved how they chanted "chazzy wazzy" during the USC game. And the students dressed as construction workers with the sign was just the icing on the cake. Grade-A funny stuff.

Oh and for what it's worth, Utah State is 6-0 against the T-birds under Stew Morrill. Just throwing that out there for anyone who is interested.

It will change to 7-0 after tomorrow night.

Southern, UT

@Go Big Blue

Clearly you don't know most schools. You're stuck in 24/7 aggie vision.

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