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Published: Thursday, Nov. 7 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Tooele, UT

Re: "Obamacare needs a doctor"

It'd be better for real America and real Americans if it got an undertaker.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Oh gee, another Dnews article bashing Obamacare. That's not something I haven't seen every week for the past 3 years...

Hayden, ID

Obama used the oldest scam in history; bait and switch. The bait was, "If you like your plan, you can keep it". The switch is, if I like your plan, you can keep it.

Springville, UT

You clearly have bought the right wing rhetoric lock stock and barrel. I would have thought with your resources, a little independent research was possible. The numbers show that the people who have lost policies or had enormous increases had what is referred to as junk policies. They now have the ability to find better policies. On the whole, not just focusing on a small minority, the results will be better than what we had. There are problems with the start-up, but it does not mean we throw the baby out with the bathwater. This paper has revealed itself as in line with Fox, not the mainstream. I can only assume this is driven by your ownership.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

Popularity of the Affordable Care Act is slowly increasing, according to a recent Reuters poll.

The right wing media is going absolutely, hyperbolically, bananas over the fact that President Obama forgot to add the simple words, "unless you have a really. really, lousy policy.

Remember, in the first month of the amazingly successful Romneycare, only 123 people signed up!

Daniel Leifker
San Francisco, CA

The Affordable Care Act is starting to become comical.

My own medical insurance plan was cancelled and replaced with a new plan in 2014 that is about 75% more expensive. Yesterday I got a notice from one of the largest healthcare providers in my state inviting me to call them for a quote, so I called.

The sales person recommended a no-frills plan for $527 a month. (I currently pay $322.) The deductible was a staggering $5000 with lots of fat co-pays.

I asked if they had anything cheaper, and the sales person said, "Yes, we have a plan for $519 a month, but I don't recommend it because it has no benefits." I was shocked by this and investigated further. The $519 plan pays zero until I reach a $4500 deductible, and then it kicks in (sort of). $519 x 12 months + $4500 = $10,728 per year that I would have to pay out of my own pocket each year before I get $1 in benefits. The sales person burst out laughing at how ludicrous this was. I didn't laugh.

I am thinking about just dropping medical insurance and paying the penalty.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I agree that it needs some improvement. But ANY attempt to even touch it is greeted with such paranoid rally-the-troops mentality from the Democrats, that literally NOTHING can be changed.

I also have to admit that the Tea Party Republicans caused this knee-jerk response from Democrats (because they tried to kill it). From now on... every attempt to even TOUCH it by a Republican will be seen as a mortal threat to the Democrats, and they will naturally over-react because of the past history. Democrats letting Republicans even TOUCH it would be like giving your baby to the person who tried to kill it. Aint gonna happen.

So if ANYTHING in ObamaCare is going to change... it's going to have to be done by Democrats alone again. Because literally ANY attempt to participate or improve it by a Republican will instantly and mindlessly be painted as an attempt to kill it (by Democrats and the media).

So I hope Democrats can get their heads on straight and fix it. Because there's NOTHING Republicans can do at this point. ANYTHING they try will be vilified and shutdown.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

@2 bits

"I also have to admit that the Tea Party Republicans caused this knee-jerk response from Democrats (because they tried to kill it)."

I respectfully disagree: Democrats have made this a virtually lock-step partisan issue from day one.

Obama's own oblivious rigidity (and malicious use of force - such as militarizing park rangers) combined with Reid's complete arrogance are their own doing and merely vindicate the Tea Party

Sioux City, IA

@Esquire and Liberal Larry:

While many of the plans that are being cancelled did not meet all the requirements of the "one size fits all" PPACA it does not necessarily follow that they didn't fill the needs of the person on the plan. My friend is over 55 and female. Her current plan is being cancelled because it doesn't have maternity coverage, prostate exam coverage, and does not cover birth control. She does not need any of those types of coverage and chose a plan that didn't provide them.
Within the next 6 years the last of the Baby Boomer women will turn 55 and will no longer need any of these 3 types of coverage but will be forced to purchase policies that provide them in order to make the coverage more affordable for those who need them. And with the exception of prostate exams the men of that generation will also have to purchase coverage they don't need.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Re: "Certainly, President Obama would have known that the fallout from a false statement eventually would cause great damage to his administration"...

I seriously don't think the President realized that his statement COULD turn out to be false. And I assure you he wouldn't have made it IF he thought it would cause great damage to his administration.

I think he is so out of touch with the details (even of the details in the 2000 pages of regulations in his own law) that he really didn't know that this would become a problem.

