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Published: Thursday, Nov. 7 2013 9:55 p.m. MST

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Woods Cross, UT

@ The Walker:

1) I have LDS frineds and acquaintances all over the country and I've never heard of anyone being threatened with excommunication or excommunicated for supporting same-sex marriage.
2) I think the many church leaders and members support anti-discrimination laws of many types.
3) The BSA still does not accept gay leaders. The recent discussion was about young teens (scouts), and sexual orientation should not even be a question directed at kids.
4) LDS members need to grow up become politically active in a variety of ways, and in both parties. There are a variety of important issues in politics at this time.
5) How does one "support" same-sex marriages? By acknowledging that they exist in this country? By refusing to demean or alienate those who do? I think most LDS members understand that we respectfully disagree with the direction society has taken, but we will remember that these people are human beings and demand that they are respected as human beings by their employers and our political system.
6) I don't remember same-sex marriage being a question one had to answer to gain a temple recommend.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT


You've made that statement for years on this board and others. Show me "scientific proof".

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

I remember when someone could be excommunicated just for being gay.
Now it is changed to just committing the act.

I know many Gay and Lesbian Mormons who not only have Temple Recommends,
but also have Church Callings.
That didn't used to be the case.

So - Senator Reid is right.

FYI - The LDS church supported similar local laws protecting LGBTs in Utah,
but the Utah State Legislature (mostly Mormons) voted against it.

BTW - I was glad the DN at least reported that the majority 2/3s of the LDS Senators voted FOR the ENDA,
while the minority 1/3 voted against it.

Bluffdale, UT

Politico didn't mention marriage. Harry Reid didn't mention marriage. The Church statement re-stated the position on marriage.

Reid was talking about discrimination versus tolerance in the workplace. This is probably the only time I agree with Reid's statement.

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

I recall the last line of a poem: "first we pity, then endure, then embrace."

Salt Lake City, UT

Well... the LDS church did work with Salt Lake City when it came to their non-discrimination bill... that was something new. They also didn't get involved in the Maine, Maryland, and Washington ballot initiative fights like they did Prop 8.

Los Angeles, CA

I'm confused. If my wife dies and I marry another (in the temple) do you Mormons believe that I am married to one of them or both of them? Wouldn't the belief that marriage be between A man and A woman require me to divorce the first before marrying the second?

Salt Lake City, UT

Harry Reid has chosen life standards I have tried to reject for myself. It saddens me that he continuously diminishes the LDS faith in the eyes of the American public, but it doesn't make me think any less of him. Although I believe he is compulsively dishonest in his public statements and demeanor, I accept Senator Reid as a regular human being, as my brother who has chosen a different path.

Saint George, UT

Thank God for Senator Lee! This is a states rights issue, just like every other issue that the Democrats and Republicans don't understand. They don't understand because they don't like liberty. Where are the independent minded people out there that believe in freedom and liberty? The power to control and dominate and patronize is alive and well in the Democratic and Republican followers, as well as Harry Reid. Someday the light will turn on in Harry Reid's life, most likely when he reaches the other side!

Lone Eagle
Aurora, CO

All the legislation in the world will not change a foundation doctrine. It looks like Reid is getting more and more out of touch with his purported religion.

Boise, ID

I have to wonder whether there is a nice toasty place next to the big fire for the good senators who voted for ENDA. Of course all those who favor the flagrant violation of God's law will be howling like the very devil over my thinking here.

Salt Lake City, UT

"You have the right to do what you want in your own bedroom. . . "

This is true, as long as what you want to do is between consenting adults. These are private actions.

". . . but I have the right to employ who I want without it being a crime."

This is not true. It IS a crime in this country to discriminate against people in the workforce based on gender, ethnicity, and religion. The difference is that owning a business is NOT a private action. The community, through the government ALLOWS you to own a business. Don't believe me? You need a license to run a business. This is the community giving you permission to run a business. Try to run a business without a license, or without following building or fire codes, or zoning ordinances. Or hiring practices. Or try to run a business that society has deemed that you can't, such as a brothel, or opium den.

An orderly society has a basic interest in regulating businesses, and this does NOT infringe on your freedoms or liberty.

Oh, and your comment about the miniskirt and fishnets is nonsense. You CAN have a dress code in your business.

Bountiful, UT

@Ranch Hand
and others
For the record the church does not speak against a persons sexuality, but a persons sexual behavior. Even though I may not wholeheartedly agree with your view of unchangeable sexuality (which science has proven to be untrue (at least in some regard), its what one does with what one has that is important, not what one starts with etc.

SomewhereIn, UT


"The senior leadership of the LDS church grew up in another era."

True, God became God before we became His offspring. And, I do not anticipate God changing His views and doctrine anytime soon...actually ever.

If you plan to see any evolution in doctrine in the near future or in the rest of your lifetime, let me just put your heart at ease - aint gonna happen.

Also, tolerance as you and others interpret it seems to have a much broader definition. It does not extend to "approval" - period. (And, that is not an Obama "period" there)

Lone Eagle
Aurora, CO

So being "gay" means you are attracted to someone of the same sex (presumably applies to men only as there is another term for women who have same sex attraction)? I always thought it was the homosexual act that made one "gay." Having the attraction is one thing (and can reasonably be genetic), acting on it is something else completely and is completely by choice. It is the act that is disciplined and not the attraction.

As for the scout thing: why is it OK for boys who have same sex attraction to camp in the same tent, but not OK for a boy and girl who are opposite sex attracted?


My thoughts are. Where and when has it become the Federal Government's job to tell a business owner, apartment owner, or any private ownership who does not use government funding, how they must, and want, to run their business. The owner is responsible for all of his own expenses whether there is a profit or a loss. He suffers the responsibility and consequences for the profits of his business, NOT the Federal Government. Heaven knows the Federal Government is an expert at running businesses, right? If the owner pays the tab, he makes all the decisions within the bounds of our Original Constitution. Remember that old dusty document?

West Valley, UT

thinksIthink- God never said being black was sinful. Therefore, when the time was right He included black men in the Priesthood. However, homosexual behavior has always been a sin. HUGE difference and not even comparable.


Everybody is now in a protected class except the straight white male.

Here, UT


The ONLY people your church has any say over what they do is the MEMBERS of your church. NOBODY else is obligated to adhere to your rules. Don't approve? Don't engage. In other words, MYOB.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

3rd try....

I remember when members where excommunicated simply for being gay.
Now being gay is not the reason, but action is.

I know many gay and lesbian members who are temple worthy and hold church callings.

Senator Reid is correct,
The church has changed it's position over time.

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