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Published: Thursday, Nov. 7 2013 2:40 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

if you just shack up you get a discount....if you are married you are penalized? That's one way to put an end to the gay marriage envy crowd?

Las Vegas, NV

Obama lied, healthcare die

Salt Lake City, UT

It's only a "penalty" if both in the marriage are working.

Highland, UT

Why are we subsidizing anyone anyway? This whole thing is corrupt.

Cedar Hills, UT

spread the love man... Isn't Obamacare - Socialism Great!!! Just remember America, you voted for this!!!! Twice!!! When you are digging into your bank account to pay that gigantic insurance premium - remember a year ago when you could have checked the ROMNEY box instead of the Obama box on the ballot ... and had you done that you wouldn't be in this living nightmare now. Yes elections have consequences and so does stupidity. Millions of Obama voters are finding that out for the first time this fall. Hard for me to feel sorry for anyone who voted for Obama and now finds themselves in dire straits.

Centerville, UT


"It's only a "penalty" if both in the marriage are working."

Is that really your defense of this stinker? So if one of them stops working and cuts their income in half, then their healthcare gets cheaper? Is that really what you are trying to say?

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

This is the story that never ends. We learn something new about Obamacare daily. What ever happended to that guy who said that you could keep your doctor and your insurance plan if you wanted?

Salt Lake City, UT

No, it's not my defense, I just find it amusing that conservatives who believe in having a stay at home parent to raise the kids are upset about something that only harms families where two people work.

My "defense" is that I don't care since even with this "penalty", Obamacare is still a better deal than what the options were before for the hypothetical married couple. If conservatives really want to complain about it, then go ask Reid to change the subsidies to make them even more generous. But they won't and you know why? Because Republicans wanted to defund Obamacare. The subsidies under a defunded Obamacare would be 0. So hey, forget the marriage penalty, you'd institute a larger penalty to everyone married or not. Instead of individuals up to 40k and married couples without kids up to 55k getting subsidies, nobody would get subsidies. So don't come crying to me that the subsidy isn't as large as you'd like. You wanted it to be 0, for everyone. And if you didn't you should've paid attention to what defunding does...

Salt Lake City, UT

If Republicans had their way and defunded Obamacare then the subsidies to everyone, married or unmarried, would be 0. How's that for a penalty?

Joey D

Pelosi: "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It"

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

I'm not a fan of the ACA and not a fan of Obama but if, only after a few weeks post-implementation, these are the best arguments against the ACA then, sorry conservatives, but the "freedom ending, America destroying" ACA is here to stay.

Perhaps, if the DesNews actually cared about prominent issues affecting families, they'd run more stories on immigration, gun violence, income inequality, etc.... This is nothing but a charade.

Payson, UT

Obamacare is working for a lot of the milions of poor people. You don't like poor people and you probably are racist if you don't support obamacare.

(The above are some of the continuing lies being propogated by certain media outlets)

Tooele, UT

How crazy is that..a married couple getting penalized. This article made it sound like this couple was getting a divorce because of this Obama insurance plan..gee I hope not, I hope any married couple would put their marriage above insurance. This whole thing is nuts!

Omaha, NE

Love this part of the article.

Critics of the Affordable Care Act have called the pricey decision couples face the 'marriage penalty.' But the income levels for subsidies were set by Congress," according to CBS News, which also interviewed the couple.

What's the BUT doing in there? So... because Congress set the levels... it's not a penalty...Or its not someone's fault???

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Attack on the medical profession
Attack on our access to quality health care
Attack on our liberties
Attack on the responsible
Attack on our fiscal viability
Attack on truth
Attack on marriage

We have to pass it so we can find out what’s in it!

Curiosity killed the cat, nancy, and in this case will kill us.

so you’re saying we should have no two-income families so MORE can live at the public trough?

I think you were trying to say something , but I’m having a hard time figuring it out. I’m seriously NOT trying to argue with you – you have left me befuddled. What is your point?


Iowa City, IA

Healthcare is quickly becoming as confusing as tax returns.

Obamacare is a scam. Now we know whats in it since its been passed, its time to take it off life support. Its a bad, bad law and should never have become such to begin with.

We all want healthcare but the end doesn't not justify the dishonest means.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

First a marriage penalty with income tax and now this.
Democrats are sure pro marriage aren't they!

Remember not one Republican voted for this.

85% of single women vote Democrat.
55% of married women vote Republican. Formerly single women make the party switch within three years of marriage.

If Democrats actually promoted and encouraged marriage it would be political suicide.


When I was a little girl I was taught that when government tries to "take care" of the people, the people suffer. Whereas, when the people take care of themselves, they prosper. I agree with the LDS Church's approach to helping individuals who can't help themselves. It's based on voluntary contributions and love. In the case of the government, it's based on political parties trying to win favor with groups who are struggling by giving them something for free for the soul purpose of controlling them. I suggest that like minded healthcare professionals or, the Church, create independent exchanges that do not accept government subsidies. The private sector healthcare systems would free all of us from the nonsense in Washington.

Hucahuca City, AZ

The income limits were set by liberals/progressives who never read the bill, and rammed this law through the back doors of Congress in the middle of the night. Now Pres. Obama is attempting to change his tune on what he said three years ago on his promises (...PERIOD) of guaranteed continued coverage. The ACA is a nightmare from all angles and and aspects. What else could one expect from such ludicrous legislation?

salt lake city, utah

Lost I thought alt was very clear. This couple needs steady help with their insurance because of the kinds of profession they have. There are differentiators in the subsidies/help they can receive based on whether they are married or not. However, you have no moral high ground to criticize the differentiations in subsidies when you think no one should get any subsidies.

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