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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 6 2013 9:15 p.m. MST

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Something about getting the message in one's own language (The original 12 did it, to even their own surprise) -- and progression.

I remember being told about some kid (with an excruciatingly common name) not liking his neighborhood churches, so he started his own. And I was further insulted by someone wanting to send missionaries to me.

Obviously, it was not "my own language" at the time.

If this lady is turning but one soul towards the path, she is doing a good work.

Here, UT


Of course truth is subjective.

It is true that Americans are the most patriotic people on the planet. It is also true that the French are the most patriotic people on the planet. It is also true that Argentinians are the most patriotic people on the planet. It just depends on where you're from.

It is true that there are many religions that all claim to be the one true religion. To each one, theirs is the correct one. That is called "subjective".

You can't define ANY religion as 100% absolute true because that is not provable, therefore it is subjective.

Jennifer in San Diego

I feel like this is just another one of those charismatic people who every 5-10 yrs shows up, writes a book, preaches a sermon, gathers a following and acts all NEW and FRESH and then ossifies into the same-o same-o and becomes a business. Calvary Chapel in CA started that way with Chuck Smith and his "Jesus People" movement. All hippies and coolness. Now CC is a rigid, authoritarian church that tells members they can't have unauthorized Bible studies in their homes. Give this lady 10 more years (if it lasts that long) and let's see where she ends up. Meanwhile, the Mormons and other conservative churches will be chugging along into the next century.

Virginia Beach, VA

Just like Isaiah, and Revelations tells it. She preaches the church of man.

John T
Scranton, PA

"I don't think a church that openly accepts (or promotes) sin is in the best interest of its members, because "wickedness never was happiness." However, every church should openly accept sinners, otherwise we'd all be in trouble ("for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God"). I believe churches/religion exist to help sinners overcome/turn away from their sins." from "Stop The Nonsense"

I heartily agree! As it has been said, churches should be hospitals for sinners, not country clubs for saints. However, I cannot condone this woman's method of preaching, nor her claim that what she is doing is in any way biblical. Indeed, I did not see the Bible or Jesus Christ even mentioned in the descriptions of her, only her methods of filling the pews. "Progressive," so-called, Christian doctrine, dangerously detours away from Biblical truths, even as it sounds safe and even good. The fact that this young lady feels she must use foul language and unorthodox methods to "reach" people says it all. Billy Graham preached the same basic Gospel message for over for over 60 years, reaching over 200 million people for Christ - and never uttered one could word.

Bounti, UT

As a young missionary my companion and I dropped in on a Dutch Congregation church in upstate NY. The Church was vibrant and towered over the community. They had even come up with a home teaching and visiting teaching program, acts of kindness abounded. We met their Pastor and he was full of the spirit of God. He was excited and invited us to share with him a message for him. We proceeded to teach him about the restoration and the prophet Joseph. The spirit was so strong that we all had to pause because of the intensity of the Lord bearing witness to him, and us, of the truthfulness of our message. We were speechless when he asked why he was not told earlier in his life. The spirit instructed us to tell him he had been a schoolmaster to this congregation. We never met with him again. My conclusion is that there are people teaching the truth in pieces warming others to the Gospel in its entirety. Let's not judge the mission and burning that others experience and accept that the Lord works in mysterious ways that are not our ways.


I'm rather tired of Deseret News' highly subjective, sensationalist headlines. This article labels this minister as "liberal" (implying that's somehow unusual, unique, or undesirable) and "foul-mouthed" without even quoting a single controversial sentence from her. I doubt that I would find her language personally offensive. Dropping a few four-letter words for rhetorical emphasis, to me, is not "foul" or offensive. Using spiteful and cutting words to demean people, even without technically swearing, is completely un-Christian in my book. So while the subjective headline grabs your attention, the article really doesn't back up its claim that she is "liberal" or "foul-mouthed," though it seems well established that she does have at least one tattoo. I'll give the DN that one.

Roanoke, VA

@owlmaster2 ... Nobody here advocated not giving her food or drink if she needed it, or refusing any other aid and assistance.

Re. your 'judging' comment. Many who cannot or will not make critical distinctions always fall back on 'I don't judge people.' #1... Yes, he/she does, as you just did. #2... we are REQUIRED to judge those inside the church, told to do so. It is those outside the church we are to leave alone. See 1st Corinthians 5:11.

No religion I know of requires its followers to associate with the vulgar, inebriated, etc., in their state of vulgarity or inebriation or whatever else is self-defeating. AA people call that 'enabling'. In a few places in the BoM, prophets walked away from people determined to self-destruct.

So does God. Many times He turned his back and told the people, 'okay, then. Enjoy the ride to perdition.' The idea that He loves everyone regardless of who/what they are/do is just not scriptural.

Roanoke, VA

@albertinamel ... if you Googled her name and followed the links, you'd find that DN couldn't possibly print her words. We're not talking about the milder expletives one usually screams when hitting one's thumb with a hammer. No, no, no. She uses language that would cause a drunken sailor to blush. I'm sure you would be offended.

Re.." Using spiteful and cutting words to demean people, even without technically swearing, is completely un-Christian in my book." There is nothing cruel, hypocritical or demeaning about recognizing filth when filth is presented to you. It is simply acknowledging what is.

Dan Maloy
Enid, OK

@ Ranch - Here, UT - "@gittalopctbi; "I am so thankful to be part of the Lord's true church..." --- Pride cometh before the fall..."

Correct, pride cometh before the fall.However.....what if it isn't "pride" but simply "truth" 'gittalopctbi' is proclaiming? Did Jesus proclaim truth? Why, yes He did. And He wasn't bashful about proclaiming it as truth, either. As a matter of fact, it got Him killed, remember?

I have more for you, 'Ranch'.... You said:

"@The Rock; "You can look for the truth."" --- "Truth" is subjective."

"Truth is subjective"?

Uhhh...actually, truth is not subjective.

Truth....pure truth....is not subjective ANYWHERE. It is not subjective in math, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering disciplines, or even religion. Truth is not a smorgasbord of "stuff" where you can simply pick and choose what you want. Truth, as a wise man once said, is simply "things the way they really are". That's it....the way things REALLY are.

Try your "truth is subjective" line of thinking when you stand up next to the Creator.

"Well, God, despite what you say, I was actually a very good person, no matter what you say. You see, truth is subjective, you know..."

Liz Osborn
Longmont, CO

I will start by saying that I'm a Mormon, and I am very sad at the Deseret News' choice of headline to describe a fine woman who was in the past my neighbor, and the mother of my young daughter's best friend. Why on earth choose those words to describe a woman of faith, when "normal human being with a fiery sense of devotion and outreach" would have equally applied (though so would roller-derby queen). The only purpose that could have been intended was to draw a line for the largely LDS readers to say "she isn't one of us' or, as at least one commenter has noted (to paraphrase) "aren't you glad we don't have to do this." But oh we as LDS would be blessed by having among us someone with the heart and understanding Nadia has. I was blessed to have her for a neighbor.

The Lord needs more people willing to meet people where they are, without judgment, and to put forth the message -- faith in Christ will do you good -- in a manner that people can hear it. Good for you, Nadia! You rock.

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