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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 6 2013 6:10 p.m. MST

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Listening to John Swallow on Doug Right's show this morning, he claims that IT deletes its backups of emails after 30 days. If that's true, maybe the IT department needs a new policy.

Hyrum, UT

Considering there was (or obviously would be) an investigation, Swallow had every incentive to preserve all his communication records... IF he was innocent.

The only reason he had for deleting such huge amounts of possibly incriminating evidence is if he is indeed guilty. He knew that deleting the info might look bad, but at least there was still a question mark at the end of the sentence instead of an exclamation point.

At this point, John, there has been way too much incriminating evidence brought to light for you to ever serve effectively in your current political position. I'm a Republican and would like to believe you are innocent. But I can't deny the obvious. Even if you get off on a technicality, a dark cloud of suspicion will forever hang over your head causing most voters to never trust you again.

Before this gets any worse, your best option would be to immediately resign and get back into private business again... away from the media eye in order to begin the process of getting this behind you. At this point of the game, the cards are stacked too heavily against you.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Salt Lake City, UT
I'm no fan of John Swallow. His actions may, or may not be criminal, but he has acted unethically and stupidly. Still, attacking him because he hasn't preserved all his emails on his home or office computer seems extreme.


Let's see ---

His Office Computer,
His Home Computer,
His Lap-Top,
His cellphone,

ALL just happened to "crash",
All just happened to "delete" those records,
ALL just happened at the same time?

Only a shifty crooked Lawyer who is trying to hide something he did he KNEW was wrong or against the LAW would be smart to know everything that an Investgation would be looking at would be smart enough to do all that!

Kaysville, UT

@ Dante

I agree with you to a point BUT you are not an attorney, THE Attorney General of the State of Utah.
If I was in his position, every scrap of paper that could be evidence to show I had faithfully fulfilled my obligations and been honest in my dealings would be saved for a minimum of 5 years.
If I was in the same mold of Richard Milhouse Nixon, I'd destroy as much evidence as I could as fast as I could.
I'm a nobody but I have a business and nothing is destroyed for at least 5 years and in some cases it's stored for 10 years just in case.
Have I been sued? Yes and that very evidence that I had saved and stored ended that lawsuit in the first hearing in front of a Judge.
Is AG Swallow innocent of any wrong doing? Maybe, but he is demonstrating that he is guilty by his actions.
I personally hope he is blameless for the sake of his family.

New to Utah

The standard exists of innocent until proven guilty. We should all relax take a deep breath and let the facts come. If he is guilty so be it but if he is exonerated this has been an expensive witch hunt.

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