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Published: Sunday, Nov. 10 2013 6:30 p.m. MST

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Two Rivers, WI

I'm amazed at how many members question the decisions about how their tithing money is being spent by those who work in that great and spacious building in Salt Lake. Repent of your lack of faith in the Corporation that is looking out for you.

The Solution
Dayton, OH

Tithing is not used for humanitarian efforts, nor for buying land for business. If the Church didn't meticulously separate, manage, and execute its resources, do you think it would still get exempt status? Every financial action that is remotely tied to the Church is heavily scrutinized.

I was an intern for MSTART.net, which was the original name for the Church owned websites. When it started, it was a self-sustaining company, meaning that it was not funded by tithing and had to survive solely on its own performance and revenue. While I was working there, the Brethren received revelation to change it and become a non-profit, tithing subsidized service, and changed its name to LDS.org. The difference was the mission changed to building the kingdom and becoming a tool for missionary work and resource outlet for church members. Before that transformation, not a dime of tithing was spent on it. Now it is entirely funded by tithing.

Tooele, UT

Snarky anti-LDS posters seem concerned that our small, 14-million member Church hasn't solved all the world's problems.

Well, we're concerned, too.

But give us a little time. As we grow and extend influence into more and more of the world, fewer and fewer of its problems will be beyond our reach.

Allen, TX


Over a million dollars per acre? Did you read the article?

"The Times said the per-acre price of Thursday's announced deal — $1,475 per acre — appeared consistent with the sales of large timber tracts."

Sugar City, ID

It is interesting that there are so many people who were not involved in the deliberations regarding the Florida and other purchases, seem to have such amazing insight into what the church really should do. If the church gave a million dollars to Obamacare, its liberal critics would find something to criticize.

Columbia, MO

After reading the negative comments made about the good deeds of the LDS church, one can understand how Christ and his disciples were rejected by their own people.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I think it's really neat.
It's curious to read the various justifications being spelled out to taxman. It's almost as if there is a lot of cognitive dissonance going on.

Surrey, BC

Church owned assests like meeting houses, temples, etc etc are money consuming and not money making. It is just prudent to have an investment arm that operates as a taxpaying business.

For those who speak negatively, what the church does with its tithes and other donations is of no concern to non-members. As a tithe paying member, I don't give a thought as to how my donations are used because I see it every Sunday when I turn the lights on at 6:00am for meetings. I see it when I enter the temple to participate in ordinances. I see it when the missionaries ( I was one ) greet me each week. There are so many other ways I see tithing being used to further God's work. Besides, who am I to question how the Lord's chosen servants manage His church. There will always be critics who have nothing better to do but write poisonous comments. God Bless..

Just an Observer
Salt Lake City, UT

My family has required financial assistance more than once, which we were able to obtain through the Bishop's Storehouse. I have also been a ward finance clerk more than once, and can attest that there are those receiving far more than that in the form of payments of mortgages, auto loans, utility bills, and the like for the periods in which they are out of work--wish I myself had known years ago that was possible, frankly; that help would have saved us from getting into a deep hole from which we still have not fully recovered. I find it sadly amusing to see people who have no idea how the LDS Church works, and want to denigrate it. Not surprisingly, the Church tries to take care of its own first. But it does help others, especially those in dire need due to disasters, but also in the form of such things as career training through Deseret Industries and LDS Employment. Trying to find fault with *any* organization that is generally doing good is surely not remotely close to a positive use of time for anyone.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm fine with the church making this purchase, it's kinda odd to me for churches to get involved with this sort of purchase but hey, whatever, they can do what they want.

What I disagree with is some of the comments that suggest that somehow profitable moneymaking ventures is definitely a part of what a church is supposed to be. Though I guess considering how the Prosperity Gospel (i.e. anything based on being against "handouts") stuff seems to come up a lot in any thread about poverty.

The Taxman
Los Angeles, CA

When we cut through all the name calling and dissembling, two simple irrefutable facts remain:
1) Money is fungible. People seem to take refuge in the fact that 'tithing' money is used for this and 'other' money is used for that, but the fact remains that the church is sitting on a vast trove of wealth (and the pile is growing exponentially) while people are starving. Just because you can't do everything doesn't mean you should do next to nothing. More can and should be done.
2) the Church does not disclose its finances but chooses to move in secrecy. Why is secrecy good? I believe if people could see the amount of money coming in and the small percentage used to do good, things would change. But that won't happen without the cleansing light of day.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

I am not LDS but I understand the basic concept that one cannot give away money that they do not have. One must fist receive/earn it. Ecclesiastical and commercial enterprises operate separately. I don't expect anyone else to divulge their tax forms any more than I am willing to divulge mine.

Complaints form Truthseeker, The Taxman and Ernest T Bass seem remarkably petty and bitter. But as The Taxman says: "The facts speak for themselves; I don't need to elaborate further."

Surrey, BC

I am not sure what motivates the Taxman to comment about the LDS church when he is not a memeber and most likely does not make donations to the church. How the Lord uses His money is His business. The church is not accountable to the general population and does not need to answer to them. Overall the church does a good job informing its members on how the funds of the church are used. Many conference talks have addressed this in the past.

Maryville, MO

Taxman: It is evident that no matter what is said and the answers provided will answer your questions. The statement provided just about a year ago answered your questions but no you still refuse to listen to the answers provided. You feel you have all the answers. One hundred percent of all humanitarian funds goes to the humanitarian efforts of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A percentage of tithing goes to this as well, but tithing goes to building temples, chapels, providing manuals other things for the edifying of the membership along with the maintenance of the buildings throughout the world. Members alone provide many hours providing service in food kitchens and other things. Fast Offerings are maintained in their units and deseminated by the Bishops/Branch Presidencies. Your criticism is unfunded and is by one who has no knowledge of those funds. Once those funds are given to a member of the Branch Presidency/Bishopric, they are no longer your funds. They now belong to the Lord and are used as the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve deems they should be. Listen to the Prophet of the Lord.

let's roll

Christ had the power to feed 3,000 with a couple of loaves and fishes and to have manna appear each morning like dew to feed the children of Israel. With such power, why doesn't he feed everyone, everyday. He certainly has the power to do so and, being perfect, he has perfect charity.

I believe I understand why...and the explanation is the same that explains how the Church manages it resources.

For those who truly have ears to hear, the answer is there to understand. Those who truly understand Christ understand the principles that guide how his Church manages its resources.

Boise, ID

When I first read this story a few ago I wondered when we would see the "Watch out! The Mormons are coming" headlines. So far all I have seen are the always present ugly comments from the usual suspects.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

There is always someone who will have a much better idea about how I should spend my money. Sounds like the government. And, if all landowners were as far-sighted and innovative as the Church has been with its farm properties, this country would be much better off. You can do the research on such innovation and the stewardship demonstrated in the management of these properties. I don't care how the Church spends my tithing. The leadership has my trust and know much better than I how the funds should be spent. Thank you very much.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA


Well, He did make a number of statements regarding money (finances): "the widow's mite", "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's", etc. His apostles never went to Disney World either. Times have changed somewhat, have they not?

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA


It is near Wewahitchka. You can look it up.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA


Please explain EXACTLY what you mean by "cognitive dissonance". Thank you. Oh, and in terms that we mere mortals can "cognitize".

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