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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 5 2013 7:10 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

so get them both...maybe something good comes of it.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Jazz sure shot it great from outside against Nets tonight, didn't they. Also had 21 to's. But Tinsley and Lucas must be better than Fredette. Sure they are.

Glendora, CA

I personally think Jimmer would be needed to replace the aging Steve Nash, right here in L.A.
He would be a great fit, despite his shortcomings on defense.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

Mr. Rock You Have a lot of faith in a player who hasn't played much yet. A lot of if's and's and but's. You could be right and you could be wrong -- or some where in between.

Durham, NC

Saw him play saturday afternoon. While in his first games as a college player, he had a rough start in the first half, making some big mistakes. All to be expected given that everyone on the floor was better than anyone he had played against in high school. But after K set him down early in the second half, he settled down, and had a very solid final 10 minutes, playing much like he was expected to.

From a stats standpoint, he wasn't a leader in any category. But that shouldn't surprise anyone. He is playing for Duke, and there are no mediocre players on a Duke team. So the bar has been set high. We will see how the season shapes up.... but as of today, talking of him being one and done see a bit premature. He is good, great kid at church, but he has more learning to do. How much he can mature as a player under one of the better coaches out there is yet to be determined.

He isn't the answer to the Jazz's problems. At least not yet.


Are you hinting that the Jazz will finish with the worst record in the NBA this season?

Pleasant Grove, UT

If you are talking about unproven college kids being the future, Andrew Wiggins seems to be the better topic. I'm sure Jabari Parker will be great. But, right now, it is Wiggins - #1 and then the rest.

St Louis, MO

I'm not sure how you "focus" on drafting a particular player when you still have nearly 80 games to play and the playoffs to watch. We have no idea where the Jazz two 1st round picks will land.

We also haven't seen Parker play against top college competition yet. Despite SI gushing over him, shouldn't we want to see some, you know, actual results before we start declaring him a top three pick? If you are thinking "Yeah, but he has such potential and an NBA body, even if his stats as a freshman don't blow you away," I have a two-word answer: Marvin Williams.

Orem, UT

Although no one wants the Jazz to lose, it is tempting to consider the prospect of having Jabari Parker on the team. The likelihood scenario that might occur is that Gordon Hayward floats away in the prospect of free agency with Parker filling in the space he leaves behind. We could even see a trade occur in which Hayward is traded to a team for their unconditional first round pick that may end up as a top two pick. Whatever happens, Parker would fit in well among our bigs on the Jazz. All of this is speculation, we will have to see what Dennis Lindsey will do.

South Jordan, UT

I'm not sure why they can't have both. I'm also not sure why Tinsley and Lucas are seen as better choices over Jimmer. Besides if you're going to lose a bunch of games, why not at least sell tickets to watch Jimmer shoot the lights out? Also, Jimmer's shooting creates spacing--which creates opportunities inside for the rest of the team. Tinsley and Lucas can stand outside the 3 point line, but that doesn't mean anybody is going to guard them. Especially since they are much of a threat inside the 3 point line.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Well, a couple of you are half right. Tinsley might actually worse than he was when he was here before (in terms of shooting if thats possible) and Lucas is terrible.

Our back court is a disaster of epic proportions.

That being said Jimmer is a worse defender than both of our guys. Yes he is. Sure he could fill it up occasionally but his defense is so bad it is not even debatable.

The reality is that swapping/interchanging these three around is like re-arranging deck chairs on the titanic.

We better sincerely hope Trey Burke is something because as it stands we have absolutely nothing at PG and that is the same thing we would have if we acquired Jimmer. He was great and fun to watch in college but he is a two guard in a PG body that can't defend and that simply doesn't work in todays NBA with all the long athletes he would have to play against.

Wow our PG situation is bad. Did I already mention that?

As far as Parker is concerned of course he is unproven but athletic talent provides the best odds of success plain and simple.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Losing Bradley hurt BYU, a lot. But he HAD to leave when he did, with the changes to rookie contracts the next year he would have lost a ton of money, there was no way he could stick around at BYU any longer.

South Jordan, UT

People are acting like Tinsley and Lucas are locked down defenders and that Coach Corbin actually cares about defense.

Newsflash Even if Tinsley and Lucas are better defenders than Jimmer and that's a huge if. Corbin (The same coach who rolled out a starting lineup with Jefferson, the two Williams and Randy Foye last year) has doesn't give a hoot about defense.

The Jazz really need a shooting point guard right now and Jimmer would be an easy grab.

Saint Louis, MO

According to the lottery, even if the Jazz finish 0-82 which is still technically possible, they could still draft 4th. The best players could already be gone. Foye from Villanova was very good at something like 46% for his career 3s. The youth movement removed him. Nevertheless if not Jimmer, then who? They need a three shooter. Even in 4 games, Hayward could not hit under pressure at the end at least twice. Thank the good higher power. The Jazz are starting to hit free throws. They were 77% for the last 2 games. Progress takes time and the Jazz appear to have plenty of that.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

Good article but let us see how the season turns out. I would go with both players. One a guard, the other a forward. The thing about Jimmer is he can be had for cheap. Come Dec 15th newly signed players can be included in a trade. And since Jimmer will be nothing more than a role player his future contracts will be pretty low. I still think he could be the dagger shot player that is needed on every team. And at not much risk..

Plano, TX

Jimmer will end up with the Celtics somehow.

Man in Charge
Chihiuahua, 00

Wiggins or Parker is the goal for the season. Winning takes a backseat.

According to some peoples logic, Jabari can sell tickets just as easily as Jimmer can because he is LDS also.

Burley, ID

"According to the lottery, even if the Jazz finish 0-82 which is still technically possible, they could still draft 4th." - JBQ

What you say is true; however, this draft (unlike the past few) is going to be LOADED with a lot of good to great players. Jazz fans need to be remember that John Stockton was drafted at 16 and Karl Malone at 13. So, if Lindsey and Jazz management do their homework, they should still be able to pick up a solid player and maybe two (if they're lucky) no matter where they pick.

I distinctly remember some fans booing when the Jazz selected Stockton at 13.

While I believe a Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins would be a great draft pick, there will other picks, later than the top five, who will turn into NBA All-Stars from the 2014 draft.


I like Jimmer and think that he could potentially become a great role player in this league. But when he comes to town, it polarizes the crowd. Bottom line, Jabari Parker is the future. He has potential to be an LDS superstar of elite talent. Jazz brass would be wise to do everything possible to get him opposite Gordon Hayward on the wing.

Provo, UT

I have long held the belief that the main problem with the Jazz team is that they are too average. Small market teams must be horrible (as in dead last or next to it) from time to time. The Jazz are a small market team that overachieves year after year meaning that they never get a star. While the Jazz may not be able keep those stars, but they can keep them for 5 years. That should make a difference. Then, they tank again for a few years and back at it. Much better cycle. Of course, Jazz fan probably can't stomach that, but it has to happen. Hopefully, the 0-4 start is just what the Doctor ordered.

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