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Published: Friday, Nov. 8 2013 8:00 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Props to Riverton for coming out and playing hard that first half to keep it in reach. I've said it for years, that Wing T works when you're playing teams equal in size. But when you're playing a defense that has both size and speed, and are disciplined, it just doesn't work for a full game. They are so one dimensional. Once they get down, they have to throw, and they just can't. I think the head coach at Riverton really does the athletes he has a disservice insisting on running that offense. But the kids tried their dangdest for sure! Nichols is so fun to watch run! I don't think I've seen him go down on first contact once this year. Props to Bingham's defense holding an offense that has scored a lot of points this year to just 3 points. Next challenge, Lone Peak. A team that is coming together at the right time of the year. Great day to be a Miner!

South Jordan, UT


Totally agree about the wing-T offense especially with the way Riverton runs it with no option. It runs up a lot of points on bad teams but when you meet a team with a halfway decent coach it gets shut down.

Bottom line when you run the wing-T you don't win games so much as you allow the other team to lose and no one chooses to lose a big playoff game let alone the state championship.

South Jordan, UT

You guys obviously have not seen the East Leopards play this year have ya....

They are scoring 50 POINTS a game! running that offense!
But they have BIG BOYS... when you have a line you can run this offense with ease

South Jordan, UT

Binghamalum: Read my post again. If you run that offense against a bigger line you have issues. East has a huge line. Secondly, when I saw East play, they ran more of a Flex Bone offense than a pure Wing-T.


East doesn't run the wing T

South Jordan, UT


Riverton was scoring 50 points a game too. I haven't seen East play and Gunner doubts that they actually run the wing-T.

This much I do know is that leaving defenders unblocked and hoping they leave their assignments to chase a fake handoff/reverse only works against bad teams. And will not win you a championship.

Just ask Riverton who has only won one playoff in their entire school history running the wing-T. Don't even try to pull the lack of talent card either Riverton has the largest enrollment in the state and has plenty of talent. Herriman made the playoffs in their first season with Riverton's bench warmers.

South Jordan, UT

Riverton doesnt have big dudes at all, never has, and what other offense would you like them to run????

it did work they scored 50 points a game, but if you play assignment football you can easily stop that defense and that is why the Powerhouse in the state of Utah currently just stopped them with ease after the first quarter once they figured out, to just stay put

flex bone is pretty much the same as the wing T- just more of an option, not as much misdirection, especially for east with a WISCONSIN commit and that line ha

Salt Lake, UT

Bingham hasn't beat LP in the last 2 years in a row and LP just killed a team that Bingham struggled with in the regular season. Bingham has to treat this week as if they were playing the championship game on Friday. If they can do that Bingham wins 49-21.

Miners take State!!!

South Jordan, UT


But the flex bone is different than the wing-T. You said so yourself no misdirection. The wing-T supplements sound blocking schemes with misdirection.

Lack of size didn't stop Alta from winning a bunch of state championships this past decade. But the wing-T has stopped Riverton from winning any.

South Jordan, UT

That's my entire point. East can run something similar, (although there are quite a bit of difference) because they have the hogs up front. Riverton doesn't. Sure you will get 50 pts a game against Lehi, and similar teams. But not against big, fast, well coached teams. What offense would I have him run? For starters, one that can win you more than 2 playoff games in over 11 years. With the athletes they have there, he could easily run more of a spread offense and be successful. But he won't. He's happy squeaking into the playoffs, and then being 1 and done. He wasn't in it to win last night. Proof being when they were down 29-10 in the 3rd qtr, and went for a 43 yard field goal. Had a delay of game, and then tried a 48 yarder. Looked like they were more concerned in trying to make the score look respectable than it did like they were trying to win the game.

Riverton, UT

All ya need is a good DC that knows how to defend and teach thier kids Right, on how to defend the Wing-T. All year long Bingham played teams that were either Spread or Power I offense. You don't have time to prepare for Wing-T ofense except that week you play them. Now like Peck if you know how to defend it you'll be successful. Peck has never lost to Miller Case Closed. And you can not play from behind with that offense.