He SHOULD have realized that many existing plans would be REQUIRED to be cancelled (by the rules in his law)... because they didn't meet the ACA requirements.

But I think he really believed that if he said they could keep their plans... they could keep the plans. But that makes me wonder if he has actually read his own law (entirely) and he didn't even know that his own law would FORCE these plans to be cancelled (because they don't meet ACA standards).

Saint George, UT

Esquire: The progressive patronizers are at it again. The reasoning goes something like this: "All of you with those 'junk' policies just are incompetent at deciding what you want and that requires those of us who do know what's best for you to tell you that we are getting rid of your 'junk' policies for you. We are so sorry that you can't think for yourself. Just listen to us, keep your mouth shut, and give us your liberty too and you will thank us in the end. It is obvious that you can't handle freedom, so just be compliant and we will tell you what to do next!" Did I get it right? Oh no, I can see the steam coming through the internet at the very thought of uncovering the scam. That dang internet. We need some controls there too.

Southern, UT

Esquire's statement sums up the mantra of socialism: "On the whole, not just focusing on a small minority, the results will be better than what we had." The individual has no place in society. If you are a "small minority" it is imperative the government make decisions for you. Maybe the government decides to ban SUV's because they are only useful for a "small minority" of people. It's all good. Not.

Cedar Hills, UT

needs a doctor??? What about an executioner?

Cedar Hills, UT

so Barack just didn't know huh? That's what this article is telling us? Really? Over 35 times he repeated the "you can keep it if you like it..period" lie and somehow he just didn't know. In 2010 his White House aids Knew ...we now know that ...but I guess Barack doesn't go to meetings ??? Really?? This is absurd. Of course he knew but he didn't care. With Barack the ends justify the means and with every past scandal the man figures he will just let the media cover for him ...but not this time. Barack knew the cancellations would occur but he also knew he wouldn't get re-elected without the lie. He chose the lie and as for the aftermath this arrogant man just figured the media would cover for him as they always have. His short sightedness and arrogance propel him just like Nixon with Watergate - he thought he could get away with the lie.

Cedar Hills, UT

IF Barack really didn't know he was lying - if he REALLY didn't know what he was telling the nation for over three years and 35 times was a lie then naturally he would have come forward already and talked to nation on national TV and come clean. He would have said - I told you this but in reality that wasn't true and I was misinformed. I am sorry. Here is what I will do to make it right...

But instead what we are getting is the classic response from a liar who was caught....more blame and and changing the story...more lies and arrogance.

you decide. It is pretty clear to me the man was lying on purpose.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

"Yet three years later, hundreds of thousands of Americans are receiving letters from their insurance providers telling them their policies have been cancelled" ~ DN editorial editors


Can't even read what they wrote themselves....

here, let me paraphrase your own words for you --
"their INSURANCE PROVIDERS telling them their policies have been cancelled".

note: it was not Obama, it was not the Gv'mnt!

Let's at least look at the facts and reality,
and not let bias and opinions skew the truth.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I can decide for myself which insurance is junk and which is good for me and my family. He promised us that if we liked our health care plan, we could keep it. "Period."

2 bit
Cottonwood Heights, UT

You are being VERY careful to make sure no splatter gets on your Obama.

Make sure we know it's the evil "INSURANCE PROVIDERS" telling them their policies have been cancelled. Obama and the Govmt had nothing to do with it!

You said, "it was not Obama, it was not the Gv'mnt!".
Well... that's not true. It was the ACA that required the plans be cancelled. That's a fact.

Why did the evil Insurance Companies cancel the policies? Because Obama's law REQUIRED them to be cancelled!

These plans have worked for many years, and the people on them liked them, but the plans must be cancelled (by law). Do you think the evil Insurance Companies would have cancelled the policies and risked loosing those premiums if ObamaCare didn't REQUIRE they cancel them?

You gotta quit being so blatant in your partisanship. Obama CAN make mistakes. You don't have to cover for him.

You said, "Let's at least look at the facts and reality and not let bias and opinions skew the truth"

Fact... the LAW required the plans be cancelled.

I wish you would take your own advice on partisan bias.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@LDS Liberal "...it was not Obama...."

Nonsense. Insurance providers didn't just wake up one morning and decide to drop plans. They are dropping those plans because Obamacare's new regulations say they are unacceptable. Most of them are plans that have met the needs of their subscribers for years.

Moroni, UT

Obama said over and over that "if you like your plan you can keep your plan" because he knew that when his lie came to light, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN would not hold him accountable. If the media will not hold him accountable, why not go ahead and lie?

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