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Vikings have revenge in mind after falling to Beetdiggers in last year's playoffs

Published: Thursday, Nov. 7 2013 2:50 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Jordan wins 63-49

Prep Fan 89
Draper, UT

Jordan will lead by at least 21 in the 2nd quarter and will cost to a 4 touchdown victory.

Jordan 48, Pleasant Grove 21

Jordan will continue their tradition of missing extra points by missing at least one.

Riverton, UT

Lol Prep Fan. It does happen like that doesen't it. Dood I just hope Moss has a huge game. Take some pressure off Austin. I wouldn't be uprised if Jordan drops another 50 on these guys. I think jordan is peaking at the right time, but with just a little sureity. The next round is going to be awesome if Jordan gets there. Go Diggers!

Sandy, UT

8 hours till kickoff!!! Moss taking pressure off Austin? How bout the defense takes a little pressure off the offense and shuts down PG.

Riverton, UT

With a game like this I know Jordan can score in bunches. But I think this just might be the game where Jordan has to use a little more clock than they're used to. PG can score and don't be suprised if thats what Hamilton does just to keep our O off the field. Like I said in another post I think this is going to be a chess match between Hamilton and Kjar.

South Jordan, UT

this will be a good game!

this and the brighton herriman game are the two to watch today!

South Jordan, UT

This will be a good game. I would go with Jordan if I hadn't seen 3 different games how bad their defense is. I don't doubt Jordan can put up plenty of points. My problem is I don't think they can stop PG from putting up points. I have to give the defensive edge to PG by a long shot. I see this being a very high scoring games. If there was an over/under on this game, I'd go plus 75-80. I think PG maybe makes just enough stops to pull this one out. But that's why they play the games!

Dickshooter, ID

I've heard it all now Gunner thinks PG is a defensive juggernaut. I looked up head to head games between region 3 and region 4 that has taken place this year. I like the Diggers chances!

Sandy, UT

I KNOW Jordan pulls out a win tonight. Maybe close but I even doubt that. Austin just don't loose to teams like PG at home!

Orem, UT

Pleasant Grove can play with Jordan. I understand Jordan's the favorite but I'd be very surprised if Jordan blows them out. I expect a close game and wouldn't be surprised to see the upset by PG today.

South Jordan, UT

Digs: Did I say PG was a defensive power? I said I see it being a close game. But if you want to compare Jordan's defense to another team, you better look at a little league team. I've seen more defenses on a pee wee team than what Jordan has shown. I still think PG gets enough stops to be the difference. Both teams will score some points. But Jordan's defense has proven it can't stop anybody! Saying PG has a better defense by a long shot doesn't mean they are a "defensive juggernaut". It just says how bad the D at Jordan is!

Provo, UT

Two words to explain this victory for Jordan: Kafentzis, Moss.

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