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Published: Friday, Nov. 8 2013 1:20 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Go Badgers. Wisconsin will make byu look like the regional WAC program they are.

Paul E
Two Rivers, WI

Welcome to Big Ten country, Cougars. This ain't your fathers' WAC. Camp Randall is like something you've never seen before. Better be ready or the Badgers will run circles around the BYU defense. Score early and score often, Taysom!



It's getting a little old. It's time to face the facts. BYU is playing at a high level and will definitely be in contention for the win Saturday in Madison. Utah and BYU are headed in opposite directions right now. I hope to see the Utes and Cougars in a bowl game. Go Cougs, Go Utes!!

Cinci Man

Byu can beat good teams, and they can lose to poorer teams. I look forward to seeing which team comes to the field Saturday. Go Cougars.

Stanford beat Oregon and Utah beat Stanford. If Utah beats Oregon, it will prove something. If Utah loses to Oregon, it only shows that when someone gets up for a given game and executes better than the opponent, anyone can beat anyone. Go Utes.

Saratoga Springs, UT

After last nights Oregon loss, I am so hoping that BYU beats Wisconsin. Why you may ask? Because of this lame and faltered BCS system. In my opinion, Alabama is down, but they are the defending champ and will be until someone knocks them off. FSU appears to be for real, dismantleing two quality opponents in Clemson and Miami. Oregon somehow lost to Stanford, which was a PAC-12 Disappointment for P12 representation. ChrisB should be rooting for BYU if he is a real P12 fan. Ohio State is clearly over-rated, they have played and proven nothing, and BYU needs to beat Wisconsin to knock OSU down in the lame BCS rankings. Utah somehow beat Stanford and we will never know how that happened, except that Stanford just flat out laid an egg. And sorry ChrisB, you get ASU this week and then Oregon next after this loss. Oh that is going to be ugly, or do you think you will beat Oregon since you beat Stanford and they beat Oregon. BYU needs to beat Wisconsin so that the best teams are at the top of the BCS at the end. Not OSU!

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We will win oregon because we won stanford and stanford won oregon and that means we will win oregon. so go write it down!

Go Utes!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Go Cougs. Should be a great game! I hope BYU can continue to show the country they're for real.

@ChrisB will now be touting the U as having beaten Oregon...

The Moose
Southern, UT

This list is a laugher. It is like cherry-picking a stat to support your point. The sky is blue in Wisconsin and we win games when the sky is blue. Oh well, that's what you get when fans write articles in a newspaper.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Considering Whittingham already has two(and soon to be three with Stanford) wins against END of season top 10 teams, I like our chances against Oregon better than I would like byU's.

Guess how many wins against bronco has against end of season top 10 teams?

Surely the guy who thinks he's going to take byu to the national title would have a single win in eight years against an end of season top 10 team, right?



East Salt Lake City, Utah


OSU is overrated as much as California was better than USC and Utah in week three. Remmember you tried to aruge that point as well.

OSU is a top 10 team and if they play Michigan State in the B10 title game and win big then they should be in the discussion for the BCS title.

As far as the article, another fluff piece. I think BYU could win if the game was @LES, but Wisconsin at home is too home much for BYU. For some reason, home field advantage was never mentioned in the article.

Maybe ghost of Cougar past will help BYU to victory.

Saratoga Springs, UT


You are right, I did make that point about Cal. In week three. Northwestern has turned out to be a flat tire. Cal gave OSU all it could handle until the end. And Cal has not been what anyone thought they might be this year. You are right. But please, please, please, tell me how you find OSU's 9-0 season not over rated.

Buffalo 40-20, tough game for OSU wasn't it.
San Diego State 42-7, just got better didn't it.
California 52-34, take away two Cal turnovers leaving OSU with a short field and the game is even closer. OSU still wins, but closer.
Florida A&M 76-0, Schedule just proves how good they are. WOW!
Wisconsin 31-24, finally a game of competition. And we just saw last night and at RES with Utah and Stanford, anyone can get up for a game.
Northwestern, an over rated 4-5 team
Iowa, a terrible 5-4 team
Penn State, a no good 5-3 team
Purdue 1-7

Yeah, your right, I am sorry. OSU is good right. C'mon. Don't live by the polls form your own opinion.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Yeah, and Michigan State is awesome too aren't they at 8-1

1-8 Western Michigan
2-6 South Florida
D2 Youngstown State
Lost to over rated Notre Dame, BYU I bet beats ND this year.
5-4 Iowa
3-5 Indians
1-7 Purdue
3-5 Illinois

Battle tested aren't they

The Big 10 is down this year, way down. Nothing but a bunch of over rated teams. OSU wins the Big10 and plays in the Rose Bowl against Stanford, Oregon, or if upsets happen Arizona State, Arizona, USC or UCLA, it is wide open in the south. And OSU gets mopped by most of these teams, especially Stanford and Oregon.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Go Badgers. Wisconsin will make byu look like the regional WAC program they are.

BYU plays all over the country against different conference on National TV.

When has Utah played a team in the Central or Eastern Time Zones? They play games on regional TV on the PAC Network, which is not picked up by Direct TV. Have they even played on National TV this season? (except when BYU pulled them up to that level, as BYU has carried Utah the past 50 years.)

You keep using that word Regional. I do not think that you know what it means...

Plays a WAC schedule, like Weber State?

Have you even seen the U's preseason Basketball Schedule?

Lindon, UT

I'm a huge BYU fan and understand what it means to be optimistic about your team but this article was written by someone who's been drinking way too much blue kool-aid. BYU CAN win but it's not likely. Our best bet is to keep it close by spreading our offense around and hoping Abby isn't able to return from his injury. The Stanford/Oregon game showed everyone what it looks like for a run game that can eat up the clock to stop a fast tempo offense. It will either be really ugly or if BYU can keep it close, we might pull out a win off a turnover or lucky break. Gotta keep it realistic. Go Coug's!

Saratoga Springs, UT


Wins against final Top 10 teams for BYU? You have one against Alabama, and that is it. Do you really think this makes a justifiable point. I am going to go with NO!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


BYU is 7 plays from going 21-0.

Ohio State on the other hand is 21-0.

OSU is a top 10 team. Sanford/Oregon will beat Ohio State in the Rose, but no team will "mop" a Urban Meyer team. Considering the last time that happened was in the 2009 SEC Championship game when NC Alabama 32-13.

I agree the Big 10 is weak but then again ACC is even worse. At least according to Sagarin:

5 BIG 12

el guapito
Provo, UT

If Utah finishes under .500 again Coach Whit may have one more thing that Bronco doesn't have..... a pink slip.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I could care less if BYU is seven plays from being 21-0. And I could care less if OSU is 21-0. They too would have lost a bowl game last year. They are over rated this year. Of the top 10 right now, who do they beat

Bama - No
FSU - No
Oregon - No
Stanford - No
Baylor - No
Clemson - I don't think so
Missouri - I don't think so if healthy
Auburn - Yes, over rated as well
OK - Yes, over rated
S. Carolina - No
LSU - No
OK State - Maybe
A&M - No
Fresno - Yes, very over rated
Mich State - Don't know, toss up
N. Illinois - Just like Fresno, doesn't belong.
UCLA - As a Bruin fan, don't think so, but even my Bruins are a but over rated. Still to young
Louisville - I don't think so
UCF - It would be a good game

All I am saying is, I think the top 25 means nothing and people get ranked because of name and winning against down teams and lame schedule. Wouldn't you agree

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