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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 6 2013 7:50 p.m. MST

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Saratoga Springs, UT

Yikes, guys. 0-5 is good enough for 30th place! Still, I like what the future holds for the Jazz! Often, character is built in adversity.

Meadow Lark Mark

I guess good bye season for the Jazz. They must be trying to get the worst record.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

It is not when the Jazz win their first game but "if." They should play anybody (including the bear) before Tinsley/Lucas play. I was afraid of this when they signed them..

Tokyo, Japan

@Meadow Lark Mark

errr...this is a rebuilding season...i am sure as a jazz fan you are aware of that?

@Little Andy
I agree Lucas and Tinsley...arent that good...but...dont worry...next year we have Neto as a backup...i am not sure...how good Trey Burke really is...because i am not sold on his skills...but if he lived up to his reputation...then once we gets back...tinsley and lucas would get reduced minutes...let's just hope Ty Corbin is creative enough to use alec burks more...those end of game turnovers are costing us...hayward kanter have good stat lines....i wish favors gets his groove and be able to contribute consistently on offense as well....

Salt Lake City, UT

It isn't a "rebuilding year" -- it is another wasted year. What are the young Jazz going to learn from a season when the bigs can't get the ball in a good spot, when there are bushels of turnovers, when they are losing every game? NOTHING!

Players aren't going to progress much in these circumstances.

Is it a "rebuilding year," or a downward spiral the likes of which the Clippers experienced for decades, despite a fist full of #1 picks.

The Jazz need a point guard. Go get the kid from Europe. Buy out his contract, or waste this opportunity for him and everyone else to learn.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Wow. I thought the Celtics might be the only team worse than the Jazz. Turns out I was wrong.

Oh, and lol at those of you who think the Jazz have a bright future. This "hot young core" you're all looking forward to seeing in the future has a very limited ceiling. The next Kobe isn't among them. The next LeBron isn't among them. That ideal future Jazz team would be 2-3 at this point in the season.

South Jordan, UT

kevo: This isn't adversity. This is just bad decisions by the front office compounded by bad coaching compounded by players whose skills are regressing instead of improving. These are self-inflicted wounds.

South Jordan, UT

Through the first 33 games of the season, I see three chances to get a win:
- Nov 13 New Orleans @ Jazz (game 9)
- Nov 29 Phoenix @ Jazz (game 17)
- Dec 7 Sacramento @ Jazz (game 22)
- Dec 30 Charlotte @ Jazz (game 34)

I can see this Jazz team setting records for losses. I'm already on record predicting they will be 0-21 before they beat Sac on Dec 7. It could get that ugly.

San Mateo, CA

I still feel this is a good team. Just short of a star or leader to be great, who may or may not emerge from this bunch. However, it is clear that the coaching staff is not able to get the best out of them. The scariest part for me is that, a team which played fairly well in the first 3 games with a good chance to win until the final mins, has regressed to losing badly in the last 2.

Ivins, UT

All of a sudden it's like a new revelation to many of you that the Jazz are going to struggle this year. Did you all not get the memo? The Jazz are going to probably lose a ton of games. It will be a wild ride, maybe some you you need to get off the roller coaster now and go get on the merry-go-round before you start blowing chunks. The Jazz will slowly improve but it won't happen overnight. My feeling is that if I can put up with Obama another 4 years I can get through a rough patch with the Jazz.

South Jordan, UT

This is team was supposed to struggle with flashes of brilliance but we're only seeing struggles with no flashes. The team was supposed to be competitive but undone by inexperience but they're just plain bad.

This makes me think on that record setting blowout loss to Houston last season and I realize that this team is fundamentally flawed in ways that have nothing to do with the roster and a good old fashion spring cleaning is in order.

None of these things would have ever happened under Larry H. Miller's watch. Thanks Greg!

Tokyo, Japan

@Brave Sir Robin

i dont think anyone is expecting a Kobe or a Lebron to come out from Hayward, Favors, Kanter and Burks...everyone is expecting for them to learn and grow in the next few years or so...it might be long but i'll enjoy the ride...

did we have a fist full of number one picks in the past decade? name me one Number 1 Pick in the past 2 decades...i dare you...dont say Deron Williams...Don't say Kanter...Hayward...they weren't number 1 picks...

i guess you wanted the Pekovic...Al Jeff and/or monta ellis...yeah a playoff spot would be nice...but would that bring home the championship no?....does this current group of young guys can bring the championship...we don't know...this is the first time Favors and Kanter getting 30 minutes a night...and i know for sure...it will be a long ride...but im the kind of guy that is willing to wait...if the team ever bring home the championship...be it with the current players or not...i could proudly say...i was supporting them through thick and thin...

Springville, UT

This can't be a surprise to anyone.

Salt lake, UT


Salt Lake City, UT

And Corbin continues to struggle to find the right combinations. Just when Favors starts playing better, Corbin pulls him. Ian Clark struggled, yet Corbin left him in the game. Ty still calls timeouts about two possessions too late.

South Jordan, UT

Kakashi: Why do you feel the need neglect truth in your rhetoric? My opinions during the free agency period are well known. You don't have to make things up.
- Yes, I wanted to offer Pekovic (a restricted free agent) a toxic front-loaded contract. At best, we get a solid interior presence (better than Biedrins and Gobert together) with a contract that still provided flexibility when we need it to sign our young stars. At worst, Minnesota ends up with a toxic contract that limits their near term options.
- No, I did not want Monte Ellis or Al Jefferson.

I wanted Eric Bledsoe rather than an unproven rookie who won't be ready for prime time for several years. By then, some of the Jazz core will be on other teams.

I wanted to gamble on Xavier Henry (signed for less than $1M) as a role player.

I suggested S&Ts for Jefferson and Millsap that could have yielded contributing veterans (ie: Deng).

All my suggestions were designed to protect our precious cap room; cap room that is now worthless since no worthwhile free agent is going to want to play for this organization in its current state.

Saint Louis, MO

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. You are building a future and loud criticism is only "noise" at this point. I am happy to see Ian Clark playing. He is supposed to be a very good 3 ball shooter. Even if they go 0-82 which is still technically possible, that is okay, Kanter is playing well and Hayward appears to have his head screwed back on. Favors is rebounding but not shooting. They have no point guard right now. As a teacher, Corbin just needs to stay the course and criticism needs to be put back in the "can of peanuts".


Point guard please. Even if this is a rebuilding year, the Jazz need someone that can run the point. Neto now! Please Burks don't play the point! More Ian Clarke, when he gets minutes he will start hitting shots. Less or no Tinsley. Favors get tougher.

Bountiful, utah

Lets see... we have a talented center who cant defend, another talented defender who wont shoot, and a bunch of others who only want to launch (unguided) skuds, force bad shots, and throw the ball away, and heaven help anyone at the free throw line. I wonder why we are 0-5?

Bastrop, TX

A grand experiment I heartily approved of appears to be going South.
We lost Burke to a freak injury....Nothing to be done about that.
Lucas (the veteran who was to school Burke) proves to be something of a bust.
Corbin manages to talk the hierarchy into re-hiring the Jamal "The Geritol Kid" Tinsley.

Now, in the midst of this supposed "youth movement", the Utah Jazz have a 33 and a 37 year old on their starting five...both of whom are well over the hill, though neither would admit it.

In my opinion, the hierarchy is to blame for not doing whatever it takes to get Neto over here. This business of hurting someone's feelings doesn't wash...Anyone remember how we got Boozer???....Also in my opinion, said hierarchy is to blame for the whole mess....They cleaned out everyone except the one who needed to be cleaned out the most....Ty Corbin.

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