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Published: Thursday, Nov. 7 2013 9:55 p.m. MST

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Aloha, OR

Reid and Hatch are not aruguing with the LDS church alone. They are arguing with the
apostle Paul who wrote very clearly what God thinks of gays and lesbians.
I think that if God had given them over to a reprobate mind, he is not really all that
happy with their behavior. It is behavior and not just a life style or ethnicity.
Behavior that if one is born with it, should also prevent prosecution of a murderer
who was born that way also. Who would buy that argument in court?

Phoenix, AZ

It is all just a matter of time.

Lehi, UT

One of the reasons I don't think the church coordinated the recent disciplinary hearings is because they are concerned about PR. I think they merely pushed for being stricter with apostates, and the specifics are more-or-less coincidence.

As a PR-minded institution, the church isn't going to touch politicians with a 10 foot pole.
If they were to appear to be attempting to sway politics (through punishment, or any other means) their tax-exempt status would be in jeopardy.
They church is willing to do a great many things, but they would never put the opacity of their finances at risk.


And since the vast majority of Mormons have no clue of their own history, and historical "revelations" ... no major change has come into Mormondom without a change of the hearts of the members, and the pressure from members, politics, and the courts.

Harry Reid stated a fact.
Harry's fact upset a faction of Mormons.
LDS, Inc. fires back, needlessly.

Times are changing folks. And most of you commenting here are on the wrong side of history. I remember the very same arguments being made during the Civil Rights Movement in the 60's and 70's. The very same things were being said about inter-racial marriage.

The sky still has not fallen, Chicken Little.

Minneapolis, MN

I know God Lives, Jesus is the Christ, and Elder Monson is the prophet on the earth today :)

Draper, UT

Regardless of how you feel about this particular issue, the LDS Church should discipline Harry Reid for his never-ending dishonesty and for his never-ending lying.

As my mother would say, Harry Reid would lie if the truth would better suit his purpose.


Love the sinner, hate the sin.
Harry is just an idiot that will do and say anything to be reelected.

Salt Lake City, UT

I didn't know we had to get sexual identification. What office to I do to for that?

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