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Published: Thursday, Nov. 7 2013 9:55 p.m. MST

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West Valley, UT

Mark- You are right, the government ALLOWS you to run a business. But I don't get a license from the federal government. I get one from my LOCAL city or county government, which has anti-discrimination laws already. No it isnt a "private action," but it certainly isn't a federal one either. Some Democrat from Missouri, or even a Republican from Idaho, should not have a say how the business, my LOCAL GOVERNMENT licenses me for, is run. People seem to misunderstand the fundamental importance of local government vs. federal government. "Government" isn't just one big entity.

Hooper, UT

@ Ranch Hand - "Religion is a choice, sexuality is not". Sexual orientation is not a choice (at least so far as we know), however sexual behavior is. Giving in to one's base desires doesn't make the behavior right, no matter how loudly one might proclaim that it is. With that said, just because some choose to engage in homosexual behavior does not give any of us the right to treat them with any less respect or dignity. Having friends and family (a sister and cousin) who are gay I can tell you first hand that the best thing you can do is love the person no matter what.

Orem, UT

Like all of us, I have friends that are living a gay lifestyle. I still love them, but do not condone their choice of lifestyle. However, I am deeply disappointed that Senator Lee and others would vote to deny them their civil rights as fellow citizens. Senator Lee just lost much respect from me.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

Bro. Reid is exactly correct. The views of the church are changing rapidly. Members and leadership are altering their views to reflect the doctrinally illogical position of punishing members for the way they were born. Please research the LDS website stating the Chruch's position on Mormons and Gays.

Bruce A. Frank
San Jose, CA

It appears that Harry Reid makes up LDS Church doctrine, just like Nancy Pelosi makes up Catholic Church doctrine, to soften resistance from the anti-religion zealots. And I remember some decades ago a little old LDS lady who was defriended for protesting the demolition of the historic small church building in which she'd grown up.

The LDS Church I knew then would have kicked Reid out for such a heretical statement. But it is likely the church will eventually bow to public pressure as they did when in '78 Prophet Spencer W. Kimball had revelation allowing Blacks to become priests in the church.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Surely, Harry's pomegranate trees need his FULL-TIME attention.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Lone Eagle
I am a heterosexual even though I'm single and not involved in a sexual relationship since I'm attracted to people of the opposite sex. A homosexual likewise is still gay even when they are single and not involved in a sexual relationship because they're attracted to people of the same sex.

"They don't understand because they don't like liberty."

Liberty? You're for state sponsored suppression of liberty. That's no better for the people than it coming from the federal level.

Mount Pleasant, UT

Harry Reid is a member just like anyone else. Reid must be living in a dream bubble because the active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not changing their feelings and beliefs re homosexuality. We are just more quiet with the subject. Reid can only speak for himself-he has no right to speak for others. He is a dye-in-the wool liberal and he certainly does not speak for me.

Christmas Carole

"Church" & "members" views(members as whole)to my experience, have ALWAYS been what Christ taught "Love thy neighbor as thyself". The Church has been put into a position of having to officially print and express where they have ALWAYS stood and ALWAYS will as it is doctrine...it has NEVER changed and NEVER will....

@Blue...see above and ALWAYS has treated everyone as "reular human beings" since we ALL are children of God. Anyone who does differently is out of line with the Gospel!

Hon, there will never be "official change" of eternal doctrine...only policy and this is not policy but doctrine...it's a changing social issue...no such thing with doctrine.

Here, UT


Just an FYI, falling in love with someone, and choosing to spend your lives together is NOT "giving in to one's base desire". It is EXACTLY the same thing that you heterosexuals do.

Santaquin, UT

Let's make it clear that Harry Reid does not speak for the church and it doctrines... And he most certainly does not speak for me...On almost every Political statement I couldn't disagree with him more...

