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Published: Thursday, Nov. 7 2013 9:55 p.m. MST

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logan, UT

The Church’s views on many topics do change, as God instructs it leaders. In fact, they obviously change tremendously on the subject of marriage partners. I really don’t understand at all those who say they don’t. I think the quorum’s contemporary disposition on this topic remains to be seen.

Dilworth, MN

I have never been ashamed or embarrassed by being a member of the church, but I am both that harry reid is a member. His actions against this country are horrific at best.

Sacramento, CA

As long as we claim to be the recipients of modern-day revelation through prophets, we are never going to be able to say, "this is how it was, is, and always will be". Yes, the Lord is the same, and truth is the same. But we, imperfect people that we are, don't have all truth. Witness the new discoveries and inventions of science and medicine that improve our lives and health--how many of us are living healthier lives than we might have a hundred years ago? Perhaps Senator/Brother Reid has not forgotten this unique feature of our religion and realizes that revelation gives us growth in the Gospel (1978, for instance) as members grow in maturity, understanding, and love for one another. I am sure he isn't the only member to feel this, perhaps one of the ones who is simply known well, and happened to mention it in public. Now, I'm mentioning it here. Thoughts, anyone?


The church has always been for equal rights when it comes to housing, jobs, health/hospital, probate etc. The Church has also not changed it's position that Marriage is to be between a man and a woman. They made that known AGAIN at the same time they made their position known AGAIN during the California Prop 8 vote, but the media did not report what the Church's position was on equal rights for same gender couples at that time, they only reported what the church's position was on same gender marriage.
As a member of the Church my personal position is the same, I do think that couples of the same gender should have equal rights. I also do not believe that marriage has anything to do with constitutional rights. Marriage is ordained of God and has been in place long before the Constitution of the United States.

Snowflake, AZ

PlaybytheRules is right. God's views are eternal. He loves ALL of his children, gay and straight. God's views regarding His black children were revealed in June 1978. Who are we, as church members, to say that we have all knowledge about His gay sons and daughters? No, church doctrine has not changed with respect to homosexuality. But the church cannot speak for all of its members on the subject. As a proud, gay church-going Mormon in a small Mormon community, I can vouch for that.

In my humble opinion, Mormons and everyone else can look to the example of the current Pope on same-sex attraction. "Who am I to judge." Hopefully, LDS leaders can have that kind of compassion in the future. Right now, the Mormon Church seems to want it both ways -- we are compassionate, but gays have no place in God's plan. How can THEY know that for sure in a church that believes in continuing revelation?


For Open Minded Mormon
You stated: the LDS Church has indeed changed it's position of LGBT "rights" over time. It used to be LDS members were automatically excommunicated for "being" gay. Now, it is only acting on that comes into question.

I'm not saying you are wrong, but I have a question. I know a man who told his Priesthood leaders he was gay over 40 years ago (he's in his 60's now). They tried to help him and get him to "change," but he was not excommunicated until he and a companion moved in together. So I'm wondering when they change it to being a behavior issue. I was always taught it is sinful behavior that you need to repent of, not your feelings, or temptations that you resist, that need to be repented of or excommunicated for. I am a life long member of almost 60 years so just wondering if you can tell me when anyone used to be excommunicated for something they feel rather than something they did?

Cottonwood, CA

Reid is so out of touch. What else is he flexible on? Just because we do not believe I the Gay lifestyle, does not mean we harass or persecute them . How about leaving us alone?

West Jordan, UT

I didn't feel he was speaking as far as the church and gay marriage is concerned. I felt he was speaking because of the increased understanding people are having and the church's desire to reach out to those in the gay community. They have developed a web site geared towards encouraging members of the church to have more compassion towards and understanding of the LGBT community. As an LDS woman with a gay brother I understand that it is important that all people have basic civil rights. I do not want my brother or anyone to suffer by losing employment or housing due to his sexual orientation. We all need to learn that supporting civil rights for all does not mean we are supporting behavior we disagree with, it's important for everyone because if we pick and choose we could be the next group on the outside being persecuted. And with the church's history of its members being persecuted and driven from homes and livelihoods, all LDS people should be in the forefront of making sure nobody suffers the same even if the church's stance on gay marriage will not change.

Federal Way, WA

It is WRONG to fire someone just because they are gay. Jesus has told us to love our neighbors. We shouldn't be judging them just because of an issue they were born with. Blacks are born black and that doesn't make them any less than whites are. They are as good as we are. The same for gays. They are people just like us with great talents shared with all of us. Nothing is being said about marriage, etc, but about the workplace and passing a law to stop the work places from firing people based on being gay. This has nothing to do with religion and has to do with protecting a person who is innocent from losing a job just because of being gay. Without ENDA, any company could fire someone and use the "gay" reason to terminate even if that person wasn't gay.

