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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 5 2013 10:15 p.m. MST

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Bountiful, UT

Professional sports isn't junior high. It is adults working to earn a living. People have a right to go to work without being threatened and harassed by coworkers. Since the culture of harassment isn't likely to be changed from the bottom, managers need to take this bull by the horns and put a stop to it.

If not government government should become involved. Though sports should be given a chance to get its act together first.

St Louis, MO

I have mixed feelings on this one. First, the obvious: Incognito has proven himself over and over to be trash. He isn't employable anywhere, and I will actively root against any team that signs. From that standpoint, the situation has been a positive because it's put a spotlight on poor, tormented Richie.

But bullies don't like it when people stand up to them. I can't believe in this case a huge, athletic lineman didn't get in his face and just shut it down right away. If you're a 14-year-old being picked on by an 18-year-old, I could understand, but these are two huge grown men. Man, stand up for yourself, even if it comes to violence. I wouldn't take stuff like that from anyone in my office. I can only wonder if maybe he did confront him and it didn't work. If that's the case, I would have to reassess.

joliet, IL

Thank you for your article--it was thoughtful and well-written. Historically, talent in sports has included sportsmanship and team spirit. Incognito has displayed a complete lack of those very important traits. I hope to never see him on the field again.

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