Woodland Hills, UT

It seems as if Harry want's to be the spokesman for everyone and every thing. He has specialized in distortion for many years and is at the point where he now truly believes every lie he tells. Trouble is, not everyone is buying in, including the LDS Church.

tucson, AZ

It seems apparent to me that a point that is being missed in this discussion about Senator Reids comments that the church has or is changing it's stand on gay rights is not so much about if he or others feel or think differently now about Gay Rights but really should be about what God has instructed us is correct through his living prophet today. We are a church of continuing revelation but at no time previously , now or will there be in the future that it will be condoned that suddenly the lifestyle choice of being gay is condoned by God. As has been said distinguishing between the lifestyle choice and the person is something that has improved and loving the person but not loving their choice of lifestyle may be a more common attitude adapted by more LDS members but cetainly that is not to say that now it also in turn makes their choice to want to marry one another a correct principle. The prophet and leaders have repeatedly stated the truth that "marriage is viewed by god as being between a man and a woman". There cannot be a child created between any other 2 entities.

Sandy, UT

Just because the LDS church does not believe in Gay marriage does not mean that it should support discrimination against the LGBT community. The church believes that everyone is a child of God, is loved by him and should be loved by us.
The bill in question does not support gay marriage, simply supports non-discrimination.
Additionally, "Say No to BO" mentioned that the church would be compelled to hire openly gay applicants. Just because someone is gay does not mean that they are not living in accordance with the teachings of the church. Being gay is not a sin, acting upon those feelings is. People that simply have LGBT feelings, but do not act on them, can still be members of the church and enjoy all of the privileges and blessings, including serving missions and temple worship. So what would be the problem with having them working in church departments and church universities. I guarantee you that BYU already employs openly gay individuals.

International Bee
Ogden, UT

Esquire, the church did not miss an opportunity to do the right thing. The church does not need to judge and publish every piece of legislation. For heaven's sake… do you really not understand the church at all? This is a worldwide church… they are concerned about far more than what goes on in this country. Do you expect the church to comment on all legislation in all countries? Or.. do you think that the only important country is the USA? We know that the church teaches, "Teach correct principle and they will govern themselves."

South Jordan, UT

Canyontreker "Everybody is now in a protected class except the straight white male."

False. Straight (sexual orientation) white (race) male (gender) is protected under the same anti-discrimination laws.

Cedar City, UT

My concern related to LGBT rights is that it remain a debate about civil rights, not religious rights or religious freedom. The LDS Church has always considered LGBT sexual behavior as immoral.

Adultery, hating others, premarital sex, bearing false witness against another are also against God's laws and Church standards. These acts are lawful, however.

Freedoms and civil rights have been progressively established throughout America's history. It wasn't long ago when black citizens were lawfully segregated from the rest of us. Freedoms are essential and must be established as needed.

The LGBT community is being discriminated against in various ways. It is time to correct this unAmerican conduct. I see no reason to fear LGBT freedoms. America will be stronger. And God will continue to provide for His children.

clearfield, UT

Looking beyond Reid on this issue, I do wonder about this likely scenario in the not to distant future. 15 states have now enacted same sex marriage laws, and it is likely that more and more will succumb to the secular PC pressure to change. What happens when Utah is the last state standing, and all the boycotts (remember South Africa) begin in order to financially punish the last state for not passing these same sex laws? Think it won't happen? Maybe not, but if it does, the LDS Church is going to be in a tough place. They can't say they endorse same sex marriage, but might realize that Utah can't stand to be put in such a financially vulnerable position. I hope the Church leadership is thinking about how to handle this, if and when it comes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Why does God care if 2 consenting adults want to enter into a loving relationship? I would think that God would be preoccupied with the thousands of children that die everyday of malnutrition. For that matter, why do people care about what consenting adults do? There are enough real problems in the world to solve without worrying about what Adam and Steve are up to.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

I recall many discussions held in Gospel Doctrine class. If that's any measure, I would say that in taking liberty in interpreting Church belief in his own way, Harry Reid fits right in with Mormon tradition.

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