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Published: Friday, Nov. 8 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Unlike Ms. Parker, I am not a mind reader so I cannot tell if Obama is a conscious liar. But the lesson for him is clear -- whatever you do, don't try to make people's lives better. They will hate you for it.

Charlotte, NC

You can't say it better than that. The president lied to get the bill passed and him reelected. There was no confusion over such a simple point. He said it again and again and again PERIOD. NO MATTER WHAT! Who will ever believe this guy again? There is going to be a blood bath over this next November. The Democrats are already running for cover.

Getting Older
Riverton, UT

Ms. Parker could have saved some space by just saying Obama was a liar. She used several sentences saying just that but didn't ever say just that. Mr. Obama doesn't care what he says as long as he gets what he wants.

Durham, NC

I agree..... Obama should have been full disclosure that if you buy yourself a minimalist policy, it will likely not meet the new minimums. It should have been said. Most people will be able to carry forward their coverage - those who have full coverage plans. But there are those policies that fall well short of that.... and that should have been made clear.

It was a mistake, and it should be owned up to.

Sandy, UT

Deception in government you say? I'm shocked, shocked.

Ogden, UT

Ms Parker very well said but I am from the old school and it smells an awful lot like a lie so I call it a lie.

Utah Blue Devil "It was a mistake, and it should be owned up to.

When are you folks going to quit carrying Obamas water? Mistake? It was a deliberate and intentional lie told 1. to con everyone for his election.2. to further his socialist/communist agenda.It really passes the smell test, the sight test, and the taste test.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

The recent statements by Mitt Romney and now Kathleen Parker feed a cynicism that political talk thrives on. It reminds me how GW Bush was called a liar when he was proven wrong about Saddaam s weapons of mass destruction. Does having to concede we were wrong about something mean we were willfully trying to deceive? Who among us in 20/20 hindsight would not be vulnerable to having our integrity questioned at various points in our lives?

Salt Lake City, UT

And yet all these "my premiums will skyrocket" stories on Hannity and elsewhere keep leading to articles from people finding out "actually... there's a plan available on the exchange that covers what you had before and is either cheaper or comparable in price".

Hayden, ID

@ Irony Guy. Obamacare is a scam to rob Peter to pay for Paul's health insurance. It may help Paul but it sure doesn't help Peter! It appears most of the Peters in America resent being lied too! Shame on them, right?

clearfield, UT

Kathleen Parker, you are my hero. Working for the Washington Post, writing editorials like you do, and keeping your job. Remember, Fox News will be there when the heat gets too much at the Post. Needless to say, I agree with what you wrote. Thanks for being one of the few voices of reason coming out of the liberal media.

Phoenix, AZ

Kathleen, a lie is a lie... I think that's your point, right?

The Democrats have little or no trouble or hesitancy calling President George W. Bush a liar over Iraq's WMD.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

The President is fair game for having his words parsed by a high-handed columnist using not so subtle metaphors like “sins of omission” to characterize not only what the President said but what he failed to say. “Duped” and “willfully misled” are terms that are not in turn to be likewise parsed when they flow from a poison pen writing in ill temper whether hard facts support such stark semantic choices or not.

But Barack Obama knows all that. It comes with the job of being President.

clearfield, UT

I believe that had Obama gone before the American people on a national broadcast and said, I'm sure sorry that this ACA has not worked like we in my administration thought it would, and we are going to fix these problems before asking you to sign on. ect. He would probably be in the 70% popularity rating right now. His egotistical sense that he knows best and is never wrong, and his personality, (narcissistic), will never allow a man like him to be humble. Pride comes before the fall. And humility is one of the best virtues. Obama has too much of one and not enough of the other.

Orem, UT

Irony guy: "But the lesson for him is clear -- whatever you do, don't try to make people's lives better. They will hate you for it."

I am all for making people's lives better. But Obamacare does not do that. Sure, it helps people who did not have insurance before (and there were quite a few of them), but it makes millions of other people's lives worse. I wouldn't be surprised if even fewer people have health insurance after we go through all this pain, than before it all started.

This program hurts workers, businesses, and taxpayers. It takes away personal liberty and adds a HUGE new government bureaucracy that will be inefficient and full of fraud and abuse.

But obviously, being against such a monstrosity means that you hate "helping people", right?

Saint George, UT

How anyone could defend a lie tells you something about the electorate. Obama is Obama, but citizens who defend someone who is lying tells you where we are in our society. People will have ears for what they want to hear, including listening and nodding while someone is lying.

Saint George, UT

Irony guy: You couldn't have said it better, which is why the government needs to stay out of Health care and every other thing that citizens should be doing for themselves. I can't believe that those who understand the it on a personal level completely become lost at a public level. Doing something for a child that he/she can do for him/her self only creates selfish, self-absorbed, and irresponsible children.

Anti Bush-Obama
Chihiuahua, 00

No Obama didn't dupe them It was Bush. Everything is Bush's fault when something bad happens under Obama. Why don't you know that yet?

Salt Lake City, UT

" Right now more than 4.2 million individuals have had their coverage cancelled and it is rapidly growing. That is more than 4.2 million voters, who will not have short memories, come election time on 04 Nov 2014 when they vote for their House and Senate members in Congress."

I'm not concerned since most of them will end up with better and/or more affordable plans on the exchanges anyway.

Saint George, UT

Atl134: Of course, as is the case with all progressives, the lie is ok as long as the Outcome fits their idea of what is best. that, my friend, is our biggest problem, not obamacare or any other legislation. The grand wizard loves that reasoning for it unfolds numerous opportunities to destroy liberty and enslave us all. after all, ask a progressive who is more powerful or dependable-God or government- and I would bet all the money I have (not much) that government will get the nod, if not all the support.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

I guess there's not much to add. People are not only loosing their plans, they are loosing their Drs, something that means a lot especially if you have some kind of life threatening disease. So you loose your plan, you loose the Dr., and listening to some, you loose hope.

I watched a man on Hannity/or Kelly who said his new coverage would be 3 to 5 Xs as much with a huge deduction. He said he is going to die anyway in the long run, so he won't sign up and he won't pay a penalty so he can leave his family with something after he goes. He has lost hope! Is this really what America stands for? He is not an old man and this will happen over and over.

It's not 0bama that's the real problem, it's the people who support and make excuses for what he has done to this country.
BTW Atl134 there's a panel of Drs on Hannity right now, maybe it would be a good hour to listen to them.

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