We are more advanced people now and carry new views on who people are and that those who are born the way they are should be loved by us and treated with respect. That's what Reid was saying that our views have evolved a great deal in the past century.

Wildomar, CA

It isn't the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that needs to worry about maintaining it's credibility. It's got credibility the world over. Senator Reid, however, would do well to work on his. For him to do that, he should stop talking - just stop talking!

Savage, MD

The church does not change.

Saint George, UT

It has been my experience that those without convictions usually express tolerance. Tolerance for anything is the politically correct thing to express so as to not offend an amoral electorate or to see yourself as you actually are, someone without conviction. Jesus, on the other hand, preached the Sermon on the Mount, but called the Pharisees corrupt and whited sepulchurs, hardly the 'tolerant' person Harry Reid seems to see as the leader of his church.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

can someone explain to me why we need this law when it is already illegal to discriminate on those terms. What specifically does this law do that the other anti-discrimination law does not.

I wish the senate and harry reid would get back to balancing the budget and fixing entitlements. that affects EVERYONE.

Brigham City, UT

I used to be a Reid fan (frankly I used to be a William Clinton fan too, and Joseph Biden fan and Charles Schumer fan; and yes there are GOP politicians that are difficult to comprehend as well), the above mentioned have put their law degree ahead of Bible values. I respect John Kerry and Al Gore for not going around talking only of one piano key on the piano: these men know there are 88 keys on piano. Don't forget the poor Mr. Reid, they are more important than your new interest to be popular. Peter and Paul taught a message of morality. And if your niece or your children or your cousin convince you to go after anything other than what Peter and Paul taught, then you are therefore putting your education and the Constitution above the Bible and the prophets. If all followed the Bible, we would not need laws. Abraham put God first, (ahead of his own son), and we should too, and that is what is best for families.

sandy, ut


"the church does not change"

Yeah, sure. Keep telling yourself that.

Payson, UT

Why do some of you think this bill imposes on BYU´s ability to not hire gays and lesbians?

The church can discriminate against religions by only hiring those that are mormon. Guess who determines whether you are mormon or not? That´s right, the church. And the church can excommunicate based on sexual orientation.

Wait for the real fight that´s coming - when churches start to be sued over excommunications of gays and lesbians. That´ll be a doosy.

mid-state, TN

@wazzup --

"can someone explain to me why we need this law when it is already illegal to discriminate on those terms. "

Actually, it isn't. That's a common misconception.

Currently there is no Federal law which bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Some STATES have such laws, but the country as a whole does not.

In states that do not have anti-gay discrimination laws, a man can literally be fired for simply saying "I'm going to the movies with my boyfriend".

Here's a few examples of how employment discrimination affects people across the country:

college soccer coach in Nashville -- fired in 2010 after she told her team that her female partner was pregnant.

legislative editor of the Georgia General Assembly -- fired in 2005 when she told her boss that she was transsexual and was going to begin dressing/presenting as a woman.

professor in Wisconsin -- offered a job as a university dean in 2010. When that university found out she was a lesbian, the offer was rescinded.

schoolteacher in Minnesota -- she was fired in 2013 after acknowledging that she's a lesbian.

This is a real problem that affects real people.

Durham, NC

country berry..... not sure how old you are..... but yes.... the church does change with differing times. The gospel however does not. If you need a list of "changes" the church has made.... we can start a list.

Uncle John
Cape Coral, FL

It sounds like most are missing the issue here. The Church supports God's Law, marriage is between a "man and a woman". Period. Therefore the Church cannot support "gay marriage". Period. Does the Church support a "gay lifestyle"? No. Does the church reject gay people? No. "Love thy neighbor as thyself". Period. The question here is: Do you keep the law of chastity? Period. Think about it.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Durham, NC

country berry..... not sure how old you are..... but yes.... the church does change with differing times. The gospel however does not. If you need a list of "changes" the church has made.... we can start a list.
7:23 p.m. Nov. 11, 2013


recently --
Women saying prayers in General Conference.
Women saying prayers in Sacrament Meetings.
Blacks holding the Priesthood,
Polygamy [in the beginning - against it, then for it, then against it again.]

BTW --
The rigid, stiff-necked, "conservative" types usually leave the Church when things change - they are so set in following the "God NEVER" changes mantra.
When a change does come along, and their reality is shaken, they think Prophet has fallen.

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