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Published: Thursday, Nov. 7 2013 9:55 p.m. MST

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Louisville, KY


Those folks don't have the same national public stage that Senator Reid does.


Well said.

Ogden, UT

Mormons want their cake and eat it too.. but they have to make a choice soon, just like the catholics did, before their members started leaving them too. being twenty years behind the times doesnt mean you are conservative, it just means you are not as fast or intelligent as others are.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Sen. Lee is the one who has parted ways with the values of charity and equity by opposing ENDA. I'm glad Sen. Reid stands firm for those values, which are far more fundamental than anything else (see I Cor. 13).

Saratoga Springs, UT

As of late, the LDS has done nothing to stem the growing tide of immorality surrounding gay rights, and the members of the church cannot help but wonder where the Church REALLY stands on gay rights. In the last 2 years the LDS church has

1) dropped the threat of excommunication for supporting same-sex marriage
2) endorsed laws supporting anti-discrimination against individuals living a homosexual lifestyle
3) continued to support the Boy Scouts of America after allowing opening gay members into their ranks
4) failed to organize members in any of the 5 states where same-sex marriage issues were on the ballot
5) failed to take action when Church leaders and temple workers are seen supporting same-sex marriages
6) failed to take action when Stake Presidents and their counselors give temple recommends to those members who are active supporters of same-sex marriage.

In light of these facts, I would have to agree with Harry Reid's statement.

Perry, GA

TMR and others, the Church was responding to media inquiries not Mr Reid and his comments.

Riverton, UT

"God's views have not changed."??? It is good to know that God leaves comments on the Deseret News site. I think not!

Sandy, UT

Unfortunately it all boils down to the loss of freedom. You have the right to do what you want in your own bedroom, but I have the right to employ who I want without it being a crime. I may not want my salesman Mike to suddenly show up at my customer's office in a miniskirt and fishnet stockings as Mandy. Nor do I want Mandy in the women's restroon where "she" may make the women in the office uncomfortable.

Freedom is a two way street. You are free to do what you want and I am free not to associate with you. This law a just another tool not only to force tolerance, but to force acceptance. That Senator Hatch supoorted this bill shows just how little he believes in liberty.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

This is a bad law which will allow bad employees another excuse to sue their employer for "discrimination" when the reason they were fired isn't because they are gay, it was because they didn't do their job.

People that don't own a business don't realize how the government is squeezing the life out of companies through all of these crushing regulations.

Centerville, UT


LDS church leaders (1st Presidency & Quorum of the Twelve) make decisions based on revelation from God. The process of seeking, receiving, recognizing, & following revelation is a life-long process for members of the LDS church. These senior leaders of the church are well practiced & experienced in the process.

As such, I can't understand your reasoning that these leaders grew up in another era. Because they are old, with "outdated" cultural viewpoints (according to your implication) there won't be any change in the church's position on gays & gay marriage until a younger, more up-to-date group of members transitions into church hierarchy (again, according to your implication).

Are you also implying that these younger, future, much hoped-for by the gay community, anticipated church leaders will change God's mind on the foundational doctrines & commandments so that revelation will be received to enact the change you refer to?

If this is widely believed, then church members have a ways to go toward understanding the principles of revelation & the ways of God.

Carol P. Warnick
Ephraim, Utah

Harry Reid needs to get his information correct before making a statement for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. Our church has always been compassionate to people's needs but stands firm on our beliefs and marriage between a man and a woman is God's plan.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

It took until 1978, for the LDS Church to stop preaching that Blacks were a cursed race and second class citizens. Given time, the church may also change its position on gay marriage. BTW, how many gay/lesbian members hold leadership positions in Utah? How about nationwide?

Bill McGee
Alpine, UT

Brigham Young taught that anyone refusing to enter into plural marriage would be damned, and would live through eternity as the servant of those who obeyed that law. Later, after the priesthood was extended to all men, mixed race couples were refused the right to marry in the temple. So, yes, the Church's position on marriage has changed several times. Hard line stances taken by the church on many "foundational" and "core" doctrines have changed over time, despite official pronouncements and pulpit-thumping speeches by the Brethren declaring that they wouldn't. There is no reason to believe that this time is any different. (I would suggest to folks pointing to the Proclamation on The Family to prove their point, that it is not scripture - as Elder Packer found out after his talk in the October 2010 General Conference.)

Furthermore, the opinions of the members HAVE already changed. And as happened repeatedly in the past, it will simply take some time for the Brethren to catch up. I would like to remind people that we were literally nearly the last people on earth to extend equality to Blacks, much to our shame.

Buffalo, NY

I have family members, friends, and coworkers who live a heterosexual lifestyle and I'm just as accepting of them as regular human beings as any of my other family members, friends, and coworkers. It saddens me that they've chosen that lifestyle, but it doesn't make me think any less of them.

Be A Voice For Good
Stansbury Park, UT

"On the question of same-sex marriage... If it is being suggested that the church’s doctrine on this matter is changing, that is incorrect.

'...traditional marriage is a foundational doctrine and cannot change.'"
- LDS Church

I absolutely Agree!

Now regarding Reid's statement, he is a Senator and has no authority to make statements in behalf the LDS church. His position on this subject has obviously changed, but most faithful members of the church (those who listens to a Prophet), views have not changed.


God makes her own decisions and may not necessarily be in agreement with any particular human being or even with a publicly stated church position...

Springville, UT


Hope Everyone realizes that at the start of the article it states that "politico" REPORTED that Sen Reid said this. Seems to me that the statement the church is releasing refutes the article than it does Sen Reid.

Church member
North Salt Lake, UT

to: Play by the Rules

Are you sure his views haven't changed?? How do you know.

He changed his views on polygamy and the priesthood.

Bountiful, utah

Gee, I didnt know that Harry Reid is now the prophet, must have missed that minor detail.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Senator Reid is correct -- the LDS Church has indeed changed it's position of LGBT "rights" over time.

It used to be LDS members were automatically excommunicated for "being" gay.
Now, it is only acting on that comes into question.
Gay and Lesbians even hold Temple Recommends and serve in Callings now.

The LDS Church backed LGBT non-discrimination laws in Utah,
the Utah Legislature chose to ignore the Church.

The Church supports "traditional marriage",
but has never issued any statements regarding awarding "civil unions" or "domestic partnerships".

As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney [also LDS] signed Gay Marriage into law.

I'm glad the DN reported that of the 6 U.S. Senators - the majority 2/3s of them signed the ENDA Law.

while the minority 1/3 of the Senators [Lee and Crapo] -- did not.

The naysayers are wrong.
Senator Reid is right, once again.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

The LDS Church has not made any change in position but in its most recent statements on the matter I've sensed a definite change in tone that seems to reflect how the entire country has been changing its attitudes toward issues of gay rights. I welcome the trend towards more enlightened thinking on something we once were too reluctant to even talk about.

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