Clinton/Davis, UT

Dear Bingham Fans, there is a team just south of you that should not be over looked. LP is for real and will take it too your boys if your not carefull. I hope there are no predictions coming from you guys. You have a QB that runs like Nickols. I hope you guys can slow him down because your not going to stop him. Go Knights!!!!! The rest of the state is pulling for a big upset so you can quite the southwest part of SLC down and humble them!!!!!

West Jordan, UT

Goaggies1, hate much?
Why is it you expect Bingham fans not to support our team? We have the same right to show support for our Miners as you for your Titans.
As I recall, someone posted that he read the comments before the first round games expecting to see a lot from Region 3 fans only to see Region 1 fans.
What compels you to hate Bingham and project that hatred to the rest of the state?
What does it matter to you, now that Syracuse's football season is over, who wins the football championship? Hoping Lone Peak wins because they eliminated "the 'Cuse"?
Looking at the stats of Bingham and Lone Peak it seems that the Lone Peak defense has more to be concerned with than the Bingham D.
Stop or slow down Gajkowski and you stop LP.
Stop Scott Nichols and the Miners have Kyle Gearig, Dalton Schults, Landon Measom and a dozen other players who are scoring threats.
Let's not forget the Miner defense has allowed fewer points than any team left in 5A.
Hate us all you want. Just remember, we don't hate you. We just want another ring.

Salt Lake, UT

Haha @goaggies1... Bingham haters are never satisfied, and it will never end. After Bingham takes State all were going to hear is Bingham can't beat East or Timpview or the U of U or BYU or the 49ers haha. Good fans cheer for their team and not against another, and if your team is not playing, cheer for them to build and get better and who knows maybe eventually it'll be you posting up proud comments about your teams up North.
But I think this season Bingham deserves the State title, even if the rest of the State is rooting against them, they put Utah on the map this year. And trust me LP won't be overlooked, that I can guarantee. I say Bingham redeems all their losses from last season at RES this Friday with a victory 45-3. And I say this with the upmost respect, BINGHAM TAKE STATE!!!!!

South Jordan, UT

goaggies: Your team didn't make it out of round 1. Go enjoy the off season while the real teams are still playing!

Layton, Utah

Watching the game back now and its true Rivertons offense is woefully one dimensional, the only positive plays were that tiny #5 getting runs up the middle a couple lucky times. Even the refs tried to gift Riverton a drive after going up 29-10 with two ridiculous unsportsmanlike penalties but once again Bingham overcame the refs and their opponent. Bingham has had to continually beat the refs and their opponents. They will take home the trophy MINER PRIDE!

Riverton, UT

@ wolvie23

I deserve to comment about your last post and I just want to bring up two things.

1- Bingham dosen't deserve to win the Championship, they have to play for it. It's not something that is just givin to ya.

2- Bingham did not put Utah on the map this year. There were numerous teams way before Bingham startted winning and you can go back into the 80's 90's and 00's before Bingham was even sniffing championships. So thats all.

3- Now if you want to know what sport/sports in Utah have put Utah on the map your have to look at the sport of Rugby!

Salt Lake, UT

@ theref

When I said Bingham put Utah on the map THIS YEAR I meant the year 2013, I said nothing of the 80s, 90s or whenever. Seems like each year the team that takes State usually makes the most noise nationally. What other team in Utah has traveled out of state to beat the #1 team in that state? What other team in Utah was able to come back from a 17 point deficit to win against their rival? What other team in Utah is ranked in USA Today's top 25? Only Bingham from Utah and Bingham only. So yeah for THIS YEAR, I would say this Bingham team has the heart and talent deserving of a State Championship. Go Miners.

South Jordan, UT

Tharf: He's talking about sports that have more than 10 spectators here in the U.S.A.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Speed kills the wing T offense. In 5A you have too much speed on defense and the misdirection which goes for touchdown in 4A, is a 30 yard gain in 5A. I know Riverton scores 38 points a game, but when they played a team with good athletes, they lost. You are going to win your share of games....but when you hit the playoffs....those wins are far and few.

Coach Miller believes in his system, and the kids do as well. I just think he needs to add a few more wrinkles (option, different formations, more passing) to enhance his style of ball. I like watching different style of teams, but who was the last team to win the state title in 4A-5A football running the wing T?

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