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Published: Friday, Nov. 8 2013 9:30 p.m. MST

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Glenn A.
Salt Lake City, UT

Those of you making fun of the schedule (BYU fans), don't forget that just a few short years ago you were clamoring for these sort of opponents for the Utes because they had a legitimate chance of losing. Who can forget Southwest Baptist University, and how much fun you had with that one?

I agree, the Utes' non-conference schedule is pathetic this season, and probably won't challenge them much. As embarrassing it is to say, though, it shows some of the progress the Utes have made that they can not only win these games handily, but have rival fans crying foul for playing games that are too easy. Baby steps I know, but they're steps.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

This is just sad. It is sad how far the "runnin' utes" have fallen that this is how the season has to open. Yeah great win. We learned nothing about this team and this "win" will actually be a pox on the resume if the team actually gets enough wins to be considered for a post season tournament. Likely the football team won't go bowling. Are we saying the bball team won't play in the post season either?

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

One game into the season, against an NAIA Division II school no less, and we're already having to plan for next season because there's absolutely no possible way for the Utes to earn a double-digit RPI to qualify for an at-large NCAA bid with this pathetic OOC schedule.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Aren't most of Utah's preseason games against WCC teams? If they are not members of that conference they should be, because they are about the same level of competition.



I totally agree with you. Well said.


The truth is, this schedule is pretty weak. But our program has been pretty weak, and if this is part of coach K's strategy to build us back up, so be it; whatever he's doing is working. We saw evidence of that in the Pac 12 tournament in Vegas last year.

Let's hope this is the last year our schedule is like this.

Let's also hope BYU fans continue to fail to see the irony of talking about another team padding their schedule with cupcakes, because it's priceless!

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Funny comments today. Especially the ute fans trying to justify their weak schedule by claiming BYU pads theirs withe cupcakes. Are we talking BYU football? Are you talking about Texas, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Boise State, Nevada, Utah?

Their is no way to justify this pathetic of a pre season schedule. Yes everybody plays one or two of these games to get their team going but go take a look at the pre season schedule.

The rest: Evergreen State (Nov. 8), UC Davis (Nov. 15), Grand Canyon (Nov. 21), Lamar (Nov. 22), Savannah State (Nov. 23), Ball State (Nov. 27), Idaho State (Dec. 10), Texas State (Dec. 19), St. Katherine (Dec. 28)

St. Katherine?

Good luck in the pac 12 with that lineup to get you ready.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just checked byu's preseason schedule and here's what I found...

Sprinkled in with impressive games scheduled against Stanford, Texas, Iowa St., UMass, Utah, and Oregon (demonstrating Holmoe's desperation to get byu in a real conference particularly the Pac-12) are games with...wait for it...

Mount St Mary's Mountaineers
The "Colmes" (what is this?)
North Texas
Prairie View

So, Justmythoughts, CougFaninTX, But seriously folks!, rj, BYUalum (a byu fan criticizing ANYONE for having Idaho St on their schedule gets a huge LOL!), Down under, souptwins, poyman, mindgames, and PAC man, let the excuses begin.

I have to wonder if the day will ever come when Holmoe finally acknowledges that it takes more than begging for games against Pac-12 teams to be a part of an elite conference.

Impressive stats for the Utes last night. Coach K was very clear that the objective here is to build confidence. If I had to choose between the strategy of Coach K and the above list of disgruntled byu fans, I'm going with Coach K.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

It's funny hearing BYU fans getting on Utah's case for having a weak schedule. Do we have your permission to return the favor in January when we're playing UCLA the same day you play Pacific?

Bountiful, utah

Cant win in the Pac-12, might as well load up on Patsies...

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris, Chris... when are the Rundown Utes coming to play in the Spectrum? We handed your big brother a nice little loss last night. Don't U want a turn?!

Salt Lake City, UT

Lifelong Republican
"Are we talking BYU football? Are you talking about Texas, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Boise State, Nevada, Utah?"

Actually, no...we are not talking about byu football. But while you are at it, the programs you list are recognizable names in the football world but not a single one is living up to its reputation this year. So, since you brought up this off topic, byu football has a weak schedule this year and 2014 is even worse.

btw...there isn't a Utah fan on the planet who would disagree that the Utes preseason schedule is weak. Not one. Top to bottom, it's nothing worth a hoot. Coach K has a strategy in place, he knows his players, and the building continues. I also don't think there is a Utah fan on the plant who isn't behind Coach K 100%.

Frankly, I think rants from byu fans such as yourself don't like what they see the Utes becoming.

Layton, UT

From the "fans" of a 35,000 student school who has a couple of the biggest athletic facilities in the country and nobody wants their football team and their basketball team is relegated to playing their road games in gymnasiums.

Frisco, TX

@Brave Sir Robin - "It's funny hearing BYU fans getting on Utah's case for having a weak schedule. Do we have your permission to return the favor in January when we're playing UCLA the same day you play Pacific?"

U may want to find another analogy since both Pacific and UCLA were both NCAA invites last year. Good luck against Grand Canyon while we're playing Iowa State and Texas.

Richfield, UT

@GoRed: Better go look at the strength of schedule RPI rankings before making those kind of statements. Also anyone who thinks BYU has not been out scheduling the toughest teams they can is just not paying attention.

Lincoln City, OR


I would come back and talk after the BYU game, but after the Cougs win their 12th out of the last 13th meeting between the two teams I really don't think you or some of the ute fans that know something about Basketball will feel like talking much... I have a question for you... When was the last time that a ute team (other than in Gymnastics) ever beat another school 11 out of the last 12 times that they played each other? Never... But BYU has done it to the utes in Basketball and that streak looks to go longer, and of course the Cougs have done it to the utes in Football...

It's tough to be a ute fan today, but I give it up to you for trying...

BTW, how many fans watched Utah beat the big bad NAIA team from Evergreen State at the HC? lol... That's what I thought.

Federal Way, WA

nice progress.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Aurora, CO

Agree with PAC Man.

This schedule is pathetic.


And I agree with my Cougar Nation friends. But why do you guys care, unless you're a season ticket holder?

Utah didn't create this type of schedule to be able to make the dance. It was created to raise the program from the lowest point in history. Why do you guys have such a hard time understanding that fact?

As far as this Ute is concerned, there was no mass exodus from the team and the talent seems to be improving. It's early but Delon Wright looks like the real deal and I can't wait for next years class.

Go Utes!!

Syracuse, UT

I really think the reason that the u has scheduled these cream puff teams is that they are afraid of a repeat of a couple of years ago and watch as half of the team takes off for destinations unknown. Think about it! If you don't win, the team gets depressed and the players want to go somewhere else. The problem is, when and if this team starts dropping some of these games and then lose big time to their conference foes, it will have the same effect!

Keep going uties, your recruiting with this kind of scheduling is going to be laughable. Who wants to come to SLC and play for a cellar-dweller team that schedules glorified High School teams? Keep shooting for the stars and forget about the basket.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Embarrassing that anyone would call thi a nice win or defend the u's schedule.

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