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Published: Friday, Nov. 8 2013 9:30 p.m. MST

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PAC man
Anaheim, CA

"Facing an outmanned NAIA Division II team from the Cascade Collegiate Conference, the Utes cruised to a 128-44 victory over Evergreen State."

Way to challenge yourselves Utes. Next game, why don't you play East H.S.

Now that would be a real test.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Impressive win. And for those who make fun of Utah's schedule, you people made fun of the schedule last year. And guess who had the most top 100 RPI wins of anyone in the state?

The Pac 12 University of Utah Utes

So either the other local teams had terrible schedules as well, or their teams are just inept at beating any good teams.

I think we'll be 5-7th in the Pac 12 this year. Excited for the season.

Go Utes


Wright's gonna be a fun player to watch.

Aurora, CO

Agree with PAC Man.

This schedule is pathetic.

ESPN had an article about the 10 worst schedules in basketball and here is what they had to say:

Utah Utes

"Toughest: at Boise State (Dec. 3), BYU (Dec. 14)

Next-toughest: Fresno State (Dec. 7)

The rest: Evergreen State (Nov. 8), UC Davis (Nov. 15), Grand Canyon (Nov. 21), Lamar (Nov. 22), Savannah State (Nov. 23), Ball State (Nov. 27), Idaho State (Dec. 10), Texas State (Dec. 19), St. Katherine (Dec. 28)

After struggling for most of the season, Utah won four of its final five games last spring and entered the offseason full of enthusiasm about the 2013-14 campaign. Reaching the NCAA tournament, however, will be darn near impossible with a schedule that includes just one true road game (at Boise State) and only two contests against likely tourney-bid contenders (Boise State and BYU). Playing a weak schedule the past two seasons made sense. But the Utes should’ve stepped it up a bit this season."

Beating schools by 100 points won't empress anybody and won't make Utah PAC-10.2 contenders. It's great to be in the "Conference of Champions" but this is embarrassing.


Watching the end of that Oregon game after this game was over, that Moser kid is gonna be a handful. Lots of speed and skill on that team, but not a lot of the size inside they had last year. It'll be fun to see how all the conference's teams develop their play by January.

Corona, CA

Regardless of who they play, to beat a team by 84 points is unreal, give them credit for playing a solid game, heck some teams can't beat these NAIA teams, look at Utah a few years ago losing to Southwest Baptist! This program is on the rise and even though their schedule sucks and they probably won't go to the tournament, they need momentum and they just need to get into a postseason tournament even it's the CBI. You can tell this team is way more athletic than last year's team, I'm excited to see what they can do this season especially Wright.

Lincoln City, OR

After losing to Sacrament State and Cal Northridge last year in preseason on their home floor, the utes have fashioned themselves with a less challenging preseason schedule... Great call utes... pile up those impressive naia wins, I am sure that that will catch the eyes of the selection committee come March. I also suspect that it will cause the big bad pac12 foes to shake in their boots.

Lindon, UT

This was far more a financial transaction than an athletic event.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

What is NAIA, a high school league? Way to go utes. Really BIG win.

South Jordan, UT

Now this is a real schedule for the mighty Utah BB team to flex their muscle and strength:

"Evergreen State (Nov. 8), UC Davis (Nov. 15), Grand Canyon (Nov. 21), Lamar (Nov. 22), Savannah State (Nov. 23), Ball State (Nov. 27), Idaho State (Dec. 10), Texas State (Dec. 19), St. Katherine (Dec. 28)"

You've got to be kidding! Oh, silly me. I forgot! It doesn't matter...They're in the PAC 12.

Moss, Norway

I didn't know it was possible for an NAIA school to play a sanctioned game against an NCAA (much less a D1) school. These are two classifications that have no business being on the same floor together. Embarrassing.

Richmond, VA

The Utes owned us 4 yrs straight in football! I can't wait to see us meet in basketball this year. It sounds like their squad is immensely better this year. It should be a very exciting game and I can't wait!

Salt Lake City, UT

Right on PAC man and mindgames. Just like under exercising, the Utes will be under-prepared for conference play.


It's always good to start off the season with a win. I don't think last night's game proved anything has changed up on the hill though. Evergreen State, let's be honest, is no more than a high school team. Even if a semi-decent D1 basketball program didn't beat them like the Utes did, I'd say you have problems. Utah's first real test shouldn't come until they play Boise State. Until then, if the Utes are even a decent team they shouldn't lose.

Salt Lake City, UT

"I also suspect that it will cause the big bad pac12 foes to shake in their boots."

Come back and talk after the byu game then, poyman. Maybe then you can put your high powered attorney from Lincoln City, Oregon analytical skills to good use. Question for you...when was the last time you saw an article about Utah basketball where the words "out manned" were used to describe the opponent?

I will agree with you on one point, though...anytime a Utah schedule has byu as the 2nd of the two toughest opponents, it is embarrassing. The Utes may pay a heavy price for their weak schedule once conference play starts and they have become accustomed to winning by 80+ points.

Down under

"What is NAIA, a high school league? Way to go utes. Really BIG win."

Are you kidding? I thought you were a byu fan. byu's entire season is played in high school gymnasiums. You should be well familiar with it.

How's this for an opinion: I think the Utes re-establish themselves after a short three seasons with Coach K at the helm and neither one of you like what you see.

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

I see that BYU and USU both played quality div. 1 opponents and utah played a high school team. What a cowardly approach to getting instant wins. It seems the first 9-10 games will be the same type of opponent. Nice work coach K. I hope the utah fans don't get tired of seeing cupcake teams the entire pre-season. BYU is the only game they can really get excited about but then again with BYU owning the utes 11 of 12 maybe not.


Let me get this straight. We have BYU fans coming onto a sports article on the Utes and making fun of their schedule? This, from the fan base of the same school whose football team routinely plays the bottom 6 or 7 teams in the country in order to pad their schedule to make them appear to the voters back east that they are a "Top 25" team.

Unbelievable. Only in Utah.

Frisco, TX

Even though the final score looks impressive, it tells us nothing about the Utes. Lone Peak's high school team (last year) could have easily beaten Evergreen.

I can even understand scheduling 2 or 3 teams of this caliber, but to schedule about 8 cupcakes in non-conference makes no sense and will not prepare the Utes for conference play.

Utes will continue to look impressive against these cupcakes, but reality will show up when U get into conference play.

I still don't think the Utes get to .500 this year.

Utah rules
Salt Lake City, UT

Pathetic schedule. I love my utes but this is no way to build a team The win was great but zi smell trouble when we have to play decent competition. I am disappointed in the athletic administration for going this weak route for wins. I would rather have a few loses to tough teams than be laughed at by BYU ans Utah fans alike. We will et zero respect for these types of wins. Our SOS stinks.

Provo, UT

Impressive win Utes...I think your ready to take on the Campfire Girls all-star team